Are Breast Enhancing Products Worth Using?

If you are searching for information on increasing your breast size, you no doubt know that there are a ton of product brands out there touting their miracle products. But are any of them worth your money? If yes, which ones?

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Natural Alternatives to Breast Implants

When you look up the words breast enhancement, breast enlargement or increasing bust size, you find tons of advertisements for various implant procedures by “top rated” plastic surgeons.

My personal problem with implants is: even if they are performed by the best of the best surgeons, they are still implants inserted by means of surgery. Meaning a lot can go wrong very quickly.

Not just that though. Implants of any kind don’t age well. They might make you look and feel super sexy today, but given a decade or two, they simply won’t look that great anymore.

In fact, the life of implants is about 15 to 20 years. Meaning if health means anything to you, you will need to have them surgically removed in about 15 to 25 year max.

So all around, breast implants are a quick fix, but they are not a long term solution despite their initial and repeated ridiculous cost. Hence my strong dislike for them!

Overview of Breast Enlargement Products

Another commonly found “advertised solution” are products claiming to contain miracle breast growth ingredients. We’re talking products like creams, serums, pills, and other breast enhancement supplements.

Although they most definitely have their place and some of them do work if used over extended periods of time (see links above for my recommendations), they take time. Unlike breast implants where you can go from one hour to the next and have a two size breast increase, these product alternatives will take weeks to notice a difference, and months of use to get the size you may be going for.

The advantages of breast enlargement products over implants are:

  • Your breast won’t have a piece of silicon inside of them. They will look and feel perfectly natural, which – according to statistics – is preferred by both men and women.
  • Your bank account won’t get emptied. Higher quality implants are ridiculously expensive and if you want an experienced surgeon on top of it, prepare to pay several thousand dollars up to several tens of thousands of dollars. Supplements cost you at most a few hundred dollars per month. See my recommendations here!
  • You won’t risk silicone leakage in your breasts. If this happens, you once again need to spend a fortune to get the implants removed. This would never happen when using supplements topically or orally.
  • You won’t hate yourself for the rest of your life. Statistics show that a very high percentage of women (double digits) have their implants removed within the first 10 years. They just could not get used to them. Using supplements, breast growth is slow enough for your mind to get used to it.

The list of pros and cons could go on for a long time, but you get the idea: Although slower to produce results, supplements that work are an all around safer and more affordable option.

All Natural Breast Enlargement Options

One of the reasons I started this blog was to encourage women who are looking to enhance their breasts, to do so non surgically. I just hate seeing crushed spirits (and empty wallets) of well meaning women.

Which is one of the reasons I always recommend women to start out with all natural breast enhancement options before upgrading to supplements. In the end, you just might get the results you want without any supplements, so why not try?

Natural breast enhancement methods include performing breast specific exercises, breast massages, hypnosis methods, and even lifestyle changes.

Of course, one of the most natural methods is to buy a better fitting bra. This can make a huge difference in your breasts. A well fitting bra can lift up and define your breasts. More on how to find a proper fitting bra here!

Another area to look at is your diet. If your diet is full of processed foods and sugary, you are not doing your breasts a favor at all. All this junk is going to accumulate as fat on your body. One place that fat likes to accumulate is on your waistline which does not help the busty loo one bit.

If these two things don’t work for you, then you may want to look at other solutions. These include breast enhancing pills, creams, serums and lotions as described above.

Things to Keep in Mind

When browsing through the different breast enlarging products, look for customer reviews and testimonials. While yes, these can be manufactured, a good supplier is not going to post fake testimonials.

Reading through these can really help you find out if the product actually worked or not. Look for things such as if customers returned the product and how long they had been using it. All of these things will leave some tell tale signs that will help you decide if you should get it or not.

One thing to be cautious of is how long you have to use these products for. Some products will only produce results if you continue using them. If you stop, your breast size could return to what it was. This is why we recommend using natural breast enhancing products whenever possible to minimize potential side-effects.

When trying out a new product only purchase enough for one month at a time, this way if you are not happy with it, you are not stuck with lots of pills or creams. Many sites will offer you a huge discount if you sign up for automatic delivery. You can always do this once you have tested the product out and are happy with your results.

New breast enhancing products come onto the market frequently. Always take the time to do your homework and research the company and the product.

Random Questions

Does breast enhancement work?

Yes, breast enhancement methods like supplements, exercises, and lifestyle changes can increase breast size gradually over time.

Does stimulating breasts make them bigger?

Stimulating breasts through massages or exercises can improve blood flow and tone muscles, potentially enhancing their appearance and firmness.

Is it possible to increase breast size?

Yes, natural methods like exercises, massages, and dietary changes can help increase breast size over time.

What are the side effects of breast enhancing cream?

Side effects may vary, but potential ones include skin irritation, allergic reactions, or hormonal imbalances. It’s essential to choose products carefully and consult with a healthcare professional if concerns arise.

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