Bikinis for Different Breast and Body Shapes

How to Choose the Right Bikini

Bikinis comes in different styles, shapes, and colour. And women take choosing the right bikini seriously especially when the summer season is in full swing! With this season comes the desire to go to the beach (or at least the nearest swimming pool). This is true, regardless of the current global conditions.Whether you do it at home or a private resort, or an exotic beach, one thing always crops up (pun intended). And that is what bikini or swimsuit should you wear.

Now, it may seem like an easy choice to make. If you ask a man, the answer will often be, “just wear what you like.” But it’s never that simple, especially with women’s vast array of body shapes and types.

Also, breast shapes and sizes have to be considered, as the wrong choice may lead to dissatisfaction. At worst, it might result in unwanted wardrobe malfunctions!

So, let help you out by presenting an informed guide on choosing the right bikini or bathing suit for your specific body shape and type.

Different Female Body Shapes

According to medical and health experts, female body shapes and types vary widely. While there are many variations, we can break these down to the following:

Hourglass – Also popularly referred to as the “Coca Cola bottle” shape. Generally, this refers to females with the traditionally “ideal shape.” This is when the woman’s hips and bust are of relatively similar shape and size. Meanwhile, the waist is tinier than either. Additionally, the legs and upper arms are likely well-proportioned in terms of length and size.

Inverted Triangle – This is also called the “apple” shape. The bust size (generally the circumference) is usually larger, and the shoulders are broad. On the other hand, the waist and hips are smaller, almost having the same shape and overall size. Often, the arms and legs are of average proportions.

Rectangular – Another term for this general shape is “straight,” “ruler,” or in some cases, “banana.” This does not necessarily mean the female is thin, but it can be. More likely, the woman has slender features. The shoulders and the hips are almost parallel. While the bust is nearly the same size as the hips or even the waist. The legs and arms are often as straight, though there are those with more toned shapes.

Round – Also called the “melon.” The round body type is kind of oval in shape. This is the woman with the more fully figured shape. The breasts are generally larger than the hips and waistline. The arms and legs are also fuller.

Triangle – Otherwise called the “pear” shape. The feminine body type with this shape has smaller shoulders and bust size compared to the hips. The angle of the waist is slightly diagonal as it descends toward the hips.

Take note that these are not the only classifications of female shapes. Others are slight variants of those mentioned above, such as the “spoon” shape (a variation of the pear shape). Also, female bodies can tend to change shape in time, depending on diet and exercise. It can also change due to hormonal and hereditary changes.

Bikinis for the different body types

Bikini Round Shape Breast Size

Triangle/Pear Shape

If you are pear-shaped, then you are smaller on top and curvy at the hips. Pear-shaped women also generally have small breasts.

You need something that balance out your proportions. You’d also want to provide enough coverage for your bottom half. Here are the best bikinis to consider:

  • A plunging neckline will draw attention away from your hips and upwards.
  • One-piece swimsuits. Look for ones with attractive design/details on the top half and with plenty of coverage for your hips.
  • Strapless bandeau tops
  • High-waist bottoms are more flattering for your well-defined hips.

What should you avoid:

  • Avoid boy-short bikinis. They tend to emphasize your wide hips and may be unflattering for your body type.
  • Avoid bikinis with too many ruffles or details around your hips.

Hourglass/ Coca-Cola Shape

If you have the hourglass figure, then you have an evenly proportioned bust and hips. Your waist is slimmer and also well defined. You have the classic feminine body shape.

Choosing a bikini for hourglass shape is relatively easy; you have the right proportion for bikinis. That means all bikinis will look good on your body type – both one piece swimsuits, and two piece swimsuits. You only need to make sure you balance your natural proportions.

What to avoid:

There are no bikinis styles to avoid if you have the hourglass shape. Just try to avoid mismatched bikinis that will throw your body out of proportion.

Inverted Triangle/Apple and Round shape

If you are apple-shaped or Round-shaped, then you are top-heavy. You have a bigger bust and waist with a narrow waist and slimmer legs. Your wide waist also tends to put more weight on the tummy.

To choose the right bikini, you have to balance your proportions. That means to draw the attention from your top and put more attention on your bottom half. Here are the top bikinis styles to consider.

  • A fitted one-pieces can help you add definition to your waist and cover your belly. Try sweetheart necklines to provide coverage and flatter your bust. You can also try out ruffles and eye-catching designs around your waist.
  • For bikini tops, try to go for bold designs that will add definition to your breast.
  • For bikini bottoms, try patterned and side-ties to add a curve to your hips. You can try a retro high waist bikini to add definition to your hips while hiding your tummy.

What to avoid

  • You want to avoid boy shorts because they are hip slimming and leg shortening. And you want to emphasize your hip’s curve and show off your legs.
  • You also want to avoid bikinis that draw attention to your waist, like a bikini with details around your hips.

Rectangle/Ruler Shape

If you have a rectangle shape, then you have a straight silhouette. You have almost all equal measurements with minimal difference in your bust, waist, and hips.

Like the hourglass figure, it is easy to find the right bikini because all bikini styles will fit your figure. Bikinis are mostly designed to enhance the curves of the hips and busts. And because you have almost equal proportions, that is no problem.

What to avoid

  • You should avoid bikinis that reduce your curves rather than add to them. Avoid thick waistbands and boxy or square necklines.

Choosing the Right Bikini


Regardless of body shapes and types, you should generally follow the following basic principles:

Coverage – Despite the liberal perspective of this era, coverage of the sensitive areas are the main priority. Although micro bikinis do exist, they should still provide sufficient protection and “decency.”

Fit – It’s one thing to be able to wear a bikini or bathing suit. It is another matter to keep it in place. Thus, ensure that the swimwear you choose consistently “hugs” your body. Moreover, there should be sufficient stability. This is if you plan on any physical activities like swimming or running along the beach.

Flatter Your Shape – A good bikini provides coverage. A great bikini makes you look fantastic while you are wearing it. Aesthetically, this is a crucial factor in choosing the right beachwear for you.

For example, if you have a round or pear shape, “tankinis” or a swim dress would be ideal. On the other hand, an hourglass or apple-shaped body would go for a set of bikinis that provide bust support. Having an underwire and double-stitched band is a good benchmark.

Choose Bikinis Wisely!

There are many choices for beachwear and bikinis for the summer seasons. The activity for online shopping for these has undoubtedly increased in the past few years. However, that also makes it difficult to gauge how good they are in meeting your body shape needs.

So, make sure you know your accurate bust, waist, and hips dimensions to be sure of what to get. The right bikini should look great and feel like it is emphasizing your best feature.

Take your time to go through different bikinis – one-piece swimsuits, bikini bottoms, and bikini tops.

Remember, the best swimsuits are the ones that make you feel good. And you must feel good and comfortable with your body to wear your bikini with confidence!

In the future, we will look further into exploring the right beachwear to accentuate your looks. Keep watching for regular advice, information, news, and tips for fashion and beauty!

Random Questions

What bikinis make you look thinner?

Bikinis with high-waisted bottoms and tankinis can create a slimming effect by providing coverage and emphasizing curves.

Do high waisted bikinis make you look thinner?

Yes, high-waisted bikinis can make you look thinner by accentuating the waist and elongating the legs.

Is it OK to mix and match bikinis?

Absolutely! Mixing and matching bikinis allow you to customize your look and find the most flattering combinations for your body shape.

What bikinis make your bust look smaller?

Bikinis with simple tops, like bandeaus or tops without padding, can minimize the appearance of the bust, creating a sleeker silhouette.

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