Self-Actualization: Understanding Your Desire for Bigger Breasts

Embarking on a natural breast enlargement journey not only boosts one’s bust and prevents invasive surgery, but it also boosts one’s self-esteem. Whether you want to feel more comfortable in your body or believe your breasts could benefit from a lift, many look to breast augmentation procedures to look and feel better about themselves.

However, it is crucial to realize one’s own beauty and potential in your natural breast enhancement journey. If you neglect this process, you will never feel truly satisfied—regardless of your bust size. Naturally lifting and increasing your breast is an admirable goal, but finding ways to achieve self-love and develop excellent self-care practices is the ultimate objective.

Self-actualization means realizing one’s potential and abilities, appreciating life, and living each day fruitfully.

These days it seems hard to be self-actualized. We have all these insecurities and obstacles in our way of getting what we want—our dream job, our interests, our ideal body. However, the key to finding this potential within ourselves is within the name. Our own “selves” hinder our path forward, and it is our own “selves” that can overcome these barriers.

The Root of Self-Actualization

The concept of self-actualization comes from Abraham Maslow and his trademark Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This hierarchy pyramid has five layers, starting from basic human needs that need to be satisfied before one searches for further needs higher up in the hierarchy.

The first layer of human needs that people first strive for, according to Maslow, is physiological needs. This includes food, water, warmth, and rest, meaning one needs to have a stable income source and a roof over one’s head to be completely satisfied.

The second layer is made of safety needs, meaning feeling secure and safe through a protected living environment, having adequate health resources, or ensuring your family, property, and morality are protected.Maslow's hierarchy of needs in relation to breast enlargement

The third hierarchical level of needs is securing a sense of belonging and love. As we have all experienced, it is crucial to have intimate relationships that make us feel loved and wanted, especially in trying times.

Moreover, as the third hierarchical layer of needs falls under the psychological conditions, psychologists believe these relationships energize and motivate our growth as a person. From being in a community with shared interests to express yourself and your passions to maintaining a good relationship with your family, this feeling of belonging needs to be filled. Particularly before striving to fulfill your self-esteem needs.

As indicated, the fourth layer in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is self-esteem. This includes feeling confident and recognized by those around you for your achievements and hard work. In this level of the pyramid, one strives to respect others and earn respect from others. Many psychologists believe this is where our need to obtain those likes and followers on social media comes from.

While in a work environment, these self-esteem needs can be achieved by being promoted or praised for your accomplishments. Through social media, these needs are compared to how others perceive your posts or photos. Building your self-esteem is critical in completing your human needs and self-actualizing.

However, you must be aware of where these desires of acceptance come from and know that there are other, healthier ways to achieve your self-esteem needs—ones that don’t rely on social media ratings and comments.


The fifth and last layer in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is self-actualization. As previously stated, to Maslow, self-actualization is the desire to be self-fulfilled, meaning one makes their goals a reality. These goals can be personal, career-related, or selfless. For example, one may strive to be an ideal parent while another person may desire to achieve their academic or athletic goals.

Regardless of where your potential may lie or which path you choose to take in your self-actualization journey, remember that this self-fulfillment need involves an intrinsic development, meaning that you must find potential from within and work to grow that outward.

In this stage, you want to fulfill the best version of yourself, and one often repeats this level to reach one’s potential in various settings. Yes, that’s right; you can accomplish your goal of being an ideal mother AND an accomplished entrepreneur. It all depends on how you manage your personal growth and, of course, fulfilling the different stages of needs.

Actualizing goals, a group is jumping toward the sky
Now, you may ask where natural breast enlargement fits in all of this. Well, many aspire to have larger breasts to—likely unknowingly—fulfill their self-esteem needs. Knowing where this desire to obtain your ideal body comes from, you can better navigate your wants and resolve to achieve your goals in a natural and unharmful way.

Moreover, this clarification of needs shows how your self-esteem needs may never be fulfilled if you don’t accomplish the previous layers, such as the third level of belonging and love. Additionally, once you realize where your self-esteem needs stem from, you can turn to other outlets such as work performance and creative expression to ween off the pressure of striving for a “perfect” body.

Knowledge is power. And when we realize how our desires fall into categorized human needs and know that it’s completely normal and we’re not alone in our journey to be “perfect,” then we have a better chance of navigating through our desires and wants.

