Honest Brestrogen Review

This is the best Brestrogen review you will find online. Here’s why: When it comes to natural breast enhancements, I actually know what I am talking about. Especially when it comes to breast enlargement serums like this.
Brestrogen Lotion Review
However, just because someone says “this is the best product you can buy” does not mean it is indeed the best product. I hear claims like that all the time, especially by people who just joined a nutrition based Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company.

It’s not to say that their products suck or that they don’t know what they are talking about, but rather: how can they say it is the best product available today if it is the only product they’ve ever tried?

It might be an exceptionally good product and it might have done wonders for them, but one should – in my honest opinion – never claim it to be the absolute best product in the world. Unless of course one has scientific evidence – supplied by unbiased sources – to prove such claims.

This is no different when it comes to breast firming creams like Brestrogen. It might be a fantastic serum, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s find out!

My Honest Brestrogen Review

First, a confession: I am a bit of a science nerd. As in, I like to understand why something works. So when it comes to vitamins, medicine, herbs, creams, etc, I want to know what ingredients are in it that are supposed to make it work.
Does Brestrogen really work?
Theory is all fun and games, but that is not what we’re after, is it? We want results!

We see hundreds of medical studies being done where one group takes the actual product, and the second group takes a placebo*. Yet both groups believe they are taking the real deal.

* Note: A placebo (in case you don’t know) is generally a fake product (be it pills, shots, creams, etc) that does NOT have the magic properties of the real product.

Tests are then done over an extended period of time where both groups consume/use their respective product. Then at the end of the study, both groups are examined to see if the real product made the difference it claims to make.

Tests like this are especially common in the medical field if and when the product includes a formula or ingredient that is not yet well known to the scientific community. In the case of Brestrogen, I have NOT done a placebo test and neither do I know if such test was ever done.

Lucky for us though, the Brestrogen serum is made of ingredients that are well known in the scientific community. So all we have to do is find out what the ingredients are (I break them down below), and then find out what they – scientifically speaking – what those ingredients are known to do when applied/consumed.

Placebo tests – and dozens of other tests – have been done separately for each of the ingredients found in Brestrogen and yes, science does confirm them to be legitimate. Meaning the ingredients do what they claim to be doing.

Brestrogen Ingredients

Instead of having a dozen confusing “woowoo” ingredients (that may or may not work), Brestrogen has nicely balanced and compacted just two well-known key ingredients: Pueraria mirifica and Vitamin E.

Let’s look at each of them in more detail!

Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria mirifica ingredient reviewPueraria mirifica is a plant found in northern and north eastern Thailand and Myanmar. Although the name was first (officially) published in 1952, there are records going back 700 years, indicating the plant had been used for a variety of medical and cosmetic purposes for long before that.

One of the early documents talking about the Pueraria mirifica plants was translated to say “The benefits of this medicine is to support memory, talk big (aka confidence booster), and be able to remember three books of the astrology, make the skin smooth like six year old kid, live more than 1,000 years and parasite diseases are not able to be of trouble.” 

I am certain the emperors in that day consumed a lot of Pueraria mirifica in hopes of living a thousand years, hehe.

It is said that “… in traditional Thai medicine, it is common to use Pueraria mirifica as a skin moisturizer, to improve regrowth of hair, to improve body flexibility and sexual performance, and to firm and enlarge breasts.”


What Does Modern Science Say about Pueraria Mirifica?

Thanks to modern technology and scientific discoveries (not to mention clinical trials), we now know that Pueraria mirifica is an even greater miracle plant than it was ever believed to be back in those days.

Aside from helping fight reproductive organ cancers (especially breast cancer), tests proved Pueraria mirifica-use to help regulate hormones, which ultimately helped women (and men) look and feel a lot younger than they really were.

In fact, the estrogen-like benefits of consuming Pueraria mirifica have shown to positively reactivate the puberty growth hormones that caused our breasts to grow when we were teens. 

If you’re wishing for more youthful looking and firmer feeling breasts, this alone is your que that Brestrogen is for you. Get it here!

