Get Faster Results from Breast Enlargement Massages

Is there such a thing as a breast enlargement massage technique? If so, does it actually work? And more importantly – if breast enhancement massages work – how can you get noticeable results quicker?

How to do massage to increase breast size

I’ll dive into each question in more detail below, but first, let me ask you this: isn’t it about time you and I are seen as the fully capable, strong, and self-confident women we (deep down) already are?

Sure, getting judged by our physical appearance is shallow, but we all do it. As the saying goes, we all judge books by their cover. We can’t help it. If a book cover catches our attention, we can’t help but take a second look and maybe even look inside.

If that same book cover does not catch our attention, the odds of us picking it up and giving it a chance are pretty slim. Which is why publishers often spend more time and money on the cover itself than on organizing the content inside.

Just like the average reader won’t give a book with a boring cover a second chance (unless it’s by a famous author), so the average person won’t give us a second glance unless we’re famous or catch their attention with our physical appearance.

So, why not blow people out of the water with an attractive first impression? Why not have men and women alike take a second, third, and fourth look at us? Why not ooze of self confidence, knowing we have the goods?

First Impression: Cleavage Matters!

It goes without saying, but every self-image improvement that makes us feel less self-conscious (and more confident) is worth paying attention to. Why? Because upping our first impression drastically improves the overall quality of our life.
Cleavage Massage Technique
Of course makeup goes a long way, but – speaking from experience here – for many of us this “self image” change needs to start with our cleavage.

Luckily we live in a time where we have a plethora of natural breast enhancement options. One of the safest options – in my opinion – are breast massages.

Many take the dangerous risk of undergoing one breast augmentation surgery after another. Others – including myself and hopefully you – decide to take the longer, much safer option of incorporating a simple breast massage technique into their daily routine.

The best part? Unlike dangerous breast implants, doing these massages ourselves is free!

Implants are painful, extremely risky, and ridiculously expensive. And the worst part about implants? They can drastically deform your breasts (permanently), leave them scarred, and yet only have an average lifespan of 20 years.

As if getting breast implants put in wasn’t enough trauma, about 1 in 5 women sooner or later end up paying even more money to have them removed. The risk was never worth it to me and – unless it’s for reconstructive purposes – I believe natural options (like bust massages) to be a much wiser choice.

Evolution of Breast Enlargement Massages

In some cultures, the art of enhancing breasts through simple massage routines was a secret passed down from generation to generation. In one instant even for thousands of years. Thanks to the anonymity of the internet, these exact same massage techniques are – today – available to every woman worldwide.
Evolution of Popular Breast Enlargement Massage TechniquesNot only that, but massage professionals and feminine beauty experts have taken those traditional techniques and – through trial and error – fine tuned them to work even better than the traditional massages ever did.

That being said, I prepared the best tips and combinations that have proven to help woman to naturally grow their breasts in a shorter period of time. Before I share those tips with you though, I want to explain something really quick.

Why are Breast Enhancement Massages so Effective?

Our breasts are mainly made up of fatty tissue and adipose fats. Massage techniques (as well as breast enhancement creams, serums, and pills) naturally impact our breasts’ fat storage and their growth.

By massaging your breasts, you:

  • Stimulate the release of growth hormones. Massaging increases circulation which equals more estrogen flow through the blood system, increasing the estrogen going to your breasts receptors. This process stimulates breast growth, at the same time bringing more nutrients and oxygen to the cells.
  • Help your body release prolactin. By stimulating your breast tissue and nipples with proper massage techniques, you release prolactin – a hormone that helps your breast grow.
  • Help your body release oxytocin. Oxytocin is known as the love hormone that helps people bond and is also known to stimulate breast growth.
  • Maintain firm, well-shaped breasts.
  • Stimulate lymph circulation.
  • Prevent breast cancer.
  • Reduce PMS symptoms and cysts.

As you can see, doing proper breast massages on a regular basis is not only beneficial when you’re trying to firm up and grow your breasts, but also helps to keep them healthy. So no matter how you look at it, there are tremendous scientifically proven benefits to doing proper breast massages on a regular basis.

Disadvantages of Breast Massage

A huge downside of doing breast massages yourself is that it gets tedious after a while. This is especially the case if you’re doing it for breast enlargement purposes.

To see actual results (as in, bust growth) from breast massages alone, you’ll have to do it for a while. It works wonderfully if done properly, but does take time.

Of course you can speed up the process and increase the yields by supplementing with natural enhancement serums, pills, etc (all of which I will get into a little later).
Do Breast Growth Massages Work?When I was on my “breast enhancement journey” a few years ago, I quickly understood the tremendous benefits of combining natural products with proven breast enhancement massages. This was especially true for me because I was getting impatient and wanted results FAST.

I did see huge benefits to doing regular breast massages, but in terms of getting the bigger and firmer breasts I wanted, I quickly realized it would take a while unless I started supplementing. Which is exactly what I ended up doing.

