Top 6 Natural Breast Enlargement Options

Natural breast enlargement options have become popular among women from around the world. And so for good reasons: they are affordable, non-invasive, and – best of all – all natural. What’s not to love?Breast growth measurement. Know your options!
Today we’ll look at the pros and cons of the most popular natural breast enhancement options out there, but before we get too far ahead, let’s back up a bit and start from the beginning. First…

How Do Breast Enlargements Work?

In order to understand how different breast enhancement options work, it is important first to understand that the determining factor in our natural breast size is the amount of fat stored in our bustline.

Breasts are primarily made up of fatty tissue. When breasts store little fat, the results are small breasts. If, on the other hand, breasts store more fat, they will consequently be larger.

Understanding this is the crucial first step to solving a small bustline issue. Once you know this, it is easy to understand how one can naturally enlarge one’s breasts.

Understanding Your Breast Enhancement Options

As hinted at before, not all breast augmentation options work the same. As you know, each option has a unique approach to increasing ones breast size, and so it’s important to understand what we get ourselves into before we chose one method over the other.

Here is a quick look at the big difference between conventional implants and more natural, less invasive options.

Breast Implants

Silicone Breast ImplantsUnlike natural breast augmentations — where the objective is to increase fat production in the breast area – breast implants make breasts appear larger by surgically aligning a silicone (saline or silicone gel-filled) pad either behind or on top of the pectoral (chest) muscles.

A standard breast implant procedure today involves:

  • Booking a consultation with a surgeon.
  • Undergoing an invasive examination to determine whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure and if your desired outcome is doable.
  • Going through with the surgical augmentations and walking out an hour or two later (if no complications arise) after paying several thousand dollars.
  • Taking time off work to recover.
  • Revisiting the clinic for followup checkups as often as deemed necessary by the surgeon to ensure the result is as expected

Moreover, once you get breast implants, you have to experience the sudden uncomfortable weigh and the massive increase in bust size. There are reports of women becoming so conscious about the sudden change that it decreases their self-confidence, the opposite reaction women undergoing breast augmentation are seeking.

Assuming all goes well with the augmentation surgery, you have 10 to 15 years before those implants need to be replaced. According to the FDA, 20% of women have to get their implants removed — for one reason or another — within just 8 years.

Moreover, about 10% of implants rupture within the first 10 years of use. Ruptured implants are incredibly dangerous to your health as the material leaking out can spread throughout the rest of your body, messing with your organs and potentially causing all kinds of health issues.

So, while professionals recommend breast augmentation for medical reasons, such as for reconstructive purposes, it is not for those of us looking to increase their breast size.

Natural Alternatives

There are dozens of natural breast enlargement and overall enhancement options available today. To boot, all of these natural options are relatively affordable compared to implants, and none involve invasive operations.

Here are just a few of them:

Breast Enlargement Serums

Breast Enlargement SerumsEffective breast enlargement serums use natural ingredients to boost estrogen production in the bustline. Herbal plants often used in best breast enlargement serums include Pueraria Mirifica — a plant rich in phytoestrogens, Sarsasapogenin — produces bustline fat, and Volufiline — stimulates fat tissue growth.

To learn more about how serums work and see customer testimonials on stellar breast enlargement serums, click here!

Breast Enhancement Through Hypnotherapy 

Breast Enhancement through HypnosisStudies show that regular hypnosis sessions help people live happier lives, overcoming trauma, negative behavioural habits, and self-esteem issues. Hypnotherapy for breast enhancement is similar in the sense that people achieve new perspectives, but it’s also so much more.

Through visualization practices, we can encourage our subconscious mind to produce more breast growth hormones. Hypnosis has been successfully used to help control blood pressure, lose weight, and overcome addictions, so why could it not as well help individuals boost their bra size?

To learn more about hypnotherapy, hear a recommended hypnosis recording, and increase your bustline today, check out our page on hypnosis.

