Considerations for Choosing a Bra

A common issue for women is finding a bra that fits, shows off their breasts and is comfortable. While this may seem easy enough, finding a well fitting bra is an issue that hundreds of women deal with regularly. Choosing a bra (or a bikini for that matter) is as much a science as it is an art.

When choosing a bra you may think directly about the actual bra itself. Who makes it, what material it is made from, what colors are available and more. This should not be your first consideration at all!

Rows of colorful braws

In fact, you need to take a good look at your breasts first. Do this when looking in a mirror without wearing your bra.

You want to look at the following areas closely, and make note of what applies to you.

Do you have a high tummy? Where your breasts are actually resting on your stomach?  If you are overweight then you may have this condition, it is actually referred as a distended high tummy. Short women may also have this. If you are at your ideal weight this is probably not an issue for you. Look for a bra that has an arched center panel.

Are the top of your breasts fuller than the lower portion? This oversized upper breast creates a youthful look but the nipple is often lower. The lower positioning of the nipple area can make your breasts look saggy. You may find that when wearing a bra, your upper skin protrudes. Look for a bra that does not have any cup seams.

If your shoulders are narrow or sloping downwards you may find that your bra straps are constantly slipping. Look for leotard type straps on a bra and those that have racer straps. Halter and convertible bras would be a good solution for you.

Overweight woman sitting in lingerie

Another issue for overweight women is having a non traditional under bust crease. Most women have a circular under bust crease that easily follows the same of your bra. When this is crease is not circular or even it can cause problems when it comes to your bra.

The non traditional crease is when it stays horizontal, this would make wearing an underwire bra really painful. To determine what your crease line looks like, stand in front of the mirror and lift up your arms.

When choosing a bra for this type of issue look for soft, wire free bras, and those that have less under the bust definition.

The shape that most women want to have is known as the skin flap under arms. This is the standard breast shape that most bra manufacturer conform to. This is the shape that women with breast implants will have.

The best type of bra for you are those that come up high on your under arm areas. Try bras with different width bands and see how they feel. The best way to minimize the skin flap area is to buy a bra that has side panels which are directly designed into the bra.

Once you have identified what breast shape you are, you are now ready to go bra shopping.

Common Questions

How do I choose the right bra?

Look at your breast shape and body type. Consider factors like band size, cup shape, and strap style. Ensure comfort and support based on your unique needs.

What to look for when buying a bra?

Focus on factors like fit, support, comfort, and style. Consider your breast shape, body proportions, and lifestyle to find the best match.

How do I know what bra style is best for me?

Assess your breast shape, body type, and personal preferences. Experiment with different styles like plunge, balconette, or T-shirt bras to see what provides the best fit and support.

What are the qualities of a good bra?

A good bra should fit well, offer adequate support, be comfortable for extended wear, and complement your body shape. Look for features like adjustable straps, underwire (if needed), and quality materials.

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