Visualization Techniques That Can Increase Breast Size

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We have had great response and feedback about using the Law of Attraction techniques to accomplish beauty and breast enhancement goals. However, it seems some find it challenging to apply them. With that in mind, will continue to offer methods and tools for our audience. Today, let’s dwell deeper into using visualization techniques to enhance your looks and increase your breast size.

What are Visualization Techniques?

We have discussed a bit in the past about using visualization and hypnosis therapy to empower yourself and accomplish aesthetic and breast enlargement goals. Visualization is the most basic yet powerful method of manifestation. You can see it akin to daydreaming, but with a deliberate purpose. More importantly, it is charged with positive intentions and emotional impact.

The addition of positive intentions and emotions are the key to making a successful visualization. Without these elements, you would merely be imagining the situation.  It is no different than if you were watching a movie that doesn’t interest you as you wouldn’t be invested in it, whether it’s a good or bad film.

And this is where a lot of the failure in manifesting comes from.

Why is it Hard to Visualize?

Consider this fact. The subconscious mind controls more of your life than your conscious mind ever will. Do you know how many thoughts you have in a day? Your conscious mind does not (and cannot) keep track of all of it. However, the subconscious does. It knows everything that’s going on. But it is not intelligent. It cannot discern what you want and do not want. All it understands is that if you repeatedly do something, it must be essential, and it will do everything to make it happen.

Here is another point to consider: You are always manifesting. Everything in your life is a manifestation of your conscious and subconscious decisions. Whether that is born from confidence or doubt, it boils down to your “programming.” For instance, if someone offers you coffee, your response determines whether you get more or less of that coffee.

Given how powerful the subconscious is, would it not be in your best interest to program it to make your goals a reality? But here is the kicker. The subconscious is stubborn. It takes effort to convince it to do anything that it is not compelled to do.

This is why visualization seems hard or unsuccessful. Before it even starts, many folks already have a preconceived notion that it would not work. Self-sabotage is the most common culprit. So, the first thing you need to get rid of is this limiting belief.

Visualization Techniques That Work

As mentioned, the simplest method of using visualization to achieve beauty and breast augmentation is to use your imagination. Picture yourself in the first person perspective looking in the mirror and seeing yourself with your ideal features and breast size/shape. While doing this, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you feel seeing yourself in this way?
  • Are you happy? Satisfied? Relieved?
  • How intense are these feelings?

As you ask these questions during your visualization, you are charging up your manifestation and eliminating the blockages to success.

Use a Vision Board

Collage Visualization Breast Beauty Enhancement
Now, some people find it very hard to immerse themselves in their visualization fully. However, you can try using another technique through a vision board.

A vision board is like a collage. Remember doing collages back in your younger days, either as a school project or as a hobby? The same basic principle applies here. The only difference is that you create a collage that reminds you of the goal you intend to manifest.

At first, try looking for images that resonate with your intentions. For example, you can cut out a picture of a celebrity or model with your ideal looks or breast size. You can then add a note or caption like “this is me manifesting.” If you have drawing skills to represent your intentions, that is even better!

Now, you might think this is silly. But ignore that kind of thinking. Again, this creates a blockage.

Create a Video

Creating a video is another way to reprogram your subconscious and assist in visualizing your goals. With how easy it is to create videos today, thanks to mobile devices, this is not difficult to do. Similar to creating a vision board, all you need to do is take images that reflect your intentions. You can then set this up as a short video sequence using built-in apps on your phone.

You can include your preferred music to run with this video collage. Or you could record yourself with your voice repeating a mantra. Example mantras you can use is “I am beautiful,” “My breasts are the perfect size and shape,” and other similar phrases.

Once you have created your video, play it on a loop where you can easily see it your periphery when you feel you need a reminder or motivation. You do not have to concentrate on it regularly. It is actually preferred to have your focus on something else. This allows your subconscious to work in the background, absorbing the intentions in your visualization video.


You can choose any of these techniques. Any and all of them work. The most critical factors are repetition and honest-to-goodness faith in your power that it can work. Visualization techniques for beauty goals and manifesting breast enhancement can create excellent results. You just have to be willing to have an open mind and follow a routine that eliminates your blockages to success.

Keep your eye on for more natural alternatives to improving your looks, general health, and breast augmentation!

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