Documenting Your Breast Enlargement Journey

Documenting Your BE Journey

Keeping your head in the game on your breast enlargement journey is easy on paper. And it is that simple. It is as simple as writing everything down and tracking your progress. Transformation is rarely quick, and there is always some possible distraction that can arise from time to time, but thankfully, there are tools available for you to stay on course. Documenting your BE journey through a written journal, a vision board, or video are all feasible methods to keep your motivation high!

Why Lost Breast Enlargement Motivation Happens

Here is a hard truth. People can lose their motivation. It is just part of how the human psyche works. This is not to say that it always happens. Some will have the fortitude to keep their eye on the prize. But some will not. And that’s ok. It just means we’re human and that those who lose sight of their goals need a reminder once in a while.

This is particularly true when you are on a natural breast enhancement process. As the benefits and results can take some time to become visible, it is reasonable to understand why one can get discouraged. Relying on internal motivational voices can work for some. But when anxiety and impatience start to creep in, then it becomes a problem. It gets even harder when one starts to compare their progress with others who took the easy route, such as cosmetic surgery and breast implants.

Some will need a short break, while others might give up altogether. And that can be disheartening, especially when the gains were only starting.

Documenting Your BE Journey

Remember when you were in school, and you had a workbook specifically provided for certain subjects? It kept track of your grasp of lessons that were taught. Because you did the activity, it created a link to your conscious and subconscious, making it easier to recall and review later on. This is one example of how documentation helps a person stay with the program, so to speak. That subconscious connection is why a lot of practitioners of the law of attraction swear by its use.

Journaling is an effective method for documenting your BE journey. It is also one of the easiest to accomplish.  All you need is a pen and notebook! Although there will probably be those who scoff at the idea of writing, it is nonetheless a great documentation tool. There is something to be said about the connection one builds, a tactile bond coming from the act of writing down your breast enlargement goals and the progress being made.


Using Photos

For those who cannot convince themselves (or perhaps find difficulty with visualizing) through a written journal, then photography can be an alternative option. This is pretty much the same as how Instagram fans do it, but you don’t have to share your BE journey in as public a manner. After all, you are doing this documentation to motivate yourself!

So take photos and add captions using your smartphone or device to stay on course with your BE journey. And if you really want to share it with others through platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest, you can do that, too! Just make sure that your motivation is coming from within and not from external approval.

Take as many photos as you like before and after your natural breast enlargement practices. You can do this daily, or at any interval you prefer. Again, the main thing is to stay motivated. And you can build these photos into a collage to create a vision board. Vision boards are another manifestation tool that many people use to ensure they are reminded of their endgame goals.

Documenting with Video

If you’re already using photos for documenting your BE journey, you can take it a step further. Video adds motion and audio to cataloging your progress. This is particularly effective for those who have difficulty visualizing their ideal goals. Some people suffer from a condition called aphantasia. This makes it virtually impossible for them to project their success.

As visualization and “living from the end” are key elements to successful manifestation, using video as a tool is a good alternative. With video as your preferred means of documenting your BE journey, these recordings act as a time capsule. And you can add your own flair in how you want to present them. Add music or use special effects if you know how to use them!

Modern mobile devices already have built-in video recording, but apps like Tiktok and YouTube shorts add more options. Often, they come with their own special features. Filters and emojis or animations are just some things you can add to documenting your BE journey. This helps personalize your recordings while also making it a fun experience. And that’s the key: Enjoy the journey! Live from the end, but savor the process.

Stay on Track!

Write down your yoga exercises done today. Take photos of your before and after chest press exercises. Or record a video selfie at the beginning and end of the day to keep yourself on focus with your natural breast enhancement steps. Regardless of the tool you choose, stay positive and keep your spirits high! And visit for more useful tips to help you achieve your best beauty and breast health success!

Random Questions

What to expect 4 weeks after breast augmentation?

Four weeks after breast augmentation, you should experience reduced swelling and discomfort. Your implants may start to settle, giving you a clearer idea of your final results. However, full healing may still take several weeks, so continue following your doctor’s post-op instructions.

How long after breast augmentation will I know my bra size?

You can expect to have a good sense of your new bra size around 4 to 6 weeks after breast augmentation. However, it’s best to wait until the implants have fully settled and swelling has reduced before purchasing new bras.

What is the 14-point plan for breast augmentation?

The 14-point plan is a meticulous surgical approach aimed at reducing complications and enhancing the success of breast augmentation. It includes strategies such as meticulous surgical technique, proper antibiotic use, and ensuring a sterile environment.

Will my implants look bigger once they drop?

Yes, your implants may appear slightly larger once they “drop and fluff,” a process where the implants settle into a more natural position and the surrounding tissues soften. This process can take several weeks to months after the surgery.

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