Will Breast Enhancement Massage Leave Scars?

One big concern for many women is whether performing breast massage for breast enhancement will leave scars or adverse effects. The whole trick to performing breast massage is to do it correctly and I have an informative post about that topic here.

If you are excessively hard or rough with your massage techniques, you could hurt yourself. Harder does not necessarily mean that you will see results faster. Instead, you need to concentrate on perfecting your massage technique and performing the routine on a regular basis.

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Choose The Creams & Lotions for Their Natural Properties

In addition, you want to be sure that the creams or lotions you are using when you massage are not full of dangerous chemicals. If possible, you should buy a natural breast enhancement cream or serum for this purpose.

To help keep your skin supple, always drink enough water each day. It is recommended that you drink at least 8 cups of water per day. This helps to clean out all the harmful toxins from your body and helps to increase your blood flow, both of which will help keep your skin looking smooth and elastic and free from scars.

Some great creams, lotions and oils for breast massage include:

  • Shea or cocoa butter
  • Oils: rosehip and primrose

Any natural oil can be used as long as you are gentle with your application. Don’t rub or aggravate your nipples in any way. This could lead to them becoming sore or extremely sensitive.

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Be Safe, Be Slow, and You Will Benefit From Natural Breast Enhancement

If you do suffer from breast pain in any way after performing a breast enhancement massage, you should stop for a few days and if your symptoms don’t go away be sure to consult a doctor.

However, if you are gentle on your breasts you should not experience any bad side effects or scars. Remember not to use creams or oils that are extremely strong and start with doing a massage every few days instead of daily if you are worried about becoming sore or seeing any scars.

It is safe to say that breast enhancement massage will not leave any scars when done correctly with natural creams, serums and oils.

Common Questions

How can I make my boobs bigger?

Massage, when done correctly with natural creams or oils, can help stimulate blood flow and encourage estrogen levels, potentially promoting firmer-looking breasts.

Can breast massage change breast shape?

Breast massage, if performed correctly and gently, may enhance the overall appearance and firmness of breasts without causing changes in shape.

Does massaging your breasts lift them?

Yes, regular and gentle breast massage, combined with natural creams or oils, can contribute to improved blood circulation and potentially lift the breasts.

What makes breasts grow?

Natural factors, including hormonal balance, blood flow stimulation through massage, and the use of certain creams or oils, may contribute to the appearance of fuller and firmer breasts.

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