The Secret to Dressing for Success

While a woman’s breasts can be the one thing that makes you stand out from the crowd, in some ways they can also be your downfall. Whether you are big busted or have small breasts, dressing for success can impact those around you.
Woman dressed for success in black dress!

Why is Dressing for Success Important?

This can actually be a huge problem for professional woman. Having large breasts may appear to be a god send for many, it can also be detrimental to your career. This is why it is important to put a lot of attention into how you dress for work as opposed to dressing for leisure.

If you have large breasts then you may want to dress to minimize their size. The colors and styles of tops and jackets you wear can make a huge difference in your chest area.

For example wearing darker colors will help to make your breasts look smaller. Wearing tops and shirts that have a V neck will also help your appearance. It is also possible to buy a minimizer bra that helps make your breasts appear much smaller.

Of course if your breasts are small then you want to do the opposite. Wear lighter colors when it comes to blouses, t-shirts and tops. Keep the darker colors for the lower half of your body.

Jewelry also helps. You may want to wear ear-rings or a necklace that draws attention away from your bust up towards your face. Again you don’t want to wear busy or overly fancy jewelry while at work. Keep those items for when you are at home or going out socializing in the evening with your friends.

Your hair and make-up is another area that can help pull attention to your other features. You may have a wonderful smile or beautiful hair, if so, dress these features up to attract attention.

On the whole you want to dress appropriately for your job. Even if you have casual days be careful about dressing to show off your breast area. This can attract the wrong type of attention from your co-workers.

Most people react towards you dependent upon the way you dress. If you dress as a successful business woman this is how they will see you. So if you are dressing in tight and short fitting clothes, you might not be taken as seriously as you had hoped you would.

Dress for Success Today!

When it comes to work, dress in a conservative fashion and save the dressing up for when you can relax and throw back your cares. Dress for success and make it count!

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