Are You Allergic to Latex?

If you are allergic to latex you will know only too well the sneezing and itching that can occur when exposed to it. In some people it can actually cause anaphylactic shock, which is life threatening. Yikes!

What is Latex?

Any type of under garment at one time was manufactured with elastic that was made from latex. Latex is actually a rubber that comes from certain plants, and it is the protein in the material that causes allergies.

Today most elastics are made with spandex, so why is it that you are still allergic to certain under garments? The problem is due to where these garments, including bras, are manufactured. The factories use latex in some way or another.

Latex easily becomes airborne due to its small particles and can find its way into a product with spandex elastic. Even though the elastic is encased in fabric, this doesn’t mean it won’t affect the wearer. Over time, as the garment wears down, the fabric’s particles in the elastic can work their way to the surface. This is when the wearer suddenly has problems. They think that they have an allergy to spandex.
Lady itching from allergic reactionIt is very rare for anyone to have an allergy to spandex. This is because it is a synthetic material, the same as nylon and polyesters. Spandex does not contain any allergens.

If you are wearing a bra with latex in it, you will know you are allergic when you start to see redness or blisters under your breast and arm areas. You may also find that you itch like crazy when you wear a particular bra.

What about Bra Straps?

It is not the straps of the bra that has latex, as you may think. Bra straps are made from a woven product, and where they are manufactured, there is no latex used at all. Even those lacy straps do not contain latex. Instead, they are manufactured from  a combination of nylon and spandex.

While it can be difficult to determine if your bra has latex in it, use the following guidelines when shopping for your next bra:

  1. Purchase a quality bra from a well known manufacturer.
  2. If you are buying a colored bra where the elastic has been dyed to the same color, it will be free from latex. These elastics do not dye that easily and would most likely have a different color to them.


If you use these tips to buy your next bra or lingerie item, you should have no issues with any type of allergic reactions.

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