Questions to ask Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons

Quite often people ask me why I write these short product reviews and my answer usually is short: because it pays my bills. Discussing the topic about questions to ask a plastic and cosmetic surgeon before the procedure is no different.

Why I do these Product Reviews

In reality though, I have to say that I enjoy doing product reviews because:

  1. Product Reviews puts me in contact with various different kinds of people
  2. Doing it allows me to study and research areas of interest to me
  3. it genuinely allows me to help people around the world

A good example perhaps:
The other day I came across a forum thread where a lady – interested in getting breast implants – was asking questions about a particular plastic and cosmetic surgeon in her city. Wondering if anyone had ever gone to him and – despite the surgeon apparently being fairly popular – what he was really like.

Breast Implant Consultation

I commend the woman first of all for doing her research and starting to ask questions from a distance before getting sucked in to the surgeons/clinics “sales funnel”.

Aftermath and Result

A good number of people responded saying they had gone to that clinic, and though most of them said the staff was friendly and helpful, almost all of them said they got pushed in to having the operation done without fully understanding what was going on.

Now, I don’t want to put the doctor/surgeon down for not taking more time to explain everything to these women, because I know his time is in extreme high demand – being popular and all – but I will say that he should have given these women more time to grasp everything he told them without pushing them to make a “rash” decision on the spot.

In fact, I would say he should have answered all the patients questions, and then have given them a pamphlet or short guide explaining exactly what procedure they were going to perform, possible reactions to the surgery, known side-effects to getting implants (physically and psychologically), etc. That way women would have felt more confident about the whole implant procedure before AND after getting it.

Cosmetic Surgeon: Further Discussion

Having said that, women – seeking to get implants – should come to their first meeting armed with a whole list of questions. In fact, I know of some breast implant surgeons who insist that their clinic mails a guide to potential clients that lists all the questions the prospective client/patient should ask when they come in for their free evaluation.

This is what I would call “being honest and upfront” and “having nothing to hide”.

We all know that these doctors make a ton of money off of each surgery, and we are cool with it, as long as we get the privacy, respect and treatment we pay for. Getting implants is more then “getting the transaction” done, it is all about the process, and making sure each step of the experience is pleasant and confidence driven.

I don’t know about you, but if anyone deserves my business, it is he/she who is being 100% honest and upfront with me. Sadly, this does not happen too often – even in highly respectable professions like plastic surgeons for example.

What is my Cosmetic Surgeon Advice? 

Questions to Ask Cosmetic Surgeons

Do your research and know what questions to ask a cosmetic surgeon. Reading this article was a good start, but you should know every detail about the procedure before you commit to getting cut open. Let’s face it: you only have two breasts and one lifetime to enjoy them. You can not afford getting your breasts ruined and having to live with the regrets for the rest of your life.

That would be disastrous, but statistics tell us that this is a reality – happening to women around the world every single day.

Which is also my big drive to motivate women to instead use natural breast enlargement products like the serums, massages, and supplement pills I recommend on this blog. Keep things real, stay safe, and save a ton of money while you’re at it (use the money to take your friends or family to Disneyland for a week instead – it will do you more good in the long run).

Random Questions

What questions should I ask my plastic surgeon?

Before your consultation, prepare questions about the procedure, potential risks, recovery process, and surgeon’s experience and qualifications.

How do I prepare for a plastic surgery consultation?

Gather information about your desired procedure, prepare a list of questions, bring medical history, and be open about your expectations and concerns.

How do I choose between plastic surgeons?

Research their qualifications, experience, patient reviews, and before-and-after photos. Schedule consultations with multiple surgeons to find the best fit.

What are the top 5 cosmetic plastic surgery procedures?

Common procedures include breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), and facelifts. Discuss options and suitability with your surgeon during consultation.

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