How Essential Oils Can Enlarge Breasts

The natural benefits from the use of essential oils are long documented. We at have tackled these benefits to some extent in prior articles. However, recent development in health news prompts us to revisit and explore how essential oils can enlarge breasts.

We will take a look at two essential oils, in particular. These are lavender and tea tree oils.

Essential Oils Can Lead to Gynecomastia

The use of essential oils has recently gained attention. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) researchers have found that some essential oils can lead to side effects. In particular, this leads to abnormal breast growth in adolescent males.


The research team studied extracts of lavender and tea tree oils, particularly focusing on specific biochemicals such as eucalyptol, 4-terpineol, dipentene/limonene, and alpha-terpineo. These are common in both lavender and tea tree oils. In the course of their study, it was concluded that these had the effect of blocking androgens (like testosterone) and promoted the increase of estrogen production.

For those unaware, these are the hormones that influence the physical traits of the male (androgen) and females (estrogen) body. If you have heard how women experience “hormonal imbalance” during their periods, then you know how the effects of estrogen work. This is not exactly harmful. Still, it is understandable how this can be a concern when young males experience the effects.

Apparently, teenage boys have reported experiencing abnormal adolescent gynecomastia. As you know, this is the unusual growth of male mammary glands. According to studies, this occurred due to the use of certain products that other members of their family bought, such as colognes. Fortunately, the abnormal breast enlargement the boys experienced was temporary and was reversed by halting the continued use of said products.

What Does this Abnormal Gynecomastia from Essential Oils Reveal?

The results from this study of essential oils and how they affect adolescent males provide an interesting insight. In particular, we can note that the application of lavender oil and tea tree oils can induce the production of estrogen. If this is the case, can it be used for homeopathic breast augmentation?

As we have noted, estrogen is the key hormone for female physical development and traits. This sex hormone greatly influences breast development. For those who are looking for an alternative to cosmetic surgery for breast enhancement, this is excellent news. With proper and consistent application, lavender oil and tea tree oil can be a viable option to increase your bust size.

Although the initial research centered on the oils’ effects on boys, it also led to the potential use for feminine products. With the growing popularity of creams and serums, knowing that lavender oil and tea tree are key ingredients will help those looking to increase their bust size in their decision making. It is also interesting to note that the biochemical ingredients present are not limited to these essential oils.

Breast Enhancing Products and Methods that Use Essential Oils

Many cosmetic products available over the counter use essential oils. As more and more people are leaning toward more natural therapeutic options, breast enhancement using products with lavender oil and tea tree oil are increasing in number. Pharmacies and department stores will often carry these products in their aisles. Ordering online is also another option. However, you must make sure that the source is a reputable company.

The most common use of essential oils is through a topical application. Our recommendation is combining this approach with another alternative breast augmentation practice. Using breast enhancement massages is ideal for this practice. With firming and shaping breast massages, the additional benefits of having essential oils as part of the process can only improve the net gain.

We recommend following the procedures detailed in this previous article. Go a step further and combine it with positive affirmations and journaling. Soak in the positive energies that will not only enhance your progress but also improve your mood and outlook.

Note that we recommend consulting with your physician. You should do this before using essential oils. While there is no evidence of serious side effects of their use, some pre-existing conditions may lead to inconveniences. Allergies to the ingredients in lavender oil and tea tree oil can be annoying, at the very least. Always check with a medical professional before using topical applications like essential oils.


With the prevalence of ordering products online, knowing the effect of essential oils on breast enlargement is certainly an interesting development. The reason for this may be from the negative impact of gynecomastia on adolescent males. However, turning it around into a positive for women looking for healthy options to enhance their breasts is a novel irony. Just be forewarned and forearmed. Distill the facts to get the right and safe products with essential oils for your use.

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Common Questions

What oils cause breast growth?

Certain essential oils like lavender and tea tree oils contain biochemicals that can promote estrogen production, potentially influencing breast growth.

How do you use breast enhancement essential oils?

Breast enhancement essential oils are typically applied topically through massages. Combine them with positive affirmations and journaling for better results.

How long does it take for flaxseed to increase breast size?

There’s no definitive timeline. Flaxseed contains phytoestrogens that may mimic estrogen effects, but individual results vary. Consistent use over time may yield gradual changes.

What does castor oil do for breast?

Castor oil is believed to stimulate circulation and promote lymphatic drainage when massaged onto breasts. It’s thought to help with firming and toning breast skin.

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