Your Breast Enhancement Options

28 Apr

It would be safe to say that almost every woman will, at some point in her life, wish that she had larger breasts! This might happen when you are in your early twenties and your breasts have finished growing. They just didn’t get as big as you hoped for. Or possibly this thought occurs to you when you hit your forties or fifties. Suddenly it looks as though your breasts are shrinking!

While many women will automatically think about breast implants do you really know what all your breast enhancement options are? Let’s take a look.

Breast Augmentation – this involves surgery and using silicone or saline implants. While this is a fast solution it also comes with risks. First there is the risk of any surgical procedure but there are follow up risks as well. Do you know that you will need to go for regular mammograms after undergoing a breast implant? This can definitely increase the cost of your initial surgery.  Plus don’t forget that breast augmentation is considered to be cosmetic surgery and not covered by the majority of insurance companies.

Breast Creams and Serums – this falls under the category of natural breast enhancement methods. Breast creams and serums are known to be safe and effective. They contain estrogen which helps improve the condition of your breasts and is responsible for improving that saggy look older women often experience.

Breast Exercises – again this is a natural and easy to do method of breast enhancement. By performing a few exercises each morning you can improve the look and feel of your breasts in as little as six weeks. If all it takes is just 15 minutes a day to increase your cup size wouldn’t you be interested in learning how to do a few breast exercises?

Breast Hypnosis – while this method may have come under some criticism from some studies have showed that performing self hypnosis does actually work. Read this interesting article for more information on this particular method:

Breast Massage – this is another easy to do method that has tons of benefits. While massaging your breasts to encourage them to firm and grow. You are also helping minimize your risk of breast cancer. Massaging will allow you to detect any lumps or unfamiliar sooner and seek medical advice faster.

The most popular form of breast enhancement methods today are natural methods that do not involve the cost or risks of surgery. Thousands of women are choosing to use breast creams and serums to firm up the look and appearance of their breasts. While the changes may result in you going up a cup size it is the self confidence boost which is carries the most weight.