Can You Enlarge Your Breasts Without Surgery?

This is such a common question. Women all around the world are not happy with the size and look of their bust. They want to fix the issue and fix it quickly! This is often why people think that the best fix is breast implant surgery. But is this really true?

There is no doubt that breast surgery will change the way your breasts look, but having surgery is not for everyone. Plus there are other alternatives too! If you are a visitor to this site on an even semi-regular basis, you will note all of the different methods I talk about here. This article serves as a reminder for that.

Implant surgery is expensive and not always covered under many health insurance plans. This is because it is considered to be cosmetic surgery. Do you really have the funds to pay for breast implants?

Alternative Options to Surgery For Breast Enhancement

Your other choices for enlarging your breasts include performing exercises that concentrate on the breast area. A change of diet and a little exercise can make a huge difference in the appearance of your breasts.

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Support bras that lift and push your breasts together are another option. A good bra will last you for a number of months and can provide dramatic and quick results.

Some women prefer to use natural breast enhancement creams or serums. These can actually be massaged into your breasts. See my article on how to perform a breast massage.

Breast creams, lotions or serums work by adding moisture to the skin and this in turn can help your skin look more supple and smoother. Herbal creams have properties that can also affect the appearance of your skin. As the skin on your breast becomes tighter, your breast will start to lift up naturally.

Weighing Your Natural Remedy Options Versus Undergoing Surgery

Another aspect to look at more closely is your diet. Saggy breasts can be due to a hormone imbalance. Have you had your estrogen levels checked? Estrogen is a hormone that is produced naturally in your body and as we age the production level declines. You can easily boost your levels by consuming foods that contain estrogen. This would include foods and herbs like walnuts, red cabbage, fenugreek, red clover and fennel seeds.

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If you are feeling depressed over the size of your breasts please remember that having children and the natural aging process can change the way your breasts look. Before you decide to do anything drastic such as breast surgery, look for natural alternatives. Wouldn’t a six-week exercise program to enhance your breasts be more pleasurable than enduring surgery?

Common Questions

Are there alternatives to breast implants?

Yes, alternatives include exercises, diet changes, and natural enhancement creams. Surgery is not the only option.

What is the safest breast implant option?

Natural methods, like exercises and herbal creams, are considered safer than surgical implants.

Can you change breast shape without implants?

Absolutely, exercises, supportive bras, and herbal creams can enhance breast appearance and lift.

What’s the latest technology for breast implants?

Natural methods, not technology-driven, include exercises and herbal creams for safe enhancement.

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