Breast Enlargement Pumps: Good or Bad?

Alternatives are always a good thing to have. But not all alternatives are good. Case in point: using breast enlargement pumps to augment your breasts.

As you all know, we here at actively promote viable alternate routes with breast enhancement. We have gone to great lengths to espouse the benefits of natural options. Whether it is through breast creams and serums, or more radical choices like hypnosis and law of attraction, there are other ways.

And yet, you will note that after all this time, we have never pushed for using breast enlargement pumps. I believe it is time we touched on this particular topic and discuss the pros and cons of breast enlargement pumps.

What are Breast Enlargement Pumps?

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The fundamental principle of using breast enlargement pumps is through suction. Take note that breast enlargement pumps are not the same as breast pumps that are used for helping women to produce more milk. Or in other applications, it is used to remove excess milk. However, the mechanics of these two types of pumps are essentially the same.

Breast enlargement pumps are generally comprised by the following functional parts:

  • Silicone domes –These are the contact points that are placed on the breasts.  They are usually made from silicone or plastic variant. Naturally, these come in pairs for each pump.

  • Tubes –These are the delivery system for the suction pressure action of the pump.

  • Control unit –This is the actual machine that generates the pumping action. Although there are variants that require being plugged in a socket, the common designs are battery powered. This is to facilitate mobility.

Depending on the design by the manufacturer, the breast enlargement pump may be concealable under regular clothing. There are also lower priced brands which do not use an electric pump. Instead, these use manual manipulation. This is similar to how a blood pressure check is done with a hand pump.

The main difference lies in the results produced. Breast pumps help with lactation and milk production. On the other hand, breast enlargement pumps manipulate the suction to induce tissue stretching. As an aftereffect, this stretching leads to breast tissue growth.

In a way, it has similarity to how muscle growth is promoted through workouts, where the muscle tissue is strained. Eventually, the muscle grows as it heals from the effort.  Here, the silicone domes of the pumps encompass the entirety of each breast. The suction physically draws the air pressure in the direction of the dome. Thus, the breast itself is stretched.

This leads to tissue expansion. In response, this gives rise for the fatty tissues and mammary gland cells to adjust. Theoretically, this leads to breast growth.

Pros and Cons

Ask any breast enlargement manufacturer, and you will get very similar claims. These are that using their product will lead to results similar to other methods. These include breast creams and serums. Some would even say they can create the same effect as cosmetic breast implant surgery.

The good news is this can actually work. The science supports the theory. More than that, there are studies that showed that consistent use led to some growth of the breasts. And it is not temporary, but lasting growth.

Another significant advantage is that it is relatively cheaper than a breast implant surgery. The price is probably a fraction of what it would cost the latter. That is not to mention avoiding invasive procedures. And this also means no maintenance or later complications from the breast implants’ presence in the body.

However, there are some drawbacks. One of the caveats is that in order to gain any lasting growth, it takes a very long time. The bare minimum is 10 weeks of uninterrupted use. In addition to this, the discomfort while wearing and using the breast enlargement pumps is quite annoying.

Furthermore, if these pumps are used improperly, there can be some health issues. Aggressive use of the pumps can lead to side-effects like rashes, blistering, edema, and scarring. On the other hand, if insufficient pressure is used, there can be no actual growth.

Finally, while the studies support the theory of growth, the actual results can be minimal. Even then, the enhancing effect may regress if usage of the pumps becomes inconsistent.

Final Thoughts

Breast enlargement pump manufacturers generally make sweeping promises. But they lampshade the actual facts, particularly how effective it is. With all the cons and the very tenuous guarantee of positive results, it might not be worth the cost and effort to use one. In the end, the more natural options like breast enhancement creams and serums, pills, hypnosis, and massages are safer and reliable.

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Breast Enhancement Pump Questions

Does the breast enlargement pump really work?

While there’s some evidence supporting its effectiveness, results may vary. Consistent, prolonged use is required for potential growth.

What are the side effects of vacuum breast enlargement?

Potential side effects include discomfort, rashes, blistering, edema, and scarring if used improperly or aggressively.

How long does vacuum breast enlargement last?

Results can vary, but lasting growth typically requires at least 10 weeks of uninterrupted use. Inconsistent usage may lead to regression.

What are the side effects of pumping breasts?

Side effects may include discomfort, skin irritation, and potential tissue damage if not used correctly. Proper technique and caution are essential.

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