How Taping Can Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

Breast enlargement techniques for long-term gain are great alternatives to cosmetic surgery. However, they can take a long period of time to show results. But there are times when you need to get that extra boost temporarily, but quickly. We’ve talked about quick fixes, but in this article, we’ll talk in-depth about one of our favourite fixes. Taping! Here is how you can use breast tape to make your bust look bigger.


What is Breast Tape?

Taping, as in using tape, to improve the size and shape of breasts is actually not a new thing. This practice has been around for generations. Famously (or infamously, depending on how you look at it), George Lucas made Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia, use tape for her breast support because “there are no bras in space.” Due to the action scenes required, Ms. Fisher had to rely on tape to keep her breasts looking good.

Taping is also not unusual for athletes. Swimmers and gymnasts, particularly, have been known to use them not just for the aesthetics, but also for practicality. This is sometimes done in the absence of an adequate sports bra as an option. As their athletic gear are often very tight and thin, using breast tape helps keep their breasts from interfering with their performance.

Note that while there are actually products marketed as “boob tape,” the most commonly used breast tape is medical tape. There are also those who prefer to use sports tape (particularly the aforementioned athletes). Regardless, the ideal breast tape should have the following characteristics:


There is no point in using tape to improve breast size and shape if they cannot stay in place. Ordinary tape just does not have sufficient adhesive quality and quantity to accomplish this. Thus, the breast tape should be sticky enough that it does not fall off the body on its own.

On the other end, the adhesive should not be so strong that you would have to forcefully remove it after use. Industrial strength duct tape, particularly, should not be considered. That might lead to lesions or wounds when trying to remove it! Looking good shouldn’t come at the expense of pain and injury.


The breast tape should not cause any allergic reaction to the user. You might get the size and shape you want, but that should not be at the expense of comfort or possible health concerns. Hypoallergenic breast tapes should be considered to avoid rashes, itchiness, and other possible hazards that an allergic reaction may cause.


You will be moving around while wearing the tape on your body. Therefore, you would not want to use tape that is rigid or inflexible. It should be flexible enough that it is not uncomfortable while also sturdy enough that it does not get too loose. The tape should give you a full range of motion. The last thing you would want is to have a great looking bust size and shape and then lose it after a brisk walk.

Keep these suggestions in mind when buying your breast tape. They will make using it easier and more comfortable for you in the long-run.

How to Apply Breast Tape to Improve Size and Shape

Before Applying

Before actually applying the breast tape to enhance your breast shape and size, take these pointers in mind:

  1. Take a bath prior to applying the tape. A warm bath would be preferred. This will help keep the adhesive from fading too fast.
  2. Do not apply the breast tape on your nipples directly. Instead, use cloth gauze or bra padding and tape over them. Trust me. You do not want the grief of trying to pull that tape off directly from your very sensitive nipples.
  3. If you have someone able to apply the tape for you, then that would be best. While it is possible to do it by yourself, having a family member or friend do it would reduce the trial and error. It would also provide greater manual reach in some areas.


Now, there are several ways of going about the process of using breast tape for the best results. This is just one way of accomplishing it.

  1. First, get 3 to 4 strips of breast tape of about equal length. Each should be roughly just a little smaller than the full length of your chest width.
  2. Place one strip across each of your breasts. Again, apply a cloth gauze or bra padding over your nipples for protection.
  3. Now, squeeze your breasts together and create your ideal cleavage.
  4. Now, use the third strip of breast tape to keep the shape in place by putting it in the middle, connecting and pinching the two strips together.
  5. The fourth strip of tape can be placed at the underboob area in the middle of the chest.

You can add another couple of strips of breast tape on the underside of each breast for additional stability if you wish. If you have never attempted this process before, this may take a few tries to get the ideal look you are looking for.


Taping to quickly enhance your bust size and shape is an excellent option. It’s generally safe (provided you take the appropriate precaution) and costs little. However, remember that taping is a temporary option. For long term enhancements, we recommend other natural choices like creams and serums, exercises, and visualizations techniques. With consistency, you will achieve your bust enlargement goals and feel better about yourself, all without surgery.

Random Questions

Is breast tape any good?

Yes, breast tape can be effective for temporarily enhancing the size and shape of breasts, providing a quick fix for special occasions or outfits.

Does tape work as a bra?

While not a replacement for a traditional bra, breast tape can provide support and lift, particularly in situations where wearing a bra may not be feasible or desirable.

How can I temporarily make my breasts bigger?

Using breast tape is a quick and temporary method to enhance the appearance of breast size and cleavage, providing a boost for special occasions or outfits.

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