The Complete Makeup Guide for Fuller Breasts

While your goal may be long-term breast enlargement, you’ll often find that it takes time to naturally build up your bust size. Even cosmetic surgery requires a prolonged recovery. But when you’re going out in a couple of hours, then that really isn’t an option. However, with the right know-how and makeup, you can get the illusion of fuller breasts.

I have often used this “trick” of applying makeup on my breasts to give the impression that they are larger and shapelier than they actually are. Combining this with other techniques, this can create a flattering look to your bust size.

Makeup for More than the Face


You might think that makeup is just for enhancing your facial features. That is understandable, as it is the most common application. However, using makeup to enhance the rest of your body is not uncommon. This is pretty much the rationale behind spray tan. So applying makeup to your bust to give the impression of a bigger lift is a natural extension.

We have discussed using quick fixes and tricks using bras and taping to reach similar results. Using makeup is just one more technique to add to your arsenal. With that said, you should remember that this should be used in moderation. It is not a permanent fix. Moreover, it can become obvious if you do not use it with subtlety. In fact, subtlety is a key element in using makeup effectively to give breasts a fuller look.

So at the end of the day, remember to not go overboard. Think of it in the same way Hollywood actresses like Keira Knightley did for Pirates of the Caribbean. You should use the methods you will learn here when appropriate. However, do not use it as a daily crutch. Otherwise, the “magic” will eventually wear off in the minds of those who become aware of it.

What Makeup Do You Need for Fuller Breasts?

The good news is that there are actually makeup products available now that are specifically for breasts. These are marketed toward breast cancer survivors, but they work just as effectively for typical use. Regardless, you do not need these products specifically to achieve a “fuller bust look.”

All the makeup you need for this task is a contour stick, a blending brush, an eyeliner, a bronzer set, and some pressed powder. All of these are readily available in any pharmacy or women’s specialty store like Watson’s. You probably already have a set of these!

Aside from these, I would also recommend a good pushup bra. This will enhance the breast enlargement appearance further.

Applying Makeup for Fuller Breasts

The process of applying makeup to enhance the look of your breasts is generally referred to as contouring. Contouring is not limited to such body enhancements, as it is also used for the face. However, it has been used more recently in reference to a “fuller bust look.”


  1. First, wear the push-up bra. Aside from the obvious benefit, this will prepare the “frame.” Think of your breasts as a canvas. The push-up bra will give you the appropriate setup.
  2. Next, use brown eyeliner (or sufficiently tan color that is at least a couple of shades darker than your regular skin). Draw over the breast, creating an outline of the shape you had in mind. The shape would be in a circular or oval, depending on your preference. Generally, I would recommend drawing a bit higher up, using your nipple area as your reference point. Another couple of lines should be drawn in the middle, which will represent your cleavage target. While this is not essential, I would also recommend drawing subtle lines in your collar bone areas. A more pronounced collar bone would make you look thinner, which helps create the illusion of fuller breasts.
  3. Apply the bronzer or foundation in the space between the lines you drew earlier. Be careful not to overdo it, so that you will not have difficulty when blending later.
  4. Use a highlighting stick (this time, it should be a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone). Draw under the half-circles placed earlier and the cleavage line.


  1. Now, use the blending brush to spread the makeup over the areas applied. I would recommend wide, circular motions to give the final look a more natural effect. However, you can also use smaller circles to focus on specific areas.
  2. Check the results in front of a good mirror (preferably one that shows your full body, but at least the upper torso). If this is the first time you are doing this contouring, you might take a couple of tries to get the ideal look. Should you need to increase the darker or lighter shade, just apply as before and blend until you get it just right.


One thing I’d like to add when using this method of applying makeup for fuller breasts is to wear dark coloured clothes. Lighter, especially white, clothes would likely result in the makeup bleeding off the fabric. This defeats the illusion and adds unnecessary costs for dry cleaning!

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Random Questions

How can I make my breasts fuller and rounder?

To achieve a fuller, rounder look for your breasts, try contouring them with makeup. Use a contour stick and bronzer to create shadows and highlights around your breasts, blending them well for a natural appearance. Additionally, wearing a push-up bra can provide extra lift and shape.

How do you emphasize your breasts?

You can emphasize your breasts by using makeup contouring techniques. Create shadows and highlights on your breasts with bronzer and a highlighting stick, respectively, then blend them for a natural look. Wearing a well-fitted push-up bra can also enhance the appearance of your bust.

How can I make my breasts fuller at home?

To make your breasts fuller at home, use makeup contouring techniques to create the illusion of fuller breasts. Apply bronzer and highlighter strategically around your breasts and blend well. Wearing a push-up bra can also help enhance the appearance of your bust size.

How can I add fat to my breasts?

Adding fat to your breasts naturally can be achieved through a healthy diet and exercise routine. Focus on exercises that target your chest muscles for a lifted appearance. Keep in mind that significant changes may require medical procedures such as fat transfer, which should be discussed with a medical professional.

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