Should You Try Breast Brushing For Breast Enhancement?

15 Apr

Breast brushing is a fairly new concept for some people and is one that has been making noise when it comes to breast enhancement techniques. This concept involves brushing fat from other parts of your body up into your breast area. This would definitely be a natural breast enlargement method but does it really work? Find out here!

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Skin brushing is a technique that has been around for a while now and involves you actually using a brush on your skin. This method helps to clear your lymphatic system and helps to remove toxins that may be lingering around.

At the same time, brushing your skin is actually good for exfoliation and helps to keep your pores clean and healthy. Plus, it will help with your blood circulation in your entire body and is known to help reduce cellulite and tighten your skin.

How Brushing Works

To get this method to work you will need to brush your entire body beginning at your feet and working up towards your breasts. While it is not actually known if you are moving your fat deposits, it could be the motion of brushing and the effects that it has on your circulation which is really noticeable.

When brushing, you should always use a natural brush and not a synthetic one, as the bristles will be way too hard on your skin. You begin by brushing the bottom of your feet all the way up to your buttock area, and then do the top side of your feet and legs.breast brushing

Then go from your hands all the way up to your arms on the front and back of each one. You will then proceed to your abdomen and onto your breasts always brushing in a circular motion.

Brushing Methods

You always want to brush towards your heart and use a light circular motion. When you are finished, it is important to take a shower to remove all the dead skin cells.

In support of this theory, there is evidence that skin brushing does help improve your circulation and the look of your skin. After all, dermatologists often recommend to exfoliate your face at least once a week, so why not your entire body?

Your skin is actually the largest organ of your body and actually absorbs nutrients and toxins. By brushing your skin you are just helping your body to eliminate dead skin cells and unwanted toxins.

Brushing And Its Benefits

Dry skin brushing has been shown to improve your lymphatic glands, increase blood circulation, improve your digestion, and boost and your immune system. In fact, many women suffering from breast cancer are told to dry brush their breasts regularly as part of their treatment. It helps to detoxify the effects of chemotherapy.

Extra benefits of skin brushing include:

  • Tightening your skin
  • Lifting up your breasts
  • Toning your muscles
  • Improving your oil-producing glands
  • Aiding your central nervous system

This type of breast enhancement may be something that you will want to look into in more depth. It certainly seems that it could be helpful in giving you those fuller, tighter breasts. The additional benefits of improving your skin and overall health are just an added plus. Give it a try. Afterall, any natural breast enhancement technique (including creams and pills) can be beneficial if used sparingly at first in order to gauge your body’s response.

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