Cosmetic Surgery in Regards to Breast Augmentation

15 Jun

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that will change the size and shape of a woman’s breast. While many women view this as their first and only option, this procedure is not without its risks.

As with any type of surgery there are the typical risks associated with the anesthesia and the recovery of undergoing an operation. Before deciding on this method it is important to understand the risks and decide if they are worth taking.

For some women breast removal is not a choice but a necessity that they have to make. For others such as Angelina Jolie her risks of developing breast cancer were extremely high. While she had no physical signs of breast cancer she decided to have both of her breasts removed anyway.

When you hear stories like this it makes you wonder about undergoing surgery just because you don’t like the way your breasts look. Should you really go tampering with them when they are perfectly healthy?

For anyone debating over getting breast implants think about the costs associated with it. Is this something you are willing to pay top dollar for? Remember that many health insurance companies do not cover the costs of breast implants.

Then you will need regular follow up mammograms and possibly new implants if they do not last as long as you had expected. Plus the fact that you will have to live with scars on top of this. Is all of this worth it?

Hopefully this has gotten you thinking a little and might make you reconsider your decision. Breast implants are not the only answer and you do have lots of other natural alternatives for enlarging your breast size.

If you were to drastically increase the size of your breasts you would suffer from shoulder, neck and back pain from the weight of your breasts. This could lead to health issues in the future.

Most women want to increase their breast size by a cup and this can be done in the following ways:

  • Follow a specific exercise program targeted for the breast area – gives results in about 6 weeks
  • Use a natural breast enhancing cream or serum – results anywhere from a few weeks
  • Purchase a new well fitting bra – immediate results
  • Eat a healthy diet – helps to remove toxins and lose fat this in turn will improve the look and shape of your breasts – results can be seen in 4 – 6 weeks
  • Select new tops and t-shirts to improve your appearance – immediate results

As you can see from these choices you do have lots of options, some of which you may not know about. You can find resources on this blog for the pointers which we listed above.