How to Shape Large Breasts

How to Shape Large Breasts

While provides a ton of information and tips for those seeking enhancement, we do not limit it to enlargement. Breast enhancement is also for those with ample bust sizes. As such, knowing how to shape large breasts is an important goal as well.

Why is this so? Well-endowed breasts do not automatically make them look and feel good. The shaping and support for naturally large breasts deserve as much attention. This time, we’ll look at how to improve the shape and support for a healthier, more fabulous set of big breasts!

Why Are Large Breasts A Problem?

It seems like a conundrum. Women want ample-sized breasts, but if they’re too big, they can also be a problem. Breasts come in many shapes and sizes. But many factors determine what is ideal for a woman, such as body type, mass and weight, bone structure, age, and fitness, among others. There is also a matter of having excessive breast size.

Excessively large breasts affect the weight distribution and the pull of gravity. By extension, this also causes strain on the woman’s back and spine. All of these would lead to minor aches and stress, and even worse health problems as time go by.

Physical activities for women with very large busts are also challenging. Cardio exercises can be extremely difficult with having the weight of a medicine ball constantly at chest level. And if lifting weights wasn’t hard enough, the torso’s added mass makes bench presses and push-ups more strenuous.

Also, because enormous breasts are not the norm, it also leads to problems with finding the right clothes. Or more specifically, clothes that both fit and look good. And if you have breasts bigger than double Ds, you will likely experience difficulties in finding bras that provide the right support and fit well.

Other common conditions that big-breasted women will have to endure are chafing (particularly in the sides and underboobs), heat rashes, bruises, and regular pains on the neck and shoulder areas.


Before Shaping Large Breasts

Fortunately, there are available options for those with large breasts. In order to properly shape large breasts, you need to consider the factors of your body, your lifestyle, and your clothing choices. Additionally, before shaping large breasts, it is best to consider the following:

  1. Accept that there is a need – By this, we refer to the fact that larger breasts can be a nuisance to a serious health concern. This is the first thing that needs to be addressed, as some women can be in denial or even defensive of their oversized cups. So before moving forward to shaping large breasts, you have to first accept that there is a need to do so.
  2. Get a proper measurement – A lot of women rely on an estimate of what their cup sizes are. This becomes a problem, as you will not be able to accurately get the right-sized clothes and underwear, as well as your precise body mass ratio that would be ideal for you. Thus, you should get a proper measurement. You could do this yourself or ask for assistance.
  3. Be prepared for lifestyle changes – Change is inevitable. And while not all change is good, changes that you are uncomfortable with would be very likely. Dietary and activity changes will occur in order to get the proper shaping of large breasts.
  4. Shaping will lead to reduction – Shaping your larger breasts will mean there will be a measure of reduction involved. This is another point that some women are resistant to. But in order to get proper and healthier breast shapes, there will be some mass reduced. It can be minimal to significant. Just consider this as the same as having to carve marble to create a work of art. Which is what you are!

Options to Shape Large Breasts

Once you have these fundamental steps done, here are a few ideas that you can pursue to shape large breasts:


Although we mentioned that exercise with oversized boobs can be a challenge, it’s also one of the best ways to accomplish breast shaping. If you are unable to perform floor push-ups, do wall push-ups. Jogging at a controlled pace will tone your body and reduce excess fat (and breast tissue is mostly fat). With some light dumbbells, you can also do chest and shoulder presses. These will gradually increase your muscle tone and lift your breast area.

Best Fit Bras

Choose your bras with deliberate thought. Don’t just settle for any bra that somewhat fits. One of the most common errors that cause more issues, later on, is choosing ill-fitting bras.

The straps should not slip, but they should also not dig far into your shoulders and underarms. Make sure that the bra you choose has the band that provides the support your large breasts need. The fabric should be able to hold up your breasts comfortably.


Furthermore, consider your current breast shapes. If your breasts are shaped like a teardrop, you will need a differently shaped bra than if you have rounded ones. For this, you might want to consider the assistance of a professional stylist. Not only will you get expert advice, but you can get more constructive feedback on how to shape large breasts over your wardrobe for all occasions.

Breast Massages

Breast massages are great for breast enlargement, but also for reduction. This is because massages target the breast tissues and improve blood circulation. Using a warm compress or taking a bath before a massage would also be ideal. Your breasts will get firmer and your hand massage motions will help shape them to your desired result.

Breast Reduction

This needs to be acknowledged as a possible option. And when we say this, breast reduction through cosmetic surgery should be an extreme option. Natural and safer options exist to shape large breasts and reduce the size to a more ideal state. But if the health concern is immediate, then breast reduction and shaping through invasive surgical procedures may be considered.


Extremes of breast size, from petite to oversized, carry with them their own benefits and drawbacks. Acceptance of these is the first step into finding solutions and improvements. With regard to finding comfortable and safe ways to shape large breasts, keep your eye on for more coverage on this topic!

Random Questions

How can I look thinner with heavy breasts?

To create a balanced appearance, wear structured tops that provide support and define the waist. Opt for darker colors and vertical stripes, which can help elongate the silhouette.

What style is best for big bust?

V-neck or scoop-neck tops and dresses can be flattering, as they elongate the neck and draw attention upwards. Look for styles with supportive straps and tailored fits to avoid unnecessary bulk.

How can I hide my heavy breasts?

Choose clothing with patterns or designs that draw the eye away from the bust area. Layering with cardigans or jackets can provide additional coverage and balance your silhouette.

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