What are Splayed Breasts?

Breasts come in many sizes and forms. However, there are types of breast shapes that are common among women. One of these breast types is “splayed breasts.” Similar to separated breasts, splayed breasts are spread apart, by approximately one to two fingers, in an outward manner. This means each boob is facing out to your sides, forming a triangular-like shape between your breasts.

While splayed breasts are common enough, it is essential to determine whether you have splayed breasts as it narrows down the types of well-fitting bras for your breasts. Since splayed breasts splay outward, it is key to find a bra that fits your breasts front and center.

How to Check Your Breast Type


We all have different breast types. From wide-set to uneven, breast forms can vary vastly. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all bra that will work for each woman. To feel comfortable with your breasts and your body in general—it is important to find the right type of bra for your unique breasts.

However, to find out the perfect bra style for you, you must first determine your breast type.

A simple way to check if you have splayed breasts is to stand in front of a mirror with your hands on your hips and examine the space between your breasts over your breastbone. If the space between your breasts has a measure of one-to-two-finger length and vaguely represents a triangle, then you can narrow your breast type to a “separated” type.

The key feature of splayed breasts that sets it apart from the typical separated breast type—and thus the key feature to watch out for when determining your breast type—is how the breasts are splayed outwards. In fact, another term for splayed breasts is “east-west breasts,” illustrating the nature of the splayed breasts’ form.

Also, keep in mind that there are varieties of splayed breasts, such as the “wide-set and splayed breasts” type that feature wide-shaped breasts splayed outwards. So, if you believe your breasts appear different from the average splayed breasts form, then take the time to check other breast types to determine if your breasts are a combination of two or more breast types.

How Splayed Breasts Affect Your Appearance

When it comes to breasts, there is something known as “breast separation.” This is the horizontal distance between your two breasts at the top of your chest.

How much or how little separation you have determines the amount of cleavage you will show when wearing your bra. Your cleavage is the fold line where your breasts meet. This also determines what type of bra you should wear.

Finding the Bras that Fit Your Shape

When choosing a bra for splayed breasts, you need to pay attention to the bra’s center panel. This is often called the “bridge” or “center gore.” This center panel needs to be the same shape as your chest separation. So if you have splayed breasts, you need to choose a bra with a triangular center gore.

If you buy a bra with the wrong center gore, then your breasts will tip outwards. You will also find that your breasts get in the way when you move your arms!

Wash Line Filled with bras

For those with splayed breasts, here are some suggestions to keep in mind when shopping for your next bra:

  1. Look for a bra that has a triangle shape center panel with a wide bottom.
  2. Look for a demi bra that has seamed cups and has shorter wires.
  3. A bra that has a center underwire would be a good choice.
  4. If you wear a DD cup size or larger, look for a bra with a side seam of at least 3 inches. The cups should have side support panels to push your breasts to the front of your chest.
  5. When putting on your bra, always move your breast into the center of the cups. This will prevent any chaffing on your arms.

Common Non-Splayed Breast Shapes

There are other breast classification types that you may have in combination with splayed breasts. Here are some recommended bras for each breast type:

  • Kissing breasts refers to the actual touching of your breasts when you stand without wearing a bra. If you have this type of breasts, you want to look for bras with a minimal, next to nothing, center gore.
  • Separated breasts are those that do not touch. The gap between your breasts is about two fingers widths apart. This is the most common breast shape and the one that most bras are made for. If you have separated breasts, you should have no trouble finding the right bra.
  • Wide-set breasts are breasts that are more than three finger-widths apart. As mentioned before, the combination of wide-set and splayed breasts is quite common, so be sure to check the attributions for wide-set breasts as well. Women with this type of breast will find it difficult to get any cleavage at all.
    Additionally, you will find that wearing underwire bras is really uncomfortable for you. You may find that wearing a front closing bra helps, as they normally have wider cups. Regardless, look for a bra with a wide center gore and panels for the side seams.


Make sure to determine your breast type or breast type combination before looking for your ideal bra. Similar to breasts, each bra is unique in its own way. Take your time in trying each bra type on before settling on the right bra for you.

By reading this article and determining your breast type, you are taking the first step in finding the perfect bra. The next step is to ask for your selected bra styles at your preferred lingerie store to find the right bra that will accommodate your breast type, be it splayed breasts or another breast type.

There is nothing worse than buying an uncomfortable bra. So – again – take your time in finding the one that is right for you.

Common Questions

How do you fix splayed breasts?

To address splayed breasts, choose bras with a triangular center panel to bring them together. Demi bras with seamed cups and shorter wires are suitable. Ensure the bra’s center underwire matches your chest separation, preventing breast tipping.

What is the difference between close-set and wide-set breasts?

Close-set breasts touch when not wearing a bra, while wide-set breasts have a significant gap between them. Wide-set breasts may require bras with wider center gores and side panels for support.

Why do I have a crease in my breast?

A crease in the breast may result from various factors, including weight loss, bra pressure, or aging skin elasticity. Properly fitted bras can help reduce creasing by providing adequate support and minimizing pressure points.

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