About Us

We are a group of empowered women that had once struggled with our breast size or shape. Some of us felt insecure about our breasts because of low self-esteem, while others just felt uncomfortable with their small bust size. So, we decided to do something about it.

We come from different walks of life, but we found each other through the BE (breast enlargement) community. What brought us together? Our desire to grow our breasts naturally. We firmly believe that breast surgery should be the last choice for breast enhancement. We love our bodies, and we didn’t want to risk our health or any complications by going under the knife. Not to mention, they’re expensive! We have families to support or tuitions to pay off, and we knew there was a better, natural way to get larger breasts.

This website is a cumulation of all the steps and procedures we did to get our desired bust size and shape. We created the website in hopes of inspiring other women to choose natural alternatives to breast enlargement and as a way to give back to the BE community that had helped us at the start of the journey. Now, we join you on your own BE journal—the natural way.

Meet the Amazing Women that Contribute to Breastenlargement.name:


Susan Bird - BreastEnlargement.name CEOSusan lives in California, U.S., with her two kids and her puppy, Snickers. After her divorce, Susan took a break from the dating world to take some time for herself. What she found out was she needed a change, and she needed to feel good about herself again.

However, with two kids to support and knowing the risk that comes with any surgical procedure, Susan decided to take a natural approach to get her desired bust size. She started researching and got on a natural BE program. After months of consistent work and patience, Susan began seeing some results! With the support of her new BE friends and her favourite breast enlargement cream, she feels healthier and younger than ever before!


Tolu - Breast Health ExpertFresh from college, Tolu joined the BE community in hopes of increasing her breast size by one cup. She started doing focalized exercises for breast enlargement paired with natural supplements and has not looked back.

Seeing great results, she decided to join us on our journey to share the great tips and tricks to get fuller, larger—and natural—breasts.


Ryan - Mom Addicted to Feminine BeautyRyan has a teenage daughter that has long struggled with low self-esteem. A few years back, her daughter brought up cosmetic surgery. Since then, Ryan and her daughter have taken the time to research natural alternatives to breast enlargement and have loved the many approaches available.

Now, equipped with knowledge and years of practice, Ryan has become an essential contributor to Breastenlargerment.name.


Olivia - Breast Enlargement ExpertOur new recruit, Olivia, has just begun her BE journey and is absolutely excited to get started! Olivia has always struggled with her breast size and shape but has held off from doing anything because of her friends’ unfortunate experience with breast augmentation surgery.

However, after joining the BE community and practicing the steps featured in our website, Olivia discovered that there were other—natural—alternatives to breast enhancement. Now, she is a proud member of the Breastenlargement.name team and is thrilled to try out each of our recommended products and practices.