Is Your Appearance Worth Risking Your Life?

Unfortunately today, too many women are unhappy with their appearance and some become so desperate they try unsafe procedures, which can end with devastating results. Why we are bringing this up is because of an increase in unqualified people performing various plastic surgery methods. You may have read about several of these instances recently in the news.

Many of these methods are associated with injections of silicone being injected into various bodily places. This includes the buttocks, face, and the breast area.

People who offer this often suggest that they come to your home and inject you, or that you get all your friends together, and turn the event into a party. If someone ever suggests this to you, run away as fast as you can!

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Silicone Injections And Their Risks

Having silicone injected into your body is not safe. First of all, it is important to understand that the wrong type of silicone can end up killing you. Yes, that’s right. Got your attention? Good. Injecting silicone into the buttock area is popular in some cultures, of course, it is not natural in any way at all. What happens is that if too much silicone, or the wrong type, is injected it will drift into other areas of your body and could turn into poison for your body.

Furthermore, facial silicone injections can result in large, ugly-looking hard lumps. Any qualified doctor will refuse to inject you with silicone in order to pump up any of your features. They will offer buttock lifts and implants which are very expensive.

Receiving a silicone injection from an unqualified person can result in silicone entering into your bloodstream and then into your lungs. This can cause blood clots and acute and possibly fatal respiratory issues. If silicone enters into your leg, you may have to have your leg amputated.

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Avoid Untrustworthy Sources!

It is vital that you understand that silicone injections are not an alternative to any type of implant surgery for your breasts or buttocks. These unqualified or black-market practitioners do not have a full understanding of what they are doing. There have even been reports of people using silicone which they purchased from places such as the Home Depot.

Many women fall victim to offers on the internet for cheap and safe silicone injections. Don’t feel that your appearance is worth taking this kind of risk. Instead, if you really want to improve the shape and size of your breasts and/or buttocks, then look for safer ways instead.

One of the safest and most practical ways is to perform breast enlargement and buttock exercises. This along with improving your diet and drinking lots of water can make a huge difference. Plus, it costs nothing but your time and effort and comes only with health benefits and no side effects. After reading this, hopefully, you will agree that your appearance is not worth risking your life over. Stay safe! Do your research!

Random Questions

What is considered the riskiest cosmetic procedure?

Silicone injections, especially when administered by unqualified individuals, pose significant risks. The wrong type or excessive amounts of silicone can lead to severe health issues, including potential fatalities.

Which cosmetic surgery is known for being difficult?

Butt and breast silicone injections, often performed in unregulated environments, are dangerous and can result in complications, making them a risky and challenging cosmetic choice.

What plastic surgery is considered the most invasive?

Silicone injections, especially in unprofessional settings, are among the most invasive procedures. Injected silicone can drift, causing health problems, and unqualified practitioners lack a full understanding of the risks.

Is there a particularly painful cosmetic procedure?

Silicone injections, particularly when done by unqualified individuals, can lead to serious pain and complications. The procedure’s risks include the potential spread of silicone, which can result in severe health issues and even fatalities.

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