Those aren’t the only benefits of Pueraria mirifica though. There are plenty more!

When women aged 46 and older started using Pueraria mirifica products, a clinical study concluded it helped and improved hot flushes (which are common among women going through menopause), frustration, sleep disorder, skin dryness, high blood cholesterol, amenorrhea, and other menopause-related symptoms.

If you are in that age group or are approaching that age group, taking Brestrogen is a no-brainer!

Another study proved Pueraria mirifica to be an antioxidant agent that helped slow down (and stop) Alzheimer progression. This partially confirms the ancient findings of how it will help one memorize entire books.

Various other studies also showed Pueraria mirifica to increase bone density. Meaning it slowed down (and reversed) bone aging. As you may or may not know, bone loss generally starts to occur at the age of 30 and speeds up as you get older. This literally causes men and women to start shrinking. And once you start shrinking, wrinkles are not far behind.

So if you like the idea of not getting wrinkles or even want to reverse them, taking Brestrogen is a good start.

Heck, even if you are just scared of disease carrying mosquitos, start using Pueraria mirifica rich products (like Brestrogen). Science says it will kill the mosquitos.

Of course there are at least a dozen more clinically tested benefits to using Pueraria mirifica that I could list here but you get the point: If you want to firm up and enlarge your boobs, feel young and look sexy again, you want to use Brestrogen.

That was just the first ingredient found in Brestrogen. Let’s look at the second one as well.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E in Brestogen Reviewed

Vitamin E is a more common ingredient. Chances are pretty good that you’re quite familiar with it or know at least one or two things about it. For the sake of this review though – and to understand why Brestrogen would have Vitamin E in it – let’s dive into just a few of the key benefits as they relate to the Brestrogen serum.

First and foremost, it acts like an antioxidant. Meaning it helps balance your cholesterol. So by consuming more Vitamin E, you will not only be healthier but will stay younger longer as well.

Second, the Vitamin E antioxidant is so powerful it can fight off inflammation inside your body as well as on your skin. This not only slows the outer aging process but keeps the heart strong as well. This is huge: If we are going the be enhancing our physical appearance, the last thing we want is a weak heart. So staying young, becoming irresistible, all while strengthening the heart – is a win win in my books.

Vitamin E also helps skin regain moisture and elasticity. This is especially the case when used in serum form (like that of Brestrogen). It also helps protect your skin from ultraviolet sunlight rays, thereby – ultimately – protecting you against skin cancer.

Heck, some doctors go as far as to recommend Vitamin E for people looking to improve the look and feel of their hair, treat sunburns, acne, scars, and even wrinkles. Once again, helping you look and feel young.

Similar to Pueraria mirifica, Vitamin E makes it easier to manage hormone related issues like PMS, weight gain, allergies, urinary tract infections, changes in the skin, anxiety and fatigue. How? By helping your hormones to balance.

That is a big deal. Even if feminine issues aren’t a big deal to you, imagine them becoming even less of an issue. Awesome, right? I agree!

Next on the list? Your eyesight. Doctors go as far as to say that Vitamin E-use may decrease the risk of age-related macular degeneration. In other words, it keeps your eyesight in check. As someone who is half blind on one eye, I have a huge appreciation for this: Gotta do whatever you can to keep those eyes functioning at full capacity.

Yet another anti-aging benefit of Vitamin E? Advanced studies show it to greatly decrease the risk of dementia while lessening the effect of Alzheimer. You and I probably don’t think about either of those much, but if you could – today – invest into the mental health of your future, would it not be worth it? It would be (and is) in my books!

Last on my short list is physical endurance and muscle strength. Vitamin E helps with blood circulation, which ultimately helps nourish your cells. This helps fight fatigue and improves muscle strength. Being stronger and more “awake” are key components to have less accidents in life.

Again, the list of Vitamin E benefits could go on and on and on, but at the end of the day it comes down to this: Vitamin E will help you live a fuller and more enjoyable life. And yes, it will make you look sexier and feel younger again.

