Breast Enhancement Massage: Worth It?

Breast enlargement massages are one of the oldest natural breast enlargement practices around today. They are especially popular in select groups of Asian cultures. Breast enhancement massage methods have been used to naturally improve the size and shape of breasts for thousands of years. They are just as effective today as they were in days of old.

In fact, enlarging one’s breasts through massages works even better today (than ever before) when used in conjunction with some of the natural breast enhancement serums available to us currently.

Breast enlargement massages are still one of the favorite breast enhancement methods used by women today, especially since no surgery is required. These massages also come with many other benefits, so no wonder the therapy has gained immense popularity over the years.

Benefits of Breast Massage

  1. There is no need for special products, or a strictly followed procedure.
  2. The massage can be done by oneself, thereby creating the freedom of privacy. This means one can massage the breasts at any time even without waiting for support or an expert.
  3. Since there are no products or complicated machines that you must use, breast enlargement massages are economical and anyone can afford them.
  4. Breast massages are natural: no surgery is required. Therefore, breast enlargement massages are safe especially if carried out well.
  5. It is a pleasant experience for women, since breasts are one of the most sensitive parts of the female body.
  6. Breast massages can be romantic, especially among lovers.
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Importance of Breast Massages

Many women do not realize how important breast massages can be to their health and body. It is crucial to understand what breast enlargement massages can do for you. As a result you will want to learn how to carry out effective breast massages.

Massages are associated with pleasant and relaxing feelings, which is why people go for them when they can. Massages are associated with numerous health and beauty benefits – which is another reason to get them or perform them on yourself as often as possible.

Breast Massage – Benefits to the Skin

Massages are performed on the skin; thereby the skin receives a lot of the benefits. Breast skin is tender and highly prone to skin marks and stretch marks. These occur especially in the cleavage area and they are usually not pleasing to women. Old age also affects the breasts with wrinkles starting to appear.

Breast enlargement massages can be done with the help of bust cream or serum; this will help to promote healthy growth of the skin. Massages improve circulation in the blood vessels, leading to a quick regeneration of worn out cells. Wrinkles and stretch marks are reduced and appear less visible.

How It Works

Women love firm breasts with strong nipples, and men too are attracted to the same. Women who have given birth or lost a significant amount of weight are most effected by sagging breasts. Breast enlargement massages are the best solution in such cases, as they can help regain youthful, firm breasts.

The use of bust serum enriches the body with vitamins, which are crucial in cell regeneration. At the same time, increased blood circulation also improves cell growth. As such, cell growth and cell regeneration improve the shape of the breasts, making them tighter, perkier and lifting them.

Breast Size Benefits

Breasts come in all kinds of different sizes. Smaller breasts are embarrassing to some women and some men might not find them attractive. The size of the breasts can also create challenges when choosing clothing and bras. In some instances, breasts might be asymmetric, where one breast is bigger than the other.

Whatever the case may be, breast enlargement massages are the best all-natural solution when it comes to breast sizes. To improve your breast sizes, add bust serum to the breast you want enlarged and massage it in thoroughly. This will help the cells to grow, increasing the size of that breast.

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Lymph Benefits

Poor blood circulation causes poor lymphatic flow. This can be a major setback to your breast health, and general body health. These conditions are associated with cysts and breast cancer. Breast enlargement massages improve your blood flow, thereby increasing lymphatic flow. Lymphatic complications are minimized, making your breast healthier and more beautiful.

Breast Enlargement Massages Procedures

To understand the procedure of breast enlargement massages, you must know the areas that you need to concentrate on. It is not the breasts only that require to be massaged; other areas around the breast are equally important. These areas include the armpits, below and above the breasts, up in the collarbone and the sides of the breasts. It is important to note that the nipples should actually be avoided.

There are many massage motions that can be applied during a breast enlargement massage. But light slapping, pinching, tender kneading and circular palm movements are the most effective. Let all the movements be gentle and calm, carried out slowly and carefully; they should not result in any pain or other tension. The breast skin is very sensitive, so warm your hands before massaging.

Conveniently, you can warm up your hands by rubbing them together. The warmth will feel better on the breasts and will increase blood circulation. Continue with the massage techniques on all the above-mentioned parts. Avoid concentrating on one area too much as you might cause injury due to friction. Your palm movement should be consistent in order to achieve best results.

Breast Massage Results

Have realistic expectations!

Breast enlargement massages will not give immediate results. It is a gradual process, requiring patience and time. You will not get results of breast growth of more than 1.5 cup. Don’t stop after 2-5 weeks, or you will not get any results. This therapy is not for you if you need results within 2-4 months. In that case you should use creams and natural enhancement pills as they will speed up the process drastically.

But if you are patient and follow through with the massages regularly, you will enlarge your breasts naturally and safely. There will be no side effects, as could happen with some pills, creams or surgery. See some of the safe breast enhancement products we recommend.

Lastly, it is important to note that breast enlargement massages work at different rates depending on the individual. The reason for the variability is having different body hormone balances. So if you find your friend’s breasts have enlarged before yours, do not give up. Make sure you pick the best enlargement cream or serum to massage your breasts in order to get quick results. Avoid using common lotions, since they can be irritating, but natural oils (like cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil) can be an option.

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To learn more about all natural breast enhancement massages – how it works and how you can make it work for you, grab a copy of the following breast enhancement guide.

Common Questions

Does massaging breasts increase its size benefits?

Yes, breast enlargement massages promote cell growth and circulation, enhancing breast size over time. It’s a natural method without side effects.

Does massage help breast augmentation?

Yes, breast massages can aid in breast augmentation by improving blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and promoting cell regeneration, resulting in firmer, perkier breasts.

What are the disadvantages of breast massage?

Disadvantages are minimal, but improper technique or excessive pressure may cause discomfort or injury. Also, expecting immediate results can lead to disappointment.

Do breast massagers work?

Breast massagers can aid in breast enhancement by stimulating circulation and promoting tissue growth. However, results may vary, and consistency is key for effectiveness.

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