It’s also one of the reasons I highly recommend supplementing. Not seeing any major results within the first few weeks can lead to discouragement, followed by most giving up the massage routine shortly after starting.

This ultimately leads them to never achieve their goal of having a more attractive and attention grabbing rack.

Secret to Getting Quicker Results

Before we get started, I want you to know that the techniques described in this article will help you increase your breast size even if all you did was massage your breast for a few minutes every day.

If you are impatient like me and want more noticeable results faster, I would highly recommend adding at least two of the four items I recommend below into your daily massage routine as well.

So, what are the four items I talk about and – ultimately – how can they help you get breast enhancement results faster?

#1.) Proper Massage Technique

Breast massage techniques aren’t difficult. In fact, there are plenty of generic breast massage demonstrations on YouTube. Some of them will work if you supplement them with breast enhancement creams (see my recommendation further down).

If – like me – you prefer using scientifically proven massage techniques where you get results even if you don’t use any supplement products, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Jenny Bolton’s Boost Your Bust ebook.

Here is a quick intro to Jenny’s ebook:

Boost Your Bust Perfectly Combines Massage Techniques, Nutrition, Exercises, and other Tips for Permanent Breast Enlargement in One Place!

Before Jenny Bolton wrote Boost your Bust, she was passing through life as an A cup, full of insecurities about her breasts. Being the shy girl she was, Jenny felt she wasn’t woman enough to satisfy her man because compared to other girls, she had a small bustline.

So, she decided to take action. After years of research, trial and error, Boost Your Bust was born. Breast Enlargement Massage Steps

By using the exact same methods documented in the guide, she went from an A cup to a B cup within only 4 and a half weeks. After another six weeks of applying her newly discovered methods and techniques, Jenny got to a C cup size.

Boost Your Bust has since gone on to help thousands of women from around the world to achieve their ideal breast size without surgery.

Boost your Bust is a digital guide (ebook) that gives an in-depth explanation – everything from A to Z – about natural breast enlargement methods. It contains proven, useful information where you can learn what the breasts are made of and how the methods work in growing your breasts size.

Jenny talks about a simple breast massage that you can do before going to bed and guarantees getting quick results. The foods she recommends are not expensive and she also provides you with the ingredients you need to make you own breasts enlargement cream!

Unlike in other “guides”, the author of this one was actually trying to figure out why some women have big breasts while others don’t. The author itself was feeling self-conscious about her breasts and after becoming obsessed with finding a way to increase breast size naturally, she started researching about estrogen balance and how other hormones influence the estrogen levels.

Bolton explains how the entire process of natural breast enlargement works, what foods you should be consuming and how they affect the natural breast growth. Also, there is a separate chapter on tips and tricks on making your breasts to appear bigger in size, including the right posture, bras, and clothing.

Herbs are very effective natural ingredients that can spike estrogen levels. In the guide, Jenny not only explains how to consume these plants but also how to apply them on the skin of your breasts to get results.

Don’t worry, she got you covered for the summertime and explains everything on the right way of wearing a swimsuit that will make your breasts look bigger. She took us by surprise on that part!

The author is extremely knowledgeable on this topic. She goes above and beyond throwing that knowledge in a clear, concise way with easy to follow instructions that helps women achieve what they ultimately want: self-confidence.

Her dedication is proof that when a woman is committed to something, she is going to achieve it. She teaches how to own that swimsuit, tank top or dress and finally get those second, third, and maybe even fourth glances from the people around you.

Commit to yourself:

I am going to do whatever it takes to naturally enhance my breasts and be more confident – starting right now!

I absolutely loved this guide and it was my first actionable step towards getting the breasts I wanted. Of course I was skeptical when I got it but it does live up to the hype.

If for whatever reason you decide the guide is not for you, you have 30 days to ask for a 100% – no questions asked – refund!

#2.) Supplement with Natural Breast Serums

Question: Should I use something during my breast massage?

Yes, you should use something when performing your massage. Women use really anything, from water to different types of oils and creams. The most popular oils for breast massage are coconut oil, aloe vera gel, olive oil, and sweet almond oil. cream to use for breast massage However, these oils will only reduce the friction caused by your palms rubbing your breasts without having a real impact on increasing their size.

Using a cream or a serum specifically made for breast enhancement massages will definitely help you achieve quicker and better results. Serums are twice as effective in bringing estrogen to your breasts and increasing circulation because they work locally.

The Best Breast Enhancement Serums of 2017:

Brestrogen – one of the most effective natural breast enlargement creams. Made from Pueraria Mirifica, a plant rich in phytoestrogens, the cream mimics estrogen production that makes your breasts bigger. Click here to see my Brestrogen review.

Vollure – The cream contains Sarsasapogenin and Macelignan that are scientifically approved and tested to provide the best results in breast enhancement without any tissue damage, enhancing 80% of breast size.

Total Curve – Total Curve is made from a perfect amount of Volufiline, the ingredient that stimulates fat tissue growth, both in quantity and volume.