I know that is a lot of information to process, but to wrap it up, Brestrogen works. It’s not just someone’s random testimonial anymore. We have looked at the science backing the serum and we now know that there are tremendous natural anti-aging and breast-boosting benefits to using it.

Sure there are other supposed “breast enlargement” and “breast firming” products out there, but do they really work? How do they – scientifically – stack up against Brestrogen? I’m confident they don’t even come close!

Brestrogen Pros

Brestrogen ProsThe biggest pro when it comes to Brestrogen – in my opinion – is how affordable it is. Sure it’s not cheap per se, but compared to getting a dangerous implant surgery (which costs 15 to 30 times as much), it is relatively cheap.

The second biggest pro to going the natural breast enhancement route with Brestrogen is that – unlike breast implants – you get used to your enhanced breasts as they fill out. It’s as natural as building muscles is to men.

To give you an idea why this is important: Many women end up having their breast implants removed just because they can not get used to that instant – unnatural – change in their bustline.

Thirdly, your breasts continue to feel normal when touched. If you enhance them using Brestrogen, you don’t have to worry about losing normal sensory feelings or your breast-skin stretching out of proportion as is quite common with breast implants.

Brestrogen Cons

Brestrogen ConsThe number one downside to vitamins, supplements, and herbal products like Brestrogen, is that they takes time. Often we are so impatient that we want to see results overnight, but it just doesn’t work that way.

Just like how going to the gym does not give us abs within a day, so Brestrogen will not give you a well rounded rack within a day. It takes times.

It is often easy to assume that breast implants give more instantaneous results and when it comes to huge gains, this is probably true. In terms of natural looking gains, it is not necessarily the case.

Here’s why: If you decide to get breast implants, you first need to schedule an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon to do a consultation. They are often so busy that you have to wait weeks if not months to go see them.

If at that point you decide to go ahead with the surgery, it can take a few more weeks if not months before they can do it for you.

Aside from leaving them many thousands of dollars, you will need a few weeks to recuperate and heal from the surgery (not to mention get used to them implants). All that is assuming you won’t need a follow up surgery to address discomfort, displacement, pain, or a plethora of other issues.

So all in all, yes, choosing to go the natural (Brestrogen) route can take a two to four weeks to start seeing noticeable improvements, but you’d be waiting that time anyway (if not longer) if you were to go the implant route.

So, although the biggest (and likely only) con to going the Brestrogen route, it really isn’t an issue in my books. Anything natural worth having is worth waiting for.

Will Brestrogen Work for You?

The thing with Brestrogen is: It works. Customers swear by it, science says it works, and most important of all, the proof is in the results people are getting from using it.

In fact, science says if you regularly use the ingredients found in Brestrogen, you will gain a plethora of benefits. One of them being younger and perkier breasts.

But listen: Forget what I have to say about Brestrogen. Even if I am the one reviewing the popular serum, remember that my opinion could be misleading and extremely biased. So, again, forget the fact that I swear by this product.

Brestrogen before and afterInstead, listen to what science has to say about it. Re-read the Brestrogen ingredient breakdown above. Notice how I was barely able to scratch the surface as to what the Brestrogen ingredients have been scientifically PROVEN to do. There is no question the ingredients – that make up Brestrogen – work.

Aside from my personal experience with Brestrogen – which makes it an automatic winner in my opinion – we have immense scientific evidence explaining why my experience has been nothing short of phenomenal. If you are still unsure about getting Brestrogen though (and I completely understand if you are) take a look at the Brestrogen customer testimonials.

Lastly, the only way to find out 100% for sure if the product is right for you, try it. Brestrogen makes it super easy for customers to get a feel for the product. If after 6 weeks you decide that the product wasn’t right for you, take advantage of their 60 day money back guarantee.

I have never sent a product back to them but I have heard from a friend – who is affiliated with Brestrogen – that they are very good at honoring money back guarantees. Meaning no risk on your part, and yet exceptional upside potential.

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