Quick Fixes to Enhance your Breast Size

Here at Breastenlargement.name, we have discussed multiple options to breast enhancement without cosmetic surgery. It can be done through natural options like exercise, or through more non-conventional means.

However, I have noted that these are more long-term approaches. But sometimes, you just need a really quick, 5 to 10 minute “boost” before heading out. So here are quick fixes, suggestions, and tricks make impromptu bust enhancements on the fly!

Wear Smaller Clothes

Going out on a casual lunch with your friends or a leisurely night out in town? No reason not to look your best. And that includes your breasts. Men and women appreciate a curvy and voluptuous figure. But one area that sometimes gets ignored is how your clothes factor in to this appearance.

One way to get a really good looking top is wearing clothes one size smaller. Now, take note not to wear something you are not comfortable moving in. Too much discomfort can have a negative effect on your body, and it sours your mood (which is contrary to the goal of the activity). So in following this option, consider your comfort level. Best options for these are spaghetti straps and tank tops.

Now to maximize the effectiveness of wearing smaller clothes, check how tight the material looks. Cotton is great if you match it wearing it on top of a good bra. Spandex is another option, but make sure you are relatively fit (you don’t want that belly jutting out). Wearing a jacket? Use a baby pin to make the shirt look tighter under that jacket.

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Twice the Bra, Twice the size

This is an obvious option and many ladies swear by it. Wearing two bras is very effective in creating the optical illusion of a bigger breast size.

While this is not too complicated, it can be rather tricky to pull off. You cannot just choose any two bras and get the ideal look. The secret to this subterfuge is using one bra that’s slightly smaller than your size, and one that is slightly bigger. The smaller bra is your “main” bra. It’s what you will wear primarily. To push the effect further, make sure it comes with padding.

Then, you wear the slightly larger bra over that smaller bra. This creates the desired visual effect, with the tighter bra producing the cleavage folks appreciate. The larger bra, on the other hand, boosts the cup size.

I have friends who have used this method to great effect. Some have even gone on to using as many as three bras! But I suggest you don’t overdo it. Subtlety is part of the magic!

Bra Straps = Quick Fix Breast Enhancement!

Continuing with the techniques with bras to make your bust size seem bigger, one way to do this is to manipulate the straps. Many bras already have the option of making the bra straps shorter by pulling a nub. This is especially great on a bra with an underwire or lift design.

Want to take it a step further? Here’s a secret: use a baby pin to attach the two straps at the back together. You might need some help with accomplishing this, though! Another option is to cross the straps over your head. A bit of manual dexterity required for this, but the enhancing effect is quite effective! The resulting squashing and lift will make your breasts look fuller!

Make-Up for Cleavage

If you will be wearing a top that exposes your cleavage, then using a little bit of makeup can make your breasts look awesome!

For this trick, use a cooler toned or darker shade contour. Contouring is used on the face to enhance the facial structure. The same can be accomplished for your breasts, especially the cleavage area. Apply the contour in a circular shape, following the natural form of your breast.

A little bit of that can also be applied up to your neckline, to enhance your collar bones. This gives the illusion of your cleavage looking bigger and more rounded, particularly when light falls on your clothes to create shadows.

Have Fun and Feel Good

The point of breast enhancement has always been to look good and feel comfortable. These quick fix solutions can help in a pinch, though there may be some trial and error involved. But don’t stress yourself about it. Have fun doing it!

Best of all, you can use these techniques and tricks alongside your longer term options like breast serums or esoteric practices like yoga and hypnosis. And keep following Breastenlargement.name in the future as I reveal more tips and solutions for all your breast enhancing needs!

Random Questions

How can I increase my breast size ASAP?

Opt for wearing clothes one size smaller, utilize double bras for an optical illusion of larger breasts, manipulate bra straps for lift, or use makeup contouring for enhanced cleavage.

How can I increase my breast size equally?

Wearing two bras, one slightly smaller and one slightly larger, can create the appearance of equal breast size by boosting cup size and enhancing cleavage.

How can a skinny girl increase her breast size?

Quick fixes like wearing tighter clothes, using multiple bras, adjusting bra straps, or makeup contouring can provide temporary enhancement regardless of body type.

Is there a way to increase breast size without implants?

Yes, various methods such as wearing smaller clothes, using multiple bras, adjusting bra straps, and makeup contouring offer non-surgical options for enhancing breast size.

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