Breast Actives – Breast Actives is a completely natural breast enhancement system made from Fenugreek extract and Dong Quai. The capsules are a blend of eight natural extracts and the cream is an award-winning breast enlargement cream that stimulates natural breast growth.

Make Small Breasts a Thing of the Past! Get Your Breast Enlargement Serum Now!

Question: What type of massage should I perform with the serum?

You can do any type of massage. As aluted to, Jenny recommends a few very specific techniques in her ebook that I gained impressive results with. Here are a few generic techniques I recommend starting out with if you’ve chosen to not get Jenny’s guide yet:

Breast Enlargement Massage Techniques Instructions

Breast Massage Techniques

Clear your Lymph with Lymph Draining Massage

The purpose of this massage is to unblock your lymph nodes and help breast enlargement hormones flow properly. Perform the massage by putting a slight pressure in the direction of your lymph nodes, and go from the nipple area outward in all directions. This massage should be done in 10 rotations in total and will help you promote estrogen activity and clear toxins from your breasts. Do the lymph draining massage right before starting your regular breast enlargement massage.

Chi Breast Massage

You will come across many natural breast enlargement massage methods, but it all comes down to one of the most popular, most effective ones. Chi breast massage is about hitting the so-called “chi points” on your breasts. Here is how to perform it properly:

Step 1: Apply oil or breast serum on your breasts or add heat before starting the massage. This will prevent getting unpleasant, sometimes painful feeling of friction.

Step 2: Place your hands over your breasts, first covering your nipple area. Spread your fingers out a little to reach the “chi points” but let your nipples out. Apply slight pressure when doing the massage.

Step 3: Start massaging your breasts by moving your hands inward. You should perform a three-step rotation cycle: move your breasts towards each other, follow the circular motion and move them down and out, and complete the circle by bringing them up and back towards each other, creating one full rotation.

Breast Fat Transfer Massage:

If you haven’t heard of Chiyomilk’s fat brushing massage, it’s time to get familiar with it. This – now famous – Japanese woman successfully grew her breasts from a B cup to an E cup in 3 years, using this massage. Her motivation comes from her boyfriend that was cheating on her with another woman that had bigger breasts. While performing the massage, she also used some supplements that are available only in Japan, like Pueraria Mirifica. If you want to know more about the effectiveness of this herb, check out this article.


Step one: Rub your hands to bring heat and circulation and make them warm and prepared for the massage. You can also use a heating pad for three to five minutes prior the beginning of the massage.

Step two: Firmly push the fat from your back to the top of your chest, continue with the side of your arms and push all the way from your stomach to your breasts. Repeat the process for 5 to 10 minutes, twice a day.

You can perform this massage lying down or standing.

Tips on Properly Doing Your Breast Massage

Did you know that massaging your breasts in the wrong way can decrease their size?

Here is how to do a proper breast massage:

1. Use Inward Motions. It’s all about the motions. Massage your breasts in the wrong way and you can cause the opposite effect. Remember to keep your hands going inward. Clockwise for your left breast and counterclockwise for your right breast.

2. Apply creams or oils during the massage. This will reduce friction and uncomfortable feeling during and after the massage.

3. The amount of time you should spend on every massage is different, but you should do it twice a day, every day for about 5-10 minutes, at least 300 rotations. The best time for a massage is after shower.

4. Use gentle strokes.

5. Avoid massaging the nipple area because it’s very sensitive and can easily get irritated and with pimples.

6. To reach to a wider surface and stimulate breast growth, use the flat of your fingertips during massaging. To increase circulation even more, massage the underneath of the underarm area as well.

7. Hormones tend to be more active during the night, so it can be very beneficial to do the massage before you go to bed. That will help your breast recover and grow even faster.

8. Last but not least, bras. You will want to restrain from wearing a bra as much as you can, unless you are exercising – because you want something to keep them in place and prevent sagging.

#3 Breast Enlargement Pills

Breast enlargement pills contain natural phytoestrogens that act in the exact same way as estrogen in the body. Pills come in a combination with breast enlargement serum and an exercise program.

Total Curve has developed a 3 Step Program that contains a daily pill intake, a massage with breast enlargement serum application and specifically designed exercises that help you lift your breasts in just 60 days. The program is ideal for women from 21 years to 65 years old and combines only natural methods.

Get Your Total Curve Natural Breast Enlargement Plan Now!

#4 Breast Enlargement Heating Pads

Breast Massage Heating PadsIf you want to maximize the effect of your breast massage cream and the massage itself, add heat for 5 minutes before starting the massage. Continue with another 15 minutes of heat after you finish the massage. That way, you will open the pores, assure maximum absorption, hormone production, and blood flow. Make sure you use from 110-115 degrees of heat and stick to that temperature to avoid burns.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and kind of confused on which method you should choose, take your time before making the final call. Remember that in a few months from now you can wear a nice pair of breasts and significantly improve the quality of your life. If you follow the instructions and do your massage properly, you will gain a lot and lose nothing. Isn’t it worth the try?

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