Advanced Yoga Exercises for Breast Enlargement and Health

Yoga for breast health and augmentation is not just viable, but highly recommended. Here at, we have explored some of the simplest breast enhancement exercises anyone can do. If you have started and consistently practiced those for a few weeks, you will have noticed the improvements your body experienced.

However, you have really only begun your journey. You can take it so much further by optimizing your practice with simple Yoga breast enlargement techniques.

So, sit back, relax, and read on for more on advanced Yoga inspired techniques you can practice to achieve your breast enhancement goals.

Yoga Asanas for Breast Enlargement

In a prior post, we explored the Balasana exercise and pose. This is an effective starting point. If you have not checked that out yet, I strongly suggest reviewing it. Once you have done that, check back here to fully immerse yourself. You will be able to better appreciate these more advanced techniques.

If you have explored the Balasana exercise, here you will learn a couple of the more advanced asanas.

What are Asanas?

Asanas are the proper yogic term for the various forms and poses performed by a yoga practitioner. It is the ancient Sanskirt word for these. It is also often used in reference to just sitting quietly and doing a yoga meditation.

A common misconception yoga asanas is that they are complicated and difficult. However, that is not entirely correct. Although there are yoga asanas that take time to be comfortable with, not all of them are.

More than that, you can modify them to suit your needs. Once you reach a certain comfort level and understanding of how Asanas are performed, you can customize them to your heart’s content.

Asanas can be practiced to increase strength, flexibility, coordination, and reduce stress. All these things benefit the human body. This is especially important in our world today. With all the physical, emotional, and spiritual negative stimuli we put ourselves through every waking hour, yoga asanas can help immensely.

Preparations Before Performance

Prior to doing these asanas, I recommend following these preparatory steps. These will help ensure that you maximize your results and improve your comfort. This is ideal for beginners, though veteran yoga practitioners should still do these.

  1. Find a comfortable and quiet place. It can be a solitary room or it can be a place where you are close to nature. Yoga is best done in an environment where you can focus.
  2. Invest in getting a Yoga Mat. Aside from yoga practice, a yoga mat is good for other exercises. It can also be used for massages. If you don’t have one yet, then a blanket or carpet will do in a pinch.
  3. Do some light stretching. As with any form of exercise, stretching is important. More than just getting your muscles prepped, it helps to avoid injury. 5 minutes of stretch exercises is a good way to begin.
  4. Drink a bottle or about 250 oz. of water. Hydrating keeps your muscles supple. Staying hydrated also helps avoid experiencing the usual headaches and straining after exercise.

Once you have these preparations, you will feel more comfortable. Getting to a more relaxed state is important in optimizing the goals for performing asanas.



Also known as the “Camel Pose”. This asana is done kneeling and then arcing your back, placing your hands on your shins and using your arms to support your body. Hold the pose for about 30 seconds. As you progress, increase this to 60 seconds.

This asana is outstanding for augmenting your breast tissue and the muscles surrounding it. This helps make the breast firmer and avoid sagging. Consistent practice with this asana can improve the flow of blood.


Asana Breast Enlargement

This is also called the “Cow Pose”. Unlike the Ustrasana which mimics the shape of a Camel, the Gomukhasana emulates the shape of a cow’s head. This is done by placing one arms behind the back. One arm is positioned over the shoulder, while the other is positioned behind the waist. Ideally, both hands will be touching or grabbing each other.

If you are not used to this, this may prove to be a challenge. However, with continued practice, you will reach the flexibility to accomplish this.

This asana stretches your breast muscles and improves the elasticity. Like the Ustrasana, perform this for 30 seconds and progressing to 60 seconds as you gain more experience.

Better Yoga, Better Breasts

As the Buddha himself stated, “If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart.” Using these asanas regularly will produce wonders in improving your breast wellness and overall health. But it needs to start with your belief and confidence to transform for the better. Belief is the core of making whatever your goals manifest into reality.

And check back again to as we further explore the benefits of yoga practice and more advanced asanas.

Common Questions

Which yoga is best for increasing breast size?

The Ustrasana (Camel Pose) and Gomukhasana (Cow Pose) are excellent for enhancing breast size by targeting the surrounding muscles, promoting firmness, and improving blood flow to the breasts.

Which exercise increases breast size faster?

While there’s no quick fix, consistent practice of yoga poses like Ustrasana and Gomukhasana can gradually enhance breast size by toning muscles and improving elasticity.

Can yoga lift your breasts?

Yes, yoga poses like Ustrasana and Gomukhasana can help lift and firm the breasts by targeting the chest muscles and improving posture over time.

Which yoga is best for gynecomastia?

Poses like Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), Dhanurasana (Bow Pose), and Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose) can help manage gynecomastia by strengthening the chest muscles and promoting overall body balance and wellness.

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