What Breast Shape Are You?

Did you know that there are different shapes of breasts as well as sizes? While most women agree that the size is important, not many are aware that your breast can be classified into a shape category. Let’s take a look at some of these.

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Breast Shapes

Round and Full-Size Breasts – A full breast is one that can be defined as being evenly round with an equal fullness. Some women with this shape are often heard complaining that they have four breasts!

Full-Bottom Breasts or Pear-Shaped Breasts– If you have this type of breast, your breast is fuller over the bottom half and narrower on top. Most women with this shape of breast will have nipples that point downwards.

Perky/Pointed Breasts – With this type of shape your breast looks pointed on the top portion of your breast. With this breast shape, you will notice that your nipples are more pointed and often protrude more.

Flat-Chested – Women with this shape often have very small breasts which hardly need any support at all. In fact you may find that wearing a bra is uncomfortable and feels bulky. You may prefer to wear a bandeau type of bra instead or one that is very thin and offers minimal support.

Wide-Set Breasts – Women who have wide set breasts will have a large space in between their breasts. You may also find that the top portion of your breast is narrower.

Fatty Breasts – This shape often occurs after you put on your bra, you will notice that you have a lot of skin or fatty tissue protruding from your bra. This is often caused because you have just had a baby and finished nursing. Other causes include losing a lot of weight or recovering from a serious illness.

Moral of the Story: Invest in a Good Bra

While some of these shapes are wonderful, some can cause problems but they can all be rectified by wearing a good bra. For example, if you have wide-set breasts, you can purchase a push-up bra or one that has moulded sides to push your breasts together.

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Flat-chested women can easily increase their breast size by wearing a padded bra. This type of bra can also help women with pointed and perky shapes.
If you are unhappy with the look of your breasts, you should try and determine what your breast shape is. Then, try to find a bra that can help change your shape. This is a really simple solution to enhancing your breasts and one that doesn’t involve costly medical procedures.

Random Questions

What is a relaxed boob shape?

A relaxed boob shape is typically round and even, displaying equal fullness.

What is teardrop breast shape?

Teardrop breast shape is fuller at the bottom and narrower on top, often with downward-pointing nipples.

What is the difference between bell and tear breast shape?

Both describe a fuller bottom, but bell-shaped breasts are wider at the top, while tear-shaped breasts are narrower on top.

Are there different breast sizes?

Yes, breast sizes vary, but the I mainly focus on different breast shapes rather than sizes.

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