Are Leaking Breast Implants a Long-term Health Risk?

There is a serious question to ponder: Are leaking breast implants a health hazard?

While preparing for my recent Brestrogen review, I came across a newspaper article that claimed there were no long-term side-effects or health concerns in regards to silicon breast implants.

The research was apparently done by research professionals and though the particular implants in question stood a 15% – 30% chance of rupturing within the first decade, they claimed there were no serious health risks if the silicon liquid started to get soaked up by body tissue.

What is even more disturbing, is that the implants they were testing, were made of industrial silicon and not from medically safe silicon. Scary thought, no?

I am all for going for bigger breasts to enhance one’s beauty, but at the cost of risking your health?! What is the point of being the sexiest woman alive if your implants are a ticking time bomb, waiting to rupture, and potentially cause cancer and who knows what?

Exploding Breast Implants

The reason they were performing these tests in the first place was because the manufacturer was facing a major lawsuit for not using medically approved materials.

This leaves me with the question: were their findings really that what they reported, or were these lab-experts paid off by the company who made the implants in the first place? It is hard to know for sure, but my suspicion points towards the latter. I have no proof or evidence to prove my case though!

Whatever the situation, I believe another independent case-study and review should be done to find out the exact truth in the matter.

Truth About Breast Implants

Here is an uncomfortable truth: a very high percentage of women who get breast implants, get them removed again shortly after. We’re talking well over 20% of women who got them.  It makes you question why they got them in the first place when they could have opted for natural breast enlargement options instead.

Sure it takes longer to get HUGE boosts, but at least they would be all natural and they would not have to worry about the dangers of the surgery, the risk of the implants rupturing, scars, costs of implanting them (and added cost to remove them if you decide to), pain, and the dozens of other complications that can come with them.

My advice when asked is always the same: Unless it is for reconstructive purposes, avoid surgery at all cost. For Pete’s sake, keep industrial grade silicon (any silicon for that matter) out of your body!

Breast Implants VS Hollywood

It is sad that beautiful actresses and role models of our society fall in to the whole cosmetic surgery trap. I know being an eye candy is important to get high paying roles, but the risks and dangers just aren’t worth it. Especially when you could be naturally beautiful!

This one here (Heidi Montag) is a prime example of a Hollywood star buying into the cosmetic surgery hype.

MiroVerve Before and After Photo

Just look at the before and after picture. Wasn’t she pretty to begin with? I think so!

And yet she went ahead and had 13 cosmetic surgeries done to herself in a rather short period of time. The DailyMail says that nearly every part of her body was touched during surgery.

Another source claims she almost died in the process. I can not confirm this with a legitimate source, but moral of the story is this: Was it worth it? She was still so young and naturally beautiful. Cosmetic surgery does not fix low self esteem and certainly does not fix over-the-top self consciousness!

I have nothing against Heidi and I don’t want to single her out and pick on her (I am certain she is a great lady) but my point is: why all that trouble when you are already extremely beautiful?

Cosmetic Surgeries are Addictive

Are cosmetic surgeries addictive?

We often think of addictive vices as alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs. Who would have thought that the want for cosmetic surgeries – same as tattoos – can become addictive?

Fact for many women is, once they start with cosmetic surgery, they get addicted to it. They start noticing all the little things on their body that could get improved through a surgery, and tens of thousands of dollars later (once aging kicks in), they start spending even more to try and reverse all the cosmetic changes they made through the years. Sad, isn’t it?

In fact, even Heidi – apparently – had her initial implants removed, saying they hurt her pretty bad despite her constantly taking painkillers. She wished – according to some sources – to just go back to what she used to be before all the plastic and silicon was added.

Poor girl 🙁


I know I’ve said a lot in this post, but my overall point is this: why spend so much money, go through so much pain, and deal with so much frustration when most (if not all) of these results could have been better achieved – at a fraction of the cost – through natural means?

Why not age gracefully instead of having our skin stretched over pieces of plastic injections or dangerous silicon implants?

What is wrong with having to work out a little more often instead of getting a tuck job? Or with using natural breast enlargement serums instead of getting dangerous implants? Whatever happened to enhancing natural feminine beauty – naturally?

Going the natural route is the only way to be the master of your own body instead of your body becoming the master over you. Don’t change the beautiful image you were given. If anything, enhance it safely without risking your very existence. There is nothing worse than having to live with regrets for the rest of our life.

You got one body and one life. Don’t destroy the body with silicon implants and more importantly, don’t endanger your health (or risk your life) with unnecessary cosmetic surgeries. Instead, enhance your beauty naturally.

If for no other reason than to look back (once you’re a hundred and twenty years old) and say “Opting for natural health and beauty option instead of quick-fix surgeries helped me to live fourty years longer than I was statistically supposed to!”

Random Questions

What are the potential side effects of a leaking breast implant?

Leaking implants may lead to complications like pain, changes in breast shape, inflammation, and potentially affect surrounding tissues. It’s crucial to monitor and address any symptoms promptly.

Do leaking breast implants require removal?

Yes, in many cases, leaking implants should be removed to prevent further health complications and address any potential risks associated with the leakage.

How long can you leave a ruptured silicone implant?

It’s recommended to address a ruptured silicone implant promptly. Leaving it untreated can increase the risk of complications such as silicone migration and inflammation.

Can breast implants cause illness years after surgery?

Yes, there’s a possibility of breast implants causing illness years later. Issues like implant rupture, leakage, or capsular contracture could lead to symptoms necessitating medical attention. Regular monitoring and seeking medical advice for any concerns are essential.

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