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A breast implant surgery allows women to enhance their breast size and shape. The surgery occurs by making an incision, inserting a silicone or saline implant and then stitching up the incision. Patients typically experience pain after surgery, although it recedes with time. A good doctor and an informed decision are two must-haves for achieving positive results post-surgery.

Plastic surgery has become commonplace nowadays given that society today is extremely appearance-conscious. Some often requested for cosmetic surgeries include a nose-job, liposuction and breast augmentation.

Implants womens health breast enhancement

In fact, breast implant surgery is the most common among the various types of plastic surgeries in women as it gives them a more feminine figure and boosts their self-confidence. Other benefits of implants reportedly include evening out naturally asymmetrical breasts, as well as for post-mastectomy, pregnancy, and aging. Here is a look into what the breast augmentation surgery is all about.

Breast Augmentation- Uses and Benefits

There exist two main reasons why women seek out breast augmentation surgery or mammoplasty. The first is for cosmetic purposes to enhance the shape and size of the breasts and the second is for reconstructive purposes. In the latter case, the surgery is usually performed in women who have undergone breast removal or mastectomy owing to breast cancer. The surgery helps to reconstruct the breast mound and give women the desired feminine body structure.

In mammoplasty, breast implants are used to increase the breast size. These artificial implants are made of two materials- silicone or saline. Silicone implants consist of a gel, liquid or solid material while the saline implants constitute of sterile salt water. Between these two types of implants, patients most commonly choose silicone implants. Furthermore, saline implants are available at age 18, while silicone implants require the patient to be at least 22.

Breast Implant Surgery – How It Works

The surgery process itself is quite simple, with some patients not even requiring an overnight stay in the hospital. The procedure can last anywhere between one to several hours depending on individual circumstances and the surgery procedure itself. Usually, the surgeon administers a general anesthesia to the patient before going under the knife. In some cases, surgery occurs with just a local anesthesia.

During the surgery, surgeons make an incision on the breast. They then insert the implant via the incision where it becomes positioned between the chest muscle and the breast tissue. Once in position, surgeons stitch up the incision to keep the implant in place. Surgeons then treat the skin around the incision with a dressing to promote healing. Although a scar develops, its extent of visibility depends on the region from where the incision was made.

Breast Implant Surgery – Possible Locations of Incision

As mentioned, incisions can be made in multiple places in order to place the implant in the correct position. The list of locations, and some of their associated pros and cons, can be seen below:

  • Inframammary fold incision – Made in the crease under the breast. Pro: Patients choose this incision most commonly. This procedure type offers discreet scarring under the breast. Con: A certain amount of guess work goes into placement. However, incorrect placement occurs very rarely and can be corrected with revision surgery.
  • Peri-areolar incisions – Occurs just below the nipple. Pro: Women choose this incision because, among other reasons, it allows for easy removal of the implant in the case of complications. Con: This type of incision can lead to severed milk ducts and nerves in the nipple. Also, if the scar does not heal well, its placement below the nipple makes it quite obvious to see.
  • Transaxillary incisions – Located in the armpit. Pro: The scar remains out of sight and heals well. Con: The surgeon can only use this location once in the vast majority of instances. To revise the implant, the doctor will have to go through the nipple or the crease below the breast.
  • Trans-umbilical incision – Through the bellybutton. Pro: This surgery causes the least invasive process on the breast, which creates short scarring and healing times. Con: This type of incision occurs very rarely, and also carries the risk risk of “V-tracks” developing on the abdomen. Furthermore, surgery can be difficult due to the incision being so far from the breast.

Post-Surgery – What To Expect

As with any surgery, patients might experience pain, tenderness, soreness and sensitivity around the breasts which might last for around a month after the operation. However, these symptoms fade over time, as do the surgical scars. During the recovery period, we recommend wearing a postoperative bra to help the healing process. Usually, women can get back to daily activities after one to two weeks, although heavier activities should be resumed only after a few months post-surgery.

Implants womens health breast enhancement breast enlargement

For undergoing this surgery, choose an experienced and expert surgeon to be assured of good results post-operation. Maintain good communication with the doctor, know the repercussions of this irreversible surgery, and stay informed about the risks and complications associated with mammoplasty. This will pay dividends and give you the vital information you need. Finally, learn the surgery cost, as the implants typically require a replacement after 10-15 years. An informed decision and a good doctor are a must in this case to achieve the desirable outcome post-surgery.

Also, it is important to be aware of the studies that have been done on women with breast implants. These studies occur in order to inform the patient and surgeon and help them choose the best option for the patient. Research has shown that adverse effects, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lymphoma, and Sjogren’s syndrome, can occur more frequently in women who have received implants. It is of upmost importance to stay up to date on potential adverse effects, as well as to maintain an open, direct line of communication with your doctor.

Common Questions

Can you feel pleasure with implants?

Yes, breast implants typically do not interfere with the ability to feel pleasure. Sensation can vary, but many women report normal sensitivity and satisfaction after the recovery period.

Are women happy with their implants?

Satisfaction varies, but many women are happy with their breast implants. It’s crucial to have realistic expectations, communicate clearly with the surgeon, and follow post-operative care for the best outcomes.

Will breast implants make me more attractive?

Beauty is subjective. Breast implants can enhance confidence and body image, potentially leading to increased self-perceived attractiveness. However, attractiveness is a personal and subjective perception.

Do men find implants attractive?

Preferences vary among individuals. While some men may find breast implants attractive, others may prefer natural features. Confidence and comfort with one’s body often play a significant role in perceived attractiveness.

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