Can Plastic Surgery Become Addictive?

28 Aug

A couple weeks ago the cover of a “her world” magazine caught my eye and I ended up taking a picture of it. As you can see, I zoomed in to the part that caught my attention.

It was quoting an “anime babe wannabe” who apparently had said “I had plastic surgery 10 times and won’t stop!”

This lead me to a question I get all the time: Can one really get addicted to plastic surgery?

I have watched numerous documentaries and read dozens of stories of women who wanted to get a minor plastic surgery with no intentions of getting any ongoing surgeries but after recovering from the first one, they ended up going back for dozens more.

There are two simple factors at play here that we need to take a closer look at:

#1) I find it interesting that women keep going back for more surgery after the first one. Is this to fix the damage that was done with the first one?

Look at movie stars and some of the famous singers who have gotten dozens upon dozens of these surgeries. It is obvious that they would not have gone with the cheapest surgeons around because if anyone has spending power, they do.

My point is: even if rich and famous people get their appearance messed up by plastic surgeons, how much more so would this be the case for the average person?

Even if plastic surgery itself were not addictive, chances are great that patients will get many more surgeries after the first one to recover from the damage done in the first one. And then more surgeries to fix the damage done in the followup surgery etc. It quickly turns in to a vicious snowball effect at this point.

#2) If you have studied human psychology at all, you will know that there is indeed a psychological factor at play where people have a hard time accepting the changes made to their appearance. This too leads to them getting more and more surgeries in hopes to gain an image of themselves that they can live with again.

It is a slippery and downright dangerous path to thread on for sure.

This is exactly why I always encourage the enhancement of natural beauty rather then changing of it.

In conclusion: Is plastic surgery addictive? I don’t think it is as much addictive as it becomes “neccessary” in the patience view. No one likes to get cut on, but many will let themselves get cut up for a glimps of hope that they will be prettier afterwards.

In either case, plastic surgery is dangerous and unless it were for major reconstructive surgery, I personally would advise strongly against it. You are beautiful as you are. Naturally enhance your beauty if anything and you will not have to permanently live with the possible devastating side effects of plastic surgery.

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