Breast Enlargement Massages

Breast Enlargement Massage TechniquesSince breasts are primarily made up of fatty tissue and adipose fats, massages help stimulate fat storage and consequently, their growth. Through regular breast massages, you can increase blood circulation — thus producing estrogen, improve lymph circulation — mitigating breast health issues, and reduce premenstrual syndromes, among other factors.

We have tested and tried massage techniques that ensure breast enlargement. To check out our best massage techniques and learn more about the advantages of breast enlargement massages, click here!

Breast Enhancing Creams

Breast Enhancement CreamsSimilar to breast enlargement serums, breast enhancing creams use natural ingredients to boost bustline fat production while firming the muscle. Common breast enhancing ingredients to look for in creams include Fennel Seed, Dong Quai, and Pueraria Mirifica, among others.

To learn more about breast enhancement creams, highly recommended creams according to customer reviews, and how to apply them, check out our page on breast enhancement creams.

Breast Enlargement Pills

Natural Breast Growth Supplement CapsulesWe’ve established that fatty tissue determines the size of breasts, so in order to increase breast sizes, we first need to increase the amount of fat it contains. Breast enlargement pills work similarly to supplements that help build muscle. Key ingredients in reliable and effective breast enlargement pills include Wild Yam root, Saw Palmetto, and the reputable Pueraria Mirifica, among others.

To discover which breast enlargement pills have a proven track record and what to expect from them, check out our page on breast enlargement pills that work!

Chest-Growing Exercises

Breast Muscle ExercisesSuccessful breast exercises target the muscles underneath the breast tissue, also known as pectoral muscles, that provide support for your breasts. Over time and after an established routine, chest exercises will help make your breasts appear firmer and fuller.

From simple yet effective chest exercises to tested routines, our page on easy breast enlargement exercises covers natural breast growth and support through workouts.

Benefits of Larger Breasts

Do you know the best feeling in the world? Walking into a room full of beautiful people and notice them taking a second look at you. Not because you’re loud, rude, or disruptive, but because you radiate absolute confidence.

A confidence that says, “I am sexy, and I know it. I am beautiful in every way, and I know people can’t help but notice me!”

It’s not arrogance, but it does involve a significant sense of pride. Pride in who you are and in how you look.

You Deserve to Feel Beautiful!

Instead of stretching the truth and telling you all kinds of feel-good messages to try and boost your confidence, I want to help you legitimately boost your confidence. I don’t want you to simply think that you are beautiful; instead, I want you to KNOW you are.

Heck, I want people to continually remind you that you’re not just beautiful, but sexy and irresistibly attractive.

How do I do that? By helping you address something that you already know needs addressing: your bustline!

More specifically, I want to help you get bigger, firmer, and all-around perkier breasts through natural breast enhancement options. Because the truth is:

Larger & Firmer Breasts Get More Attention!

I know this, you know this, and everyone else knows this. If a woman confidently sports a set of sizeable and firmer breasts, she gets noticed. These are basic human instincts. We can’t help it!DIY Home Remedies for Breast Enhancement

Moreover, it would be naive to assume people don’t inherently judge a book by its cover, as the saying goes. In other words, you might have the most beautiful and exciting soul on the inside, but most people will likely never find out because the cover (your appearance) did not force them to take a second look.

By not doing this for yourself, not only are they missing out on you, but you are also missing out as well.

What we want is to create an irresistible first impression. We want people to instantly take a second look at you and think, “She’s got my attention. I need to know more about her!”

If what I’ve said so far makes sense to you and you, at least partially, agree with me, let me help you. Let me help you to naturally become the sexy goddess you are meant to be.

The Endless Natural Breast Enhancement Options

Breast enlargement is a taboo topic in most cultures, yet everyone appreciates a nice set of breasts. Isn’t it ironic?

Sadly, as a result, many women do not make educated breast enlargement decisions, especially in regards to breast augmentation. Luckily for you, I love talking about all things beauty and health. In particular, natural yet long-lasting breast enlargement options. In this blog, you’ll find endless natural breast enhancement options, so be sure to check back weekly!