Quick Bra Overview: Which Bra Should You Get?

Buying the right bra for the right purpose is extremely important. With the correct bra a new dress or top will look stunning on you. So, instead of trying to hide your bra straps or being tempted not to wear one, think about matching your bras to that special outfit you like to wear.

Why is Choosing the Right Bra Important?

Bras aren’t just there for “showing off” your cleavage and enhancing your breasts. They exist to provide support and provide comfort while doing so. Knowing what features and effects you should consider for your bras is essential, for both your health and appearance.

Wash Line Filled with bras

Types Of Bras

  • Nursing bras are just as their name suggests, a bra to wear for mothers who are breastfeeding their infants. While you could wear a regular bra, the features of a nursing bra make it much easier to feed your baby.A nursing bra has drop down cups so you don’t have to take off your top. They come in many different styles and sizes.
  • Strapless bras are perfect for wearing with those strapless dresses and tops. They are available in different sizes and offer great support.
  • Push up bras replace the old fashioned padded bra. These bras are meant for women who want to create a great looking cleavage.
  • Sexy bras are exactly what it says. They are the bras that you normally wear for your man! It may be sheer or see through. So it needs to be as feminine as possible.
  • Sport bras are designed for active women. They are usually made with microfiber materials that help keep moisture away from your skin. Furthermore, this type of bra will dry very quickly after your workout. And they come in lots of different styles and with a choice of front or back closures.
  • Other Bra Considerations

  • If you have trouble fastening your bra then you may want to opt for a front closing bra. These are easier to get on and older women often choose this type of bra. They come in different styles and have bra straps that stay in place.
  • A minimizer bra is one that can help reduce your breasts appearance by up to two inches. If you wear a large bra but want to fit into something tighter then this will be a great choice for you. It won’t give you the appearance of buttons about to pop. Consider this type of bra if your cup size is larger than a D.
  • As we mentioned earlier the padded bra was often used by women wanting to achieve more cleavage. This has now been replaced with the push up bra. Today a padded bra has more padding in it to help increase breast size. Many women wear this type of bra to enlarge the look of their breasts.
  • A convertible bra is one where the straps can be removed or adjusted to change the look and function of the bra. Also, you may want to wear it with no straps or you may want to create a racerback or backless bra. This is a very versatile bra and perfect if you wear tops and dresses in a variety of styles.

Bras are your friends! So Choose Wisely!

Selecting the right bra for your lifestyle and health is important. Thus, use wisdom and smart thinking when doing so. Take a look at your wardrobe to see what types of bras you should be using!

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