Implants vs. All-Natural Breast Enhancement Options

There is a certain stigma that comes with talking about breasts. This is specifically in regards to breast enhancement. Whether it is through natural methods or implant surgery, people tend to raise their eyebrows about it.

It’s a funny thing. Everyone loves a nice set of boobies. Boys will readily admit this to each other and women will talk to each other about their desire for larger, firmer, or better shaped breasts. Yet there is death like silence between the sexes. Which is what has lead to a huge misunderstanding between men and women.

Men Don’t Care for Fake Breasts

Men Dont Like Fake Breasts

After reviewing a number of surveys, I realized that the average guy does not care for huge fake boobies.

There, I said it!

In most cases, guys will agree that breasts on their ideal woman do not have to be perfect, as long as they are real and not stuffed with fake silicon. Hard to believe, right? I thought so too!

It is interesting that with so many things we do, we do them because we think guys will be flattered by them, but more often then not, they could not care less. I call that “doing things for all the wrong reasons!”

For example: A friend of mine likes to paint her fingernails and she pays good chunks of cash each month to have manicures, extensions, etc. Her boyfriend does not care for it. In fact, he prefers the natural look and he tells her that often. 

She too doesn’t care for any of the fancy stuff, yet believes he is just trying to be sweet or is being cheap, so she keeps getting her nails painted, extended, etc, every few weeks. 

Her excuse? I do it for him!

Here is a bit of reality: most REAL guys want REAL women. If we go all fake on our men – how can we possibly expect them to stay real with us?

I think I made my point so I will move on!

The Case for Natural Breast Enhancement

Men Love Natural Breast Enhancements

Since guys do not like fake boobies (and – from independent survey reviews – this is for the most part true), we ought to do ourselves (and the men in our life) a favor and keep our knockers real.

By all means, get that breast enlargement we so badly want. But avoid the dangerous and ridiculously expensive surgery and opt for natural options.

Let me explain what I mean with enhancing breasts naturally: You know how guys lift weights at the gym or do various kinds of exercises to build their muscles? They are naturally enhancing their muscles.

Now, imagine if guys started to get silicon implants beneath their muscles just to appear more buff. Would you find them more attractive as a result? I’m fairly certain if you found out (and you would) that their muscles were fake, you’d lose all sex appeal for them. I mean – what is there to desire?

I am not saying this lightly. And I am not disrespecting either gender here. That’s not how I roll. I just appreciate it when people are 100% real with me. As such, I want to be 100% real with you and pass on the truth as I have come to see it.

So, using my example above, I think we can all agree that fake-ness on a guy just does not work. Simply because… it’s fake.

A lot of women do not care much for huge muscled guys (just like a lot of guys don’t care much for big boobed women), but truth remains: if a guy works out regularly – he will have a lot more sex appeal then a guy who never works out.

Fact also remains: most guys who hit the gym regularly also consume a muscle enhancement product of some kind… be it protein, creatine, or any other muscle concentrated product.

What is my point? Simple!

Let us – as a female gender – also increase our sex appeal, naturally.

You say “Great idea Susan. How do you suppose we do that?”

I am not going to go in to all the details on this page simply because I do not have time for it right now, but check out one of the reviews I wrote a while back for Brestrogen, an all natural breast enhancement product I started using a few months ago with huge results.

While you’re at it, check out the breast enhancement massage guide I wrote last month. The serum alone works great, but once you combine it with the right massage techniques, you will see your breasts transform in a very short period of time. At least that has been the case for me and countless other women.


Men love a nice set of breasts. In fact, they can’t help but notice women who have them. It’s not necessarily just because they notice the curves. Often, it is simply because a nice set of breasts gives a woman a ridiculous amount of self confidence.

And few things are more attractive than a person exuding a healthy dose of self confidence. This is true for men, as well as women. Breast enhancement, artifcial or natural, helps improve that.

So here’s the thing: There is no need to not have the full breasts you desire, but from my experience, there is also no need for you to spend $6000 (or more) to get them. Not to mention the risks and dangers you expose yourself to when getting fake implants.

Natural breast enhancement products have come a long ways these last few years, and with the right one (as you will see from my testimonial here) you can make amazing things happen.

Random Questions

What can you get instead of breast implants?

Natural breast enhancement products, exercises, and massages are effective alternatives to implants.

How can I enhance my breasts without implants?

You can opt for natural methods like using breast enhancement products, performing specific exercises, or trying breast massage techniques.

Are fat transfer breasts better than implants?

Fat transfer breasts can provide a more natural look and feel compared to implants, as they use the body’s own fat tissue for enhancement.

Can I get a boob job without implants?

Yes, you can achieve breast enhancement through natural methods, avoiding the risks and costs associated with implants.

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