How to Take the Best Breast Enhancement Photo

How to Take the Best Breast Enhancement Photo

The breast enhancement tips and suggestions here at are natural, but take time to produce tangible results. But what if you want to take a selfie photo and want to look your best? Here are some tips and tricks to quickly get breast enhancement photo results.

Looking Good in Photos

Your breasts will always be the center of attention. That may seem condescending, but that is actually a scientific fact. There is a tendency in the human subconscious to look at the center of the body. Perhaps it is a force of habit or perhaps just a natural instinct that we all have.

This is particularly true for the female body. And in reference to taking photos, you would certainly want to look good. After all, a picture paints a thousand words, as they say!

But there are caveats. For one thing, photos record everything. That includes both the good and the bad. This is especially the case for photographs that have high definition or resolution. All your flaws are on display, along with the details that make you look good. If your breasts are not looking up to par or are not cooperating, that will be even more apparent in the photos you take.

So how do you counter this? Well, you could wait for your breast augmentation efforts to produce the desired results. But that doesn’t help you right at this moment or when you need to attend a special occasion later in the day.

The good news is you do have options! There are a few tried and tested hacks that you can do to induce quick breast enhancement photo effects!

Breast Enhancement Photo Tips and Tricks

Here are some suggestions that you can apply to get enhanced breast enhanced results. Take note that these should be used sparingly and are applicable in different situations. So your mileage may vary. However, they are effective in a pinch!

Wear clothes with horizontal designs

Breast Enhancement Photo Stripes

Horizontal patterns fool the subconscious into thinking an image is wider. This is particularly good when you are taking beach photos. Two-piece bikinis with these horizontal patterns will give the illusion of enhancing your breast size. If paired with a similarly patterned bikini bottom, this will have the effect of creating a voluptuous figure. The photos produced will give the impression that you have a smaller waistline and wider hips. Both will serve to augment your chest area’s appearance.

Wear loose upper clothes

Breast Enhancement Photo Loose

A shirt or a blouse that is one size larger than your body type can enhance the chest and shoulders. But you have to make sure the waist area fits your frame. As with the previous suggestion, this hack produces the visual illusion of a more ample breast area. This looks really good when you have tan skin and wear a lighter coloured outfit!

Arm position

Position your arm facing where the camera is aimed. You can angle it in such a way that it blocks the upper area of your breasts. If done effectively, the underside of your breast will appear rounder in the resulting photograph.

Another method is placing your forearms under the breast area. Squeezing your arms closer to the center will create a cleavage effect. This latter tip works best for photos taken from the front.

Lean Forward

Another breast enhancement photo trick you can try is leaning forward. For this, we suggest a slight 30 to 40 degree angle. This will be more effective than a 90-degree angle for this purpose. This is another technique that gives the impression of a larger, rounder breast shape.

Breast Enhancement Photo Arm

In conjunction with this, wear a bra or top that keeps the breasts closer together. This assists in creating a shapely cleavage and avoids either side from wandering to the sides. Otherwise, the resulting image may look like your breasts are sagging.


While we are on the subject of using angles, one effective angle is taking the photo from a slight worm’s eye view. An upward angle (again, using a slight diagonal direction) is ideal for this trick.


Professional photographers know this by heart. Lighting makes a lot of difference with creating silhouettes and giving volume to still imagery. Use good lighting to let shadows form around the breast area. The cleavage and side area will seem rounder and shapelier from this effect.

Two-point lighting is particularly effective, with the stronger light source from behind, while the lower intensity light should emanate from the side at a slight diagonal.

Photo editing

If you have the skills and the apps for it, using photo editing for post-processing does wonders! There are quick and easy photo editing apps on mobile platforms like Android and iOS that do the trick. However, it can easily be overdone. Use the principle “less is more” when it comes to photo editing for breast enhancement photo images.

Use What You Have for Breast Enhancement Photo Perfection!

There are other tricks you can try. Many of the previous suggestions provided like using makeup to enhance your breast image can be combined with these. It may take a little bit of practice to get the desired results. And in the end, these suggestions are only for quick fixes. But for long-term breast transformation and enhancement, we advise following the natural breast augmentations such as massages, exercises, creams, serums, the law of attraction, and self-improvement.

Stay tuned for more useful information, news, and tips for achieving your beauty and breast health goals, here on!

Random Questions

How do you take breast augmentation pictures?

Wear clothes with horizontal patterns or loose-fitting upper garments to enhance the appearance of your chest. Use proper lighting, angle your body and camera, and try a slight lean forward to create a shapelier look. Enhance your images subtly with photo editing if necessary.

What cup size for breast enhancement?

Focus on wearing clothing that flatters your body shape rather than targeting a specific cup size. Look for bras and tops that lift and support, enhancing your natural silhouette.

How do you take a breast reduction picture?

Similar techniques for enhancing breast appearance can be applied in reverse to reduce focus on the chest. Avoid clothes with horizontal patterns or push-up bras. Focus on balanced, flattering angles and proper lighting to create a harmonious overall image.

How do you take a BBL picture?

Emphasize the natural curves of your body by posing strategically. Try arching your back slightly and place one leg in front of the other. Use flattering angles, lighting, and clothing to enhance your silhouette and highlight your natural curves.

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