Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream Review

There are plenty of things that I am willing to do to improve my bust size. And just to get it out of the way: COSMETIC SURGERY is not one of them. In addition, I am also pretty skeptical when it comes to taking anything orally that isn’t considered natural or safe.

I could have gone for natural supplements, but I wanted to start slow. I chose Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream for this review. I’m going to share my experience with the cream in and I hope that you will learn something from it.

What is the Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream?

Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream

It is basically like any other cream in the beauty market, but its goal is to enhance the appearance of sagging breasts.

According to the official website, the cream is all-natural, specially designed for women who are looking for a safe approach to increase chest size (I’m one of them, obviously).

What results can you expect from the Vollure Breast Cream?

Vollure Breast Enhancement cream is for improving a woman’s breast size. But, as an added effect, the breasts become firmer and shapelier in the process. The breasts appear more lifted too.

As a woman, your body shape will also be curvier than before when your breast size has improved. This can make your confidence soar through the roof. You can wear dresses or blouses that you thought were very unflattering before once you have achieved your desired results.

Why makes Vollure effective?

I was curious about the specific ingredients that made the Vollure breast enhancement cream effective. I wanted to see its specific ingredients. So I took a closer look. I found that there were three main active ingredients that could be responsible for the cream’s efficacy:

1. Safflower Oil

Safflower oil is a good source of fatty acids. Our body needs fats to function, but it only needs the good ones. Fortunately, safflower oil, when ingested, can help the body process and absorb Vitamins A, D, E, and K.

On the other hand, when applied, like with the Vollure cream, it can fight skin wrinkles that were caused by a lack of estrogen in the body.

According to the articles I read, safflower oil is also rich in phytoestrogens – a plant compound that does the same thing as estrogen does in the body. Generally, women’s breast tissues diminish because of a lack of estrogen due to aging. So, applying a cream with safflower oil as one of the active ingredients may be a good and natural solution.

2. Zhi Mu Root Extract

The Zhi Mu plant is a close relative of the Asparagus plant. It has been used in China, Japan, and Korea as part of traditional medicine. In the past, it was used to treat depression, inflammation, fever, pain, and diabetes, just to name a few.

It has so many uses and benefits, but for women, it has been used to naturally improve the levels of estrogen in the body, especially for those who have gone through or is going through menopause. Since it has been proven to have estrogen-like activity, it can be effective to perk up breasts and improve their size and shape.

3. Tocopheryl Acetate

Tocopheryl Acetate is a specific form of Vitamin E. As you may know, Vitamin E is great for the skin, hair, and even the nails. It has plenty of health benefits, but what I think needs to be shared on my review is that it fights off free radicals that can potentially damage the cells. Because it prevents cell damage, you can be sure that the gains that you have achieved on your chest will not be easily lost because of stress or poor nutrition.

What is Vollure commonly used for?

As indicated, Vollure Breast Cream is commonly used on women who have the same problem as me. If you have sagging breasts and would just like to improve their shape and size, but don’t really want to go under the knife, then this breast cream is for you. It’s an all-natural alternative for those who do not want to take or apply breast enhancers that have potentially harmful chemicals.

How do you use Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream?

It’s easy to use the Vollure Breast Cream! First, you make sure that your hands and the area you want to apply the cream on are clean. I recommend doing your application right after you get out of the shower or bath.

On your palm, pump out 2 to 3 drops, then apply directly to your breasts. In a circular motion, keep massaging the cream into your skin until it has been fully absorbed.

The instructions say to use it twice daily. If you’re a busy person, it might be ideal to apply it once in the morning and once a night. This way, you can easily remember your timings. Personally, I applied it after my shower in the morning, and then after my bath at night right before I go to bed.

How long have I been using it?

I think it has already been six months since I first started using the Vollure Breast Enhancement cream. And I have to be honest. I haven’t gotten to where I want my breast shape and size to be thus far. However, I have seen steady progress.

According to reviews and feedback from other users, it’s good to continuously use the cream for a year to get the best results. Then, just for maintenance, it’s good to go through one bottle per year.

When it comes to how much time it takes for you to get results, I think that it is going to vary. It really depends on how your body will respond to the cream. Each of our bodies is different so we may not all have the same timeline when it comes to seeing results. For me, it was six months, but for you it might be shorter.

Are there any side effects?

One of the main reasons why I went with the Vollure Breast Cream is because it is made up of all-natural ingredients. I did not want to suffer from the side effects of using products that contained chemicals that could be bad for my health or my skin.  Thankfully, I haven’t experienced any side effects for the past six months that I have been using Vollure.

I wanted to see if others were experiencing any side effects. Thus, I searched the internet for more reviews. There were no users who reported negative effects from the cream. I was pretty happy about that because, for me, it meant that the product is safe to use, even for long term.

Overall Experience with Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream

As I mentioned earlier, I have only been using the cream for six months. Yes, I was a little bummed at first because the results that I have not was not what I had in mind. BUT this is perhaps the biggest lesson in this process. When it comes to natural breast creams, you can’t really expect the results to be dramatic. That would be unrealistic, especially with natural ingredients. You will see gradual, but continuous, results. I am saying this to help you manage your expectations, too.

Fast-forward to now. The cream is sufficiently easy to use. It’s pretty straight-forward. And I love that my breast shape is noticeably different from when I first started using the cream. I am going to keep using the Vollure Breast Enhancement cream until I reach a full year. Then, maybe, I can update you all on how my I am progressing!

Thanks for reading my review!