Are Breast Serums Safe?

There are literally dozens of lotions and creams out there promising to enlarge breasts when used. Some work. Some don’t.

A favorite of mine that is proven to work really well is called TotalCurve. It is an all natural breast enhancement serum. It is has to be topically applied on the breasts just like one applies lotion to skin. In fact, it is recommended that one massage the serum into the breasts.

It has a long history of working and delivering on the results it’s makers promise. So the question is not “does it work?” but rather “is it absolutely safe?”

Is TotalCurve Safe?

Of course I could say “the manufacturer says it’s safe, so of course it’s safe”, but I am not going to do that. Here is why: Natural breast enhancement supplements and serums are not subject to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety regulation.

FDA fails to regulate Supplements

In other words, manufacturers are responsible for the safety and labeling of supplements. The only time the FDA will take issue with a product is when the label promises outlandish results and yet fails to deliver on them.

How does this relate to TotalCurve? Twofold:

  1. TotalCurve has been around for many years and yet is still on the market today. Meaning the FDA does not have any issues with the breast enlargement promises the product makes.
  2. TotalCurve has thousands of customers. If the product were no good or did not deliver on the hype, there would have been enough reports to the FDA to warrant them shutting the product down.

So it is not outlandishly unsafe, but how safe is it? Let’s just say it does not contain any harmful chemicals. In fact, I wrote an in depth TotalCurve review talking about the two key ingredients the product is made of.

Using TotalCurve Effectively

As mentioned before, TotalCurve is a serum that has to be topically applied on breasts. With continuous (once a day) application for 8 weeks, people will start asking for your breast enlargement secret.

Put 2-3 drops on each breast and then massage it methodically. Don’t overdo it. Massage till the drops are absorbed by the skin (see my massage guide here).

TotalCurve is your wonder-drug alternative to get those well endowed breasts. Just as working out once does not make you instantly buff, the results from using TotalCurve are not instant. You should not lose patience and should continue using the serum until you get the results you want.

TotalCurve at Your Service

Many women think that only applying the serum is the solution to their problems, but it also depends on how well they eat, the nutrients they consume, whether they smoke or drink or any other life-altering habits. Sure TotalCurve will do it’s thing, but if a woman’s lifestyle is one that counters the effect of the TotalCurve ingredients, the breast growth results will obviously be greatly limited.

It consists largely of vitamin E which makes the skin softer; you will actually love applying it on your breasts just because of how good it feels.

Breast Cream feels Smooth

TotalCurve has been developed after extensive research and the result is there for everyone to see. As in, there are plenty of testimonials from women using the serum to great satisfaction. Thus, the serum works.

As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of breast enhancement products on the market, but nothing beats TotalCurve when it comes to getting results. Other lotions lack in research and consistency. This is where TotalCurve scores.

It has simple but potent ingredients and hence deserves the high standing among breast enhancement serums it has today.

Limitations of TotalCurve

TotalCurve also has certain constraints and limitations. Firstly, avoid applying it if you have a hormonal imbalance. Many times when taking TotalCurve, estrogen levels in the body get lowered. So if you have hormone issues, the serum should be avoided.

Also, it should not be used when pregnant or breastfeeding. Not just to protect the baby, but also because a woman’s hormones are all over the place. Especially when pregnant.

The product claims to give sufficient results within 8 weeks; however it varies from woman to woman, application times, her lifestyle, etc. Everything should be taken into account before jumping to any conclusions.

Random Questions

What are the side effects of breast serum?

Breast serums generally don’t have severe side effects, but hormonal changes or allergic reactions may occur. Always consult with a healthcare professional before use.

Are breast supplements safe?

Breast supplements are generally safe, but individual reactions may vary. It’s essential to research ingredients and consult with a healthcare provider, especially if you have existing medical conditions.

What are the side effects of breast fillers?

Common side effects of breast fillers may include swelling, bruising, or discomfort at the injection site. Serious complications are rare but can occur. Consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon for more information.

Can you enlarge your breast naturally?

Yes, natural breast enhancement methods like serums, supplements, and massage may help increase breast size over time. However, results vary, and consistency is key. Always prioritize safety and consult with a healthcare professional.

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