What are Splayed Breasts?

Buying a well fitting bra can be a huge issue for women. Sometimes, it just seems that no matter what, it is impossible to find a bra that fits perfectly. What you may not be aware of is that the size and shape of your breasts may be to blame.

Wash Line Filled with brasWhen it comes to breasts there is something known as ‘breast separation’. This is the horizontal distance between your two breasts at the top of your chest.

Depending on how much or how little separation you have determines how much cleavage you will show when wearing your bra. Your cleavage is the fold line where your breasts meet. This also determines what type of bra you should wear.

If you have splayed breasts this means that your breasts are splayed outwards, this creates a triangle effect. This is very common and lots of women have this type of breasts and it can cause problems in regards to your choice of bra.

Buying Bras that Fit Your Shape

When choosing a bra for splayed breasts, you need to pay attention to the center panel on the bra. This is often called the bridge or center gore. This center panel needs to be the same shape as your chest separation. So if you have splayed breasts you need to choose a bra with a triangular center gore.

If you buy a bra with the wrong center gore then your breasts will tip outwards. You will find that your breasts get in the way when you move your arms!

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when shopping for your next bra:

  1. Look for a bra that has a triangle shape center panel with a wide bottom.
  2. Look for a demi bra that has seamed cups and has shorter wires.
  3. A bra that has a center underwire would be a good choice.
  4. If you wear a DD cup size or larger look for a bra that has a side seam of at least 3 inches, the cups should have side support panels to push your breasts to the front of  your chest.
  5. When putting on your bra always use your hands and move your breast into the center of the cups. This will prevent any chaffing on your arms.

“Non” Splayed Breast Shapes

There are other breast classifications and you may find that one of these fits your breast type.

Kissing breasts refers to the actual touching of your breasts when you stand without wearing a bra. If you have this style of breasts, you want to look for bras that have a very small, next to nothing, center gore.

Separated breasts are those that do not touch, the gap between your breasts is about one or two finger widths apart. This is the most common breast shape and the one that most bra’s are made for. If you have separated breasts you should have no trouble finding the right bra.

Wide set breasts are breasts which are more than 3 finger widths apart. It is possible to have wide set/splayed breasts as well. Women with this type of breast will find it difficult to get any cleavage at all. Plus you will find that wearing underwire bras is really uncomfortable for you.

You may find that wearing a front closing bra helps, as they normally have wider cups. Look for bras with a wide center gore and panels in the side seams.

Your next step is to take a look at your breasts in the mirror, without your bra on. Then determine what type of breast shape and type you are. When you visit the lingerie store you can ask for bra styles that will accommodate your breast type.