Now that we know where our desire for breast enlargement comes from, how do we go about fulfilling it? If you are firm in your resolve to achieve larger breasts, you should look at the natural methods of achieving it, such as the ones listed at

However, the most natural way of fulfilling your breast enhancement desires is by going through these hierarchical levels and progress to self-actualization. Navigating through your basic needs is a task that I cannot help you with; however, I can help guide you through the third and fourth levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and help you restructure your goals to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Some of these navigating methods include self-love coaching, finding a supportive community, and the law of attraction. So, let’s get started!

Self-Love Coaching

Self-love for self-actualizationBy nourishing self-love, you can strengthen your self-esteem. According to Dr. Kristin Neff, an associate professor of educational psychology at the University of Texas, explains that “self-esteem refers to our sense of self-worth, perceived value, or how much we like ourselves.”

While we may sometimes feel compassion or understanding for our ourselves and our circumstances, it differs from self-love as the latter is loving yourself in any situation. Self-love is essential in building your self-esteem and completing the fourth level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Similarly, self-esteem is critical to actualizing true self-love.

In other words, we need to forge our self-love to boost our self-esteem.

There are various ways to strengthen our self-love. Many are regularly posted online and on social media platforms. Here are some great and unique concepts to keep in mind.

Change Your Critical Self-Talk

Are your thoughts self-criticizing? Are your thoughts’ tone, words, or phrases spiteful? Despite others praising your work or self-worth, do you hear yourself berate your efforts?

Negative thoughts and self-talk are detrimental to one’s self-esteem. As such, here are some points to keep in mind to change your critical self-talk.

  • Be aware when you talk critically of yourself, either out loud or in your thoughts. By noticing how you criticize yourself, you can pinpoint this terrible habit and challenge your ideas.
  • Objectively analyze your critical self-talk. This allows you to confront reality and contrast it to your self-talk. More often than not, our negative self-talk and reality don’t match up. We put ourselves down even when we shouldn’t.
  • Talk positively about yourself—out loud and in your thoughts. Change the vicious cycle and build your confidence from within yourself. Compliment yourself, list your accomplishments, and shout your positive traits!

Remind Yourself of Your Wants and Values

We put ourselves down because we judge ourselves. But what are we judging ourselves for? What is the drive behind this negative self-talk?

As humans, we criticize ourselves for what we lack and desire we could be. However, emotions are complicated, and our desire to be the best versions of ourselves gets warped. As such, we need to identify what we really want. However, in doing so, we open ourselves up to these conflicting thoughts, so be prepared to get in touch with your emotions!

Once we recognize and accept our deepest desires—instead of blindingly rejecting our self-worth—we can create healthier motivational techniques to achieve our ideal selves without putting ourselves down.

Find a Supportive and Welcoming Community

Supportive and welcoming community

Now, while there are things we can do by ourselves, there are some things that we need help with. As seen from the third level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we need a sense of belonging and love. As a result, we need to forge relationships with others to feel wanted and strengthen our self-esteem.

Finding a group with common interests as yours is relatively easy these days with the spread of social media and community-interactive platforms. You can also join community platforms online that encourage self-love or natural breast enlargement goals.

Having others encourage you that you are loved and you can achieve your goals can do wonders!

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a theory from the New Thought philosophy that states positive or negative thoughts can bring about or “attract” positive or negative experiences in your life. In other words, this scientifically backed theory is what we commonly know as “good things come to those who do good,” or even “karma.”

Regarding natural breast enlargement goals and self-actualization, we can use the law of attraction theory to attract exceptional results from our endeavors. If we believe that we want to achieve our breast enlargement objectives and strengthen our self-love, the world will work its magic to make sure we do.

While I don’t usually believe in “the power of the galaxy” and such, it is evident from theories such as the self-fulfilling prophecy that our attitude toward a goal causes itself to become real. It is not much as believing something will come true as much as changing our behavior so that our desires do come through in the end. After all, confidence and the correct attitude is everything!

These are all fantastic ways to build your self-esteem and achieving self-actualization. Make sure to take the time to care for yourself and your well-being. Now that you know where your desire for breast enlargement comes from, you have greater control of your goals and are sure to achieve your ideal bust size through natural means—without risking your physical or mental health.