Using Hypnosis to Increase the Size of Your Breast Naturally

28 Feb

Breast size Increase through HypnosisThere are many doctors and researchers who have come up with natural ways of increasing the size of women’s breasts. These methods (hypnosis being the most preferred one) are effective and they have been tested (and proven) to work on the majority of women worldwide.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways of enlarging your breast naturally. It works through suggestions and imaginations which then stimulates the flow of blood in the breasts of women. It enables the body of the user to communicate with its inner level, such as cells, tissues, nerves and muscles to allow it to produce hormones that are responsible for your bust development.

One of the most popular publications on using hypnosis for breast enlargement is a study conducted at the University of Manchester that was featured on the Learning Channel. The researchers separated participants into two different test groups. One of the groups performed a physical activity of muscle building while the other group used exactly the same time visualizing the growth of their muscle. At the end, the group that engaged in physical activity showed twice as much muscle gain as the other group that engaged itself in visualization. This means the visualization group gained half as much as the other group. This was a remarkable result, showing that just by visualizing one can produce muscle gain of up to 16 percent.

D. R. Logan and Allan R. Staib from Houston University were interested to find out how one can naturally increase bust size by just visualizing. Therefore, they daily charted the effects of guided imagery sessions that were focused on breast size. The outcome showed that participants reduced their waistline and also more importantly bust sizes increased by 2.11 inches on average.

Another research carried out at the Institute of Behavioral and Mind Sciences in Indiana by Dr. Richard D. produced similar results, which were published in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis . In the study  twenty-two participating women engaged in self hypnosis and conducted imagery visual exercises daily for a period of twelve weeks. Analyzing the participants after this period of time showed that they had increased their bust sizes by 2.11 inches on average. They also reported that their breasts felt firm and well proportioned.

Other research findings by R. D. Willard on Breast Enlargement through Hypnosis and Visual Imagery were published in “The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis“. Willard found that in the  first twelve weeks of the program twenty-eight percent of participants had already achieved the goal that they had set at the beginning and needed no further enlargement. Eighty-five percent of the participating women could confidently say that considerable enlargement had been achieved on their breasts. About forty six percent had no other option but to buy a larger bra. Another forty two percent managed to reduce their weight by more than four pounds and while still enlarging their breast size. The average increase in circumference was 1.37 inches, while 0.67 inches was the average increase in vertical measurement and horizontally, the average increase in measurement was 1.01 inches.

How are these changes possible?
Using Hypnosis to enlarge your breasts allows you to have a deep inner level communication with your body, using a language of its own. This conversation allows your body to create cells, nerves, tissues and muscles that require hormones to assist the breast in its development.

Hypnosis communicates with your body by acting as bridge across your mind into the subconscious. We don’t have control over the complex language of our body; we are only able to control two percent of our conscious mind. The mind that has contact interaction with our body is the subconscious mind. It is that state of mind that allows the body to carry out its functions.

When it comes to communication with our subconscious mind there is nothing better and effective than hypnosis. Hypnosis can easily communicate all the commands that are required for the generation of all the elements needed in breast enlargement.

How can hypnosis help with breasts growth?
It does this through the following three easy and simple processes:

Mind Relaxation

It is the conscious mind which is hypnotized during hypnosis. Basically it is being asked to take the role of subservient to the subconscious mind. Only the subconscious mind can communicate to the inner deep levels during hypnosis process.

The Process of Visualization

They say that “a picture is worth more a thousand words”. Movies are made up of a thousand pictures that are put together. Visualization is seen as a mental movie, where many pictures are created in our mind. This is considered as the best way to communicate with your subconscious mind. It provides a clear picture of what is expected.

You can order your subconscious mind to give you the breast that you have always wanted just by having visions of bigger, attractive breasts. You will be able to see the fruits of visualizing after a period of 2-3 weeks.

Indirect Suggestion

This refers to the messages that are passed to your subconscious mind. These messages are designed in a way that they cannot result in any conflict, they are just meant to go down to your deep inner mind and sink there. Once the indirect suggestions are in your mind they act directly despite the name indirect.
Hypnosis can be used to change how your body looks but you also have to know that there are some factors which must be taken into consideration. Hypnosis works for some people and may not work for others.

Hypnosis is for all ages. If you also want to lose some weight and become fit and healthy, then hypnosis might be ideal for you as well.

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