Reasons Not to Get Breast Implants…

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Arguments can be made on whether or not one should get breast implants.

I think we can all agree that there is a bit of pride in all of us. We all like to show off at times and we all do our best to give off an attractive image to the people we hang around with.

The question we need to ask ourselves deep down though is this: if there were no people to impress, who would we be or become?

Who are we really by default? What is the real unadulterated version of “us” like? Would we depend on circumstances to be happy or would we simply be content with what we have?

Our True Self

Those are some deep questions, I know, but please bear with me as I tie this “finding our true identity” stuff in to the topic.

Breast Implants vs True Self

Real life example: A good friend of mine recently went and had some breast implants done. When asking her why she had gotten them (I wasn’t judging her, but was sincerely curious), she gave me a five minute I-Hate-Everybody speech.

“Because I was always told that it was wrong to get implants” and “because I want to get the attention of more men” etc. She had a whole list of excuses as to why she got the implants but guess what? None of her reasons were to satisfy her inner self.

In other words, all of her reasons were to “prove” something to other people, but none of the reasons were because she could see herself with bigger breasts. She wasn’t trying to match her appearance with her dream self-image, but rather to what she thought others wanted her to look like or what she thought would make other people jealous, etc.

If your motives are anything but true self motives, I’d honestly say you are getting implants for all the wrong reasons.

Nothing to Prove

Allow me to say this: If all your motives are to prove something to someone else, you should NOT even be thinking about getting a breast implant surgery.

In fact, implant surgeries are psychologically destructive IF one is not 100% in tune with the changes the body goes through after the surgery. Which is exactly why your reasoning for getting implants should be 100% self centered. You should not do it to prove anything to anyone, except to yourself.

At the end of the day, you will be the one dealing with the risks, dangers, discomfort, inconveniences, etc., of those enlarged breasts. Be real with yourself!

It sounds wrong. But the truth is, unless you can see yourself happy with bigger breasts before you get the implants, you will not be happy with them afterwards.

Dealing With the Uncertainty of Getting Breast Implants

What if you are unsure as to whether or not breast implants are right for you? Then save yourself the pain, frustration, and money. Chances are pretty good you will hate yourself afterwards for getting them.

Uncertain about Getting a Breast Implantation?

Statistics teach us that 25% of women (1 in 4 women) that get breast implants end up having them removed again. Often, this is because they continue to be in pain as a result of them, while others because they physically or psychologically just can’t get used to them.

Thus, if you are at all unsure you really want to get the overpriced surgery, do yourself a favour. Don’t do it!

There is one alternative you might want to try out (and this is something I highly recommend). It is a natural breast enhancement product called TotalCurve. Sure, it might take a little longer to get those ideal breasts. However, it is the only sure way to avoid negative psychological side effects, as your mind gets used to them getting bigger gradually.

And the best part? You save yourself a ton of money, pain, and potential complications known to come with implants surgeries. The bottom line is you should really think hard before you decide on getting breast implants! Try alternatives first!

Common Questions

Who should avoid getting breast implants?

Those seeking implants solely to please others or prove something shouldn’t consider them. The decision should align with personal desires, not external pressures.

What are the risks associated with breast implants?

Risks include physical discomfort, psychological dissatisfaction, and potential complications, leading some to undergo removal surgeries.

Are breast implants a worthwhile investment?

It depends on personal motives. If aligned with genuine desires for self-improvement, they may be worthwhile. However, if driven by external validation, they may lead to dissatisfaction.

Is there a correlation between breast implants and divorce rates?

Divorce rates aren’t directly linked to breast implants. Relationship stability depends on various factors beyond physical appearance.

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