Your Lingerie Options Based On Your Height

Did you know that your height can cause you an issue when it comes to your lingerie? This is very true, especially for women who are short or tall. Manufacturers tend to make bras and lingerie for average women and this includes height, torso and breast shape. The minute you fall outside of these average categories, you may experience problems with your lingerie.

Effects of Short Height on Lingerie Options

Let us take a look at bra issues small or petite women will encounter. If you are 5′ 3″ or shorter, then you are considered to be petite. Petite women will have the type of issues related to comfort and convenience.

For instance, you will run into with lingerie include the length of the item. Most of the time they will simply be way too long for you. Cups sizes on bras will be too big and baggy for you.

Tall woman in lingerieWhen it comes to selecting a bra you want to look for bras that have a small band size and where the cups sizes are more narrow. Look for petite sizes as those that have this classification will have cups that have been sewn closer together. Plus the cups have been designed to cover a much smaller area.

Most petite women will find that their breasts are much smaller, but some women do have small but wide breasts. If this is your issue look for sizes that are labelled plus sized petite.

What about Tall Women?

Tall women are classified as those that are over 5′ 8″ in height. Now, it depends on where your height is. If you find that you have long legs most bras and lingerie items will fit you correctly.

A problem arises if you have a longer torso. This is where you will find that the straps on your bra are never long enough, you will find that lingerie is too short. Even purchasing a swim suit can be a huge issue. It can be difficult to buy items that fit your crotch comfortably.

When buying a new bra look for bras that have longer straps. Adjustable straps with longer lengths are available, you may just need to hunt down the manufacturer.

If you are purchasing a bra online, always look for a back view image of the bra. In this way, you can tell how much strap room you will have available. You may even like to wear a strapless bra.


If you have been having issues with your bra and are tall or short, you now know why. And as they say, knowing is half the battle. Thus, we suggest doing an online search for specific bras that will fit you better. They may even have a local retailer that you can visit and try on their bras.

Finding a good bra is important as it will make you feel more womanly. Your breasts will be supported adequately. Finally, you will feel more comfortable in your clothes.

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