Are Tissue Expanders A Viable Breast Enhancement Option?

12 Apr

One of the first options for women who want to increase the size of their breasts was to perform a surgical procedure and have a tissue expander implanted. This actually involved having two surgeries done. The first was to put the expander into place and then the second surgery removed it and the implant was inserted. This was a long and costly procedure and not all women are open to having major surgery done on their breasts.

Today it is possible to use a different type of expander, one that doesn’t require the use of surgical implants. The results are still the same and you can increase your bust size as you see fit. Using a non-invasive tissue expander is now a viable way to add additional cup sizes to your breasts. You just don’t have to undergo any painful surgeries in the process.

A tissue expander is actually a device that is worn over the breasts and it places tension on them. They have been shown to allow your body to create more breast tissue in a natural way.

It is the tension in the expander that stimulates the breasts to grow additional cells. The result is a larger breast size for you! In order for this method to work effectively you will need to wear the tissue expander for several hours each day. Once stimulated your breast will begin to grow. Because of the pressure and tension that is produced your breasts will feel as though they are being pulled and will respond by swelling in size.

At first what happens is that your breasts swell up and when you remove the tissue expander they will decrease in size again. However, you need to keep repeating this cycle. Your breasts decrease the moment the pulling feeling has been removed.

Some women worry that this feeling of having your breasts pulled will be painful or uncomfortable. In fact it is not. You can associate the feeling with taking off your bra when your breasts are a little tender. The same tenderness you might feel when dealing with your monthly period.

As you keep repeating this process the volume in your breasts will begin to stop decreasing. This happens because new breast tissue starts to appear and replaces the swelling in your breasts.

Tissue expanders are not ugly at all, many look like a nice sports bra. It comes fitted with a small computer device that helps to apply an even tension inside your bra. It is important to follow the guidelines when using this product. Most manufacturers recommend that you wear your tissue expander for about 10 hours each day. Within 3 to 4 months you will see that your breast size has increased.

So far results are really positive with this method. The results produced are long term ones and most woman go for a period of two years before using the expander again. If you are looking for a non invasive breast enhancement method this could be just the solution you are looking for.