Breast Enlargement in Foreign Countries: A Cosmetic Surgery Flytrap

Many people travel to an exotic country for rest, relaxation … and cheap breast implant surgery? You might not think so, but it’s quite common. It seems like a dream come true for some who have been considering cosmetic surgery to enhance their bust size through medical tourism. However, there are severe safety concerns in pursuing breast augmentation in foreign countries during your vacation.

We here at recommend prioritizing your health and safety at the forefront before any cosmetic surgeries. This is why we recommend learning all you can about “medical tourism” before you even consider it in your future—or your trips!

What is Medical Tourism?

Before anything else, it is best to define what “medical tourism” is in layman’s terms. This is actually relatively straightforward. Medical tourism is the practice of traveling to a foreign location for the main purpose of acquiring medical assistance. Often, this is because the medical expert or the procedure is not available in one’s home country.


This practice has been in place for centuries. The oldest recorded instances of medical tourism in history were found in the classical Greek era. In later years, this would lead to nations recognizing this as a possible economic advantage. Thus, amenities and other conveniences would be installed to promote the tourist influx. For example, in Europe, spas and temporary housing were built near hot springs which attracted tourists from elsewhere.

In other regions, it is the medical expertise or the availability of pharmaceuticals that attracts tourists. Asian countries like India, China, and Thailand are examples of this kind of medical tourism. In the middle of the 20th Century, these locations offered exotic forms of medical attention, like acupuncture and pranic healing, which were limited or not available in the West.

Medical Tourism Today

Sometime in the early 1980s, it came to the attention of interested parties that medical procedures cost less in certain countries. Specialized surgical treatment services could be acquired for half the standard cost (or less) in distant or developing countries. Some examples of these would be France, Italy, Japan, and Mexico. Regions in South America, the former Soviet Union, and in South East Asian countries are also popular locations for less expensive surgical treatment.

This inexpensive quality made the prospect of medical tourism more attractive to those who were considering getting expensive procedures like cosmetic surgery. After all, if you can get the same kind of procedure at a lower cost, why wouldn’t you? You could get the treatment and spend the recovery time like a vacation! You would hit two birds with one stone! Taking advantage of this is just being smart. Isn’t that right?

Sadly, it’s more complicated than that. In fact, many regret doing major cosmetic surgeries outside their home country. You should consider the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.”

Safety Concerns and Questionable Expertise

The idea of saving money for a breast implant procedure, for instance, and then spending the next few days or weeks sipping cocktails on a tropical beach, is certainly interesting. Consider this: the price of breast augmentation surgery, airfare, and accommodations in South America being equal to just the cosmetic surgery in North America.

However, this is not realistic. Millions of Americans have already experienced the advantages of medical tourism. But others also experienced the disadvantages. There are RISKS involved. Now, you might say that there are risks in any sort of medical procedure. However, medical tourism opens up a myriad of potential risks.

The most common issue that can arise is the lack of (or even falsified) expertise of the medical practitioner. That is a virtual and literal nightmare for anyone who may experience it. The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) has received multiple reports over the years of botched procedures. Patients suffered elevated pain, infections, and further complications.

This can also lead to additional costs. If the originally intended medical procedure turns sour, this would entail even more medical attention. Compounding the problem is that medical insurance might not generally cover the conditions that result from failed surgeries overseas.

Avoiding Medical Tourism Traps

The possible issues arising from malpractice should be enough to scare the wary away. It’s just not worth risking your health to save a few bucks. The consequences can prove to be more expensive and regretfully long-lasting.

However, if you are still considering exploring breast implant surgery through medical tourism, then we recommend the following safeguards:

  • Verify that the specialist is a certified surgeon with the ISAPS or another reputable international or national organization of cosmetic surgeons.
  • Research the surgeon’s past clients and testaments. While it is possible that these might not be 100% reliable, you should get as much information for comparison as you can.
  • Do not go alone. While it can be somewhat of a romantic notion, going alone opens you up to exploitation and leaves you vulnerable.
  • If you have friends or family who have had successful operations from medical tourism, consult them closely.
  • Check with your insurance provider if medical tourism is covered in their policies.

Stay Safe!

Medical tourism is no doubt an attractive prospect. But do you think the risks truly worth it? This is why we here at promote alternatives that are safer and cost-effective. You can choose natural alternatives like cream, pills, massages, exercise, and hypnosis and do these at home or in far-off locales on your vacation. These natural ways to enlarge and enhance your breasts can be easily built into your routine. And you can choose any of these without putting yourself in potential harm’s way.

You should consider these points about medical tourism. And for more advice, information, and tips on breast health and beauty, keep your eye on!

Common Questions

Which country is the safest for breast surgery?

Safety varies by individual cases and regulations. It’s crucial to research the surgeon’s credentials and the facility’s standards regardless of location.

Is Mexico a safe option for plastic surgery?

While Mexico offers affordable procedures, safety standards can vary. Ensure the surgeon is certified and the facility meets international standards before considering surgery abroad.

Which countries excel in cosmetic plastic surgery?

Countries like South Korea, Brazil, Thailand, and Turkey are known for their expertise in cosmetic procedures, but safety and quality vary widely among practitioners.

Should I consider going abroad for breast implants?

While medical tourism can be tempting for cost savings, it carries risks such as potential malpractice and complications. Research extensively, prioritize safety, and consider alternatives like natural methods.

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