Breast Implants and You

27 Oct

Thinking of getting breast implants? They are really effective in case you are not happy with your natural ones.

Breast augmentation is a common thing today. Women go for breast surgeries for many reasons. It might be because of the desire to have larger breasts, difference in size, changes during pregnancy and after breast feeding. This surgery is being used by women for looking more beautiful and full. Weight loss and childbirth can bring severe changes to a woman’s breasts. A surgery can bring it to the shape desired. Cosmetic plastic surgeons are the most approached for breast surgeries. Implants, though fake, provide proportion to breasts and improve a woman’s self-esteem.

Types of Implants

The choice of implant and the size depends completely on your objective, your breast tissues, mass, and body frame. You got to discuss a lot of things with the surgeon before you get the implants. All implants have a lumen – a silicone rubber outer shell.

Saline Breast Implants – That’s sterile saline water. The implants might be pre-filled to a certain size you have decided. Even during surgery, the saline may be filled for allowing modifications in the size of implants.

Silicone Implants – It’s a soft elastic gel. They are always pre-filled and they require an incision longer than the saline ones.

A lot of research and scientific studies are being carried out to invent new materials for implants. Due to tremendous advancements in technology, new filler materials shall be used that can take away any risk associated with breast surgeries. Even the surgical procedures and techniques are being continuously refined. Always look for a surgeon who is well updated. But the question is how long will the implants stay? If there’s an implant deflation, you will have to get a new implant. However, generally the implants stay with you for long. Eventually effects of gravity and ageing alter the shape.

However, you can still alter the appearance by going for a breast lifting. That will restore your youthful contours.

Who Can Go For Breast Implants?

  • If you are bothered that your breasts are too tiny, you can go for implants
  • If your clothes fit well around the hips but appear too large around the waistline
  • If you feel conscious of your small size when wearing a form-fitting top or swimsuit
  • If your breasts have become less firm after childbirth
  • If weight loss has altered your breast size and shape
  • If one breast is noticeably smaller than another

Preparing for Breast Surgery

In certain cases, plastic surgeons suggest a baseline mammogram both before and after surgery. The one after surgery is generally done after a few months. This helps in detecting any future changes in breast tissues. You can do breast self-examination even after the implants. Smokers have to stop smoking well in advance of surgery. Anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin might cause increased bleeding. So it’s better if you avoid these drugs. Breast surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. Therefore, make sure you have someone with you who can drive you home and be with you the first night.

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