How Swimming Affects Breast Enlargement

Having a positive body image is one of the main motivators we encourage at Different forms of exercise are an expression and extension of that motivator, particularly their effects on breast enhancement.

How Swimming Affects Breast Enlargement

One of the forms of exercise that we have yet to go into detail about is swimming. But what effect, if any, does swimming have on breast augmentation? Read on and find out how swimming as an exercise can help you attain a healthier body and more attractive breast shape and size!

Swimming in History

Swimming has been around for centuries. While the human body is not particularly ideal for swimming as some other animals, it is capable of rudimentary water movement even without proper instruction. Note how some mothers opt to have their birthing labor conducted while submerged. Babies that are born from a water birth instinctively know how to swim and surface.

Ancient hieroglyphics and rock paintings from 10,000 BC and earlier depict humans swimming. Details like these originated from Asia, the Middle East, and Europe during these periods. Interestingly, swimming became something of a quaint practice during the Renaissance period. People, particularly in Europe, considered it unnecessary and only important during emergencies. There was a general fear of drowning prevalent during this period.

Swimming, by itself, is a great form of aerobic exercise. It does a swell job at firming up and developing upper body muscles and sculpts the torso. With constant practice, swimming can also help reduce body fat. You will notice how professional swimmers have great and sculpted physiques, particularly with the shoulders, chest, and abdominals.

It would not be until the 16th century that swimming would start to regain its prominence as a physical fitness and competitive sport. By the 18th Century, the first formal swimming associations would emerge, such as the National Swimming Society of London. By 1896, competitive forms of swimming were included in the Olympic Games.

Swimming as an Exercise


For quite a long time, only the breaststroke was considered as the effective form of swimming for the human body, with freestyle swimming being the informal variation.  By the early 20th Century, scientific studies were conducted that greatly influenced the development of other underwater stroking mechanics. Since then, variations such as the backstroke, the butterfly stroke, and the sidestroke were introduced.

Furthermore, swimming as an exercise burns calories, lowers stress, and (with the right water temperature) can loosen limbs.

Forms of Swimming

There are 5 different forms of swimming that are widely used for both exercise and competition:

  • Freestyle: This is done with the stomach lying on the water level while you use your arms in a cycle, rotating front and back in a forward motion. Meanwhile, the legs are fluttering as you propel onwards.
  • Breaststroke: With your stomach face down, move both your arms simultaneously in a crescent or half-circle in front of your body. At the same time, bend your legs, and kick to the back, providing the thrust.
  • Backstroke: With the back facing the water, perform the same motion as the freestyle, but in reverse.
  • Butterfly Stroke: This is done by synchronized movement of the arms like a butterfly’s wings flapping. The arms are brought above the head, then pushing the arms down forcefully to the water. Meanwhile, the legs do a dolphin kick. Probably one of the most difficult swimming forms to become comfortable with, but highly effective in generating speed.
  • Sidestroke: Lie on your side (preferably your dominant side) to the water, using the arm in a semi-circular motion moving forward to back. As this is going, your legs should be paddling, providing the forward motion. This is particularly difficult, but it is also the best option for doing rescues.

We can technically include the dog paddle as a form, but the 5 practices above are the most common and widely used for exercise. The great thing about swimming is that it is a full-body workout. Similar to yoga, the whole body and associated muscle divisions are at work as you swim.

Can Swimming Help with Breast Enhancement?

Now here is what you are all waiting to confirm. Does swimming help with breast enhancement goals? The answer is yes and no. That seems like a cop-out answer, but the heart of it can be found in the Law of Attraction and manifestation. One of the main points about using the law of attraction is performing positive action that leads to the reinforcement of your goals.

With a great-looking upper body, your breasts will look even better. A gorgeous torso through swimming serves as a wonderful frame for your bust. Also, a smaller waistline and thicker hips thanks to consistent swimming will make your breast size look even bigger.


Now, how does this connect with the Law of Attraction mentioned earlier? Remember the particular point to manifesting: you do not get what you desire, but you get what you are. This principle also applies to positive enforcement. If you believe that swimming helps enhance the look and feel of your breasts, then that is what it will do! Another principle related to this is “like” attracts “like.” Swimming as a form of exercise is a positive practice, so that too will attract positive thoughts and effects.

So if you have the mindset that swimming boosts your breast enlargement goals, then that shall be so! Everything begins and ends with your thoughts and how you connect them with body positivity, whether that is breast enlargement, fitness, body sculpting, and so forth.

What Forms of Swimming Are Ideal for Breast Enhancement?

It should come as no surprise that the breaststroke is one of the best forms for enhancing your breasts. The motion of the shoulders, arms, and chest muscles will help develop the torso the best.

The backstroke might seem like an odd choice, but it is great for strengthening your back and shoulders. This is particularly good for those who already have an ample chest size. A stronger back will lead to a greater ability to provide support and improve your posture. Both benefits are ideal for breast enhancement.

The butterfly and sidestroke are more difficult to learn. Although they can be beneficial, they might be too intensive for most. So unless you are going to fully commit to consistently practicing them, stick to the breaststroke and backstroke at most for your breast enhancement goals.


Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. With regular practice and correct mindset, it can help you attain your breast enhancement manifestation. Consider practicing it, especially if you have regular access to a pool. And, if nothing else, you will look smashing in that two-piece bikini in no time!

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Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Does swimming help increase breast size?

Swimming is a great form of exercise that can help tone and strengthen the muscles around the breasts, which can make them appear larger and more lifted. However, swimming alone is unlikely to significantly increase breast size. If breast enlargement is your goal, consider adding additional chest workouts or even breast enhancement supplements to your routine.

Can swimming cause sagging breasts?

Swimming itself does not cause sagging breasts. However, the repetitive motion of swimming can contribute to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin over time, which may lead to sagging breasts. Wearing a supportive swimsuit or sports bra can help minimize this effect.

Is it safe to swim after breast augmentation surgery?

It is generally recommended to wait at least 4-6 weeks after breast augmentation surgery before swimming or engaging in any strenuous activity. This allows time for the incisions to heal and reduces the risk of complications. Consult with your surgeon for specific guidelines.

Can swimming affect breastfeeding?

Swimming does not affect breastfeeding, but it is important to ensure that your breasts are properly supported while swimming to prevent any discomfort or leakage. Nursing mothers may also want to pump or breastfeed before swimming to avoid engorgement.

Are there any swimming strokes that are better for breast enlargement?

There is no one swimming stroke that is specifically better for breast enlargement. However, incorporating a variety of strokes and exercises that engage the chest, back, and shoulder muscles can help improve overall breast appearance.

Can chlorine in swimming pools affect breast size?

There is no evidence to suggest that chlorine in swimming pools can directly affect breast size. However, prolonged exposure to chlorine can cause skin dryness and irritation, which may lead to a less firm and toned appearance of the breasts. To counteract this, consider using lotion or even a breast serum after your swim.

Can swimming alone help prevent breast cancer?

While swimming alone cannot prevent breast cancer, it is a great form of exercise that can help reduce overall cancer risk. Studies have shown that regular physical activity can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 25%.

Random Questions

Does swimming help increase breast size?

Swimming tones chest muscles, enhancing the appearance of breasts, but significant size increase usually requires additional exercises or supplements.

Does swimming tighten breasts?

Swimming strengthens chest muscles, which can improve breast firmness and lift.

What contributes to bigger breasts?

Factors like genetics, hormones, weight fluctuations, and muscle tone influence breast size.

Can exercise make breasts bigger?

Exercise, particularly chest-focused workouts like swimming, can enhance chest muscles, giving the appearance of larger breasts, but genetics play a significant role.

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