What is a Mastopexy?

Many women today are undergoing what is called a Mastopexy, this is a breast lift. It has helped numerous women who have sagging breasts. Many times a breast implant is not necessary, instead a breast lift or mastopexy will achieve the desired results.

What Exactly is Mastopexy?

So how do you know if this will work for you? The best way is to take a pencil and put it under your breasts. If the pencil stays there then you could benefit from a mastopexy.

This procedure is considered to be a cosmetic one, just as breast implant surgery is. The need for a breast lift is not usually done because of a medical issue. The majority of the times it is just because a woman doesn’t like the way her breasts look and decides to have the surgery done.

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Mammoplasty surgery is normally performed as a way to correct oversized breasts. Sometimes a breast lift is done while doing a mastectomy reconstruction.

If you decide to have a mastopexy or breast lift done, it is normally done on an outpatient basis. Plus it is done under general anesthetic and the procedure is completed in about three hours. During the procedure the surgeon will relocate your nipple higher up on your breast. Any extra skin is removed and this is what helps to tighten and firm up your breasts.

Your breasts will be wrapped up while you recover and you may require pain medication as well. A follow up visit is required where the doctor will check the color of your skin and of your nipples. This is to ensure that the blood is flowing correctly.

Within about two or three weeks you will need to have your stitches removed. As your breast heal you will see their new shape. Sometimes the breasts are not exactly the same. If this happens to you it is possible to have a touch up procedure done so that they look more similar.

Benefits of Mastopexy

The main advantage over having a breast lift rather than having implants is that a breast lift can be done at any time, once the breasts have stopped growing. Plus it is possible for women to breastfeed after this type of surgery. With implants you run the risk of not being able to nurse your baby.

As with breast implants, this procedure is not always covered by your insurance company. Unless it is performed due to a medical reason such as a mastectomy or an operation due to breast cancer, then it is not covered.

If you are dealing with sagging breasts and don’t want to bother with breast firming serums, this may be a more permanent option to look more closely into. Consider these points about mastopexy before you make your final decision.

Common Questions

What is the difference between mastopexy and breast lift?

Mastopexy and breast lift are the same procedure, involving reshaping and lifting sagging breasts.

How long does a mastopexy last?

The results of a mastopexy can last for many years, but factors like aging, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy can affect longevity.

What is the difference between a breast lift and a breast reduction?

A breast lift focuses on reshaping and lifting sagging breasts, while a breast reduction involves removing excess breast tissue to reduce breast size.

What does a boob lift consist of?

A boob lift, or mastopexy, involves repositioning the nipple higher on the breast, removing excess skin, and reshaping the breast tissue to create a firmer, lifted appearance.

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