The Power of Posture on Breast Enhancement

The Power of Posture on Breast EnhancementBreast enhancement through natural means is a continuous journey. But starting it right can make all the difference in the world. As we have discussed natural and radical methods of enhancing one’s bust size, a simple change to begin may prove both therapeutic and have long-term effects. Let us look at just how the power of posture can lead to tangible and progressive effects on breast size and shape!

The Effect of Posture on Breasts

Before discussing how to improve posture and how the power of posture can lead to better-looking breasts, let us first discuss the reverse. Breast size does affect body posture. After all, breasts are not empty organs. These mammary organs are a mass of muscle and fat (mostly the latter). Both of which add weight, which the body’s torso is required to support.

Because of this fact, the size of a person’s breasts can have lasting effects on their health. One has to understand that this is a constant weight at the front of the torso, putting stress on muscles, bones, and gravity center. This is why there are complaints from women with larger breasts as it affects their back and spine.

These issues can be anywhere from nagging discomfort to needing therapy or even surgery. Chiropractors have had many visits from women who could no longer support their breasts’ weight and volume. Something common about these concerns is that it is not simply the size of the breasts that is the issue. More often than not, it is not only one factor. Other factors like obesity and general muscle atrophy are equally or even more prevalent as the cause for health issues.

Thus, it becomes clear that one has to look at the person’s overall health to determine the full effects of breasts on the posture. By improving their muscle and spinal health, bigger breasts’ negative impact on posture can be reduced.

Power of Posture on Breast Appearance

Now that we have established how large breast sizes can have tangible effects on posture let’s look at how good posture can enhance breast appearances.

Note how having bigger breasts does not immediately equate to looking good? If a woman slouches, the appearance of their breasts looks unattractive. Depending on their overall posture, they may even look overweight more than they should. So slumping or slouching while standing or sitting is not recommended.

Remember those “stomach in, chest out” tropes with the military? There is a reason for that. It just looks much better than slouching. And when it comes to breast appearance, this posture makes the chest area look wider and shapelier. It also has the effect of making the waist area seem smaller. Both of these lead to a more pleasing aesthetic.

Improving the Power of Posture


Here are a few posture suggestions to make your breasts look great!

  1. Stand tall, chest out — Arc your shoulders back and stand straight. This simple execution will thrust your chest area forward and give it a larger, shapelier appearance to anyone looking. If you are not used to this posture, it may take some practice. In fact, it may feel downright uncomfortable. So you might have to consciously and consistently do this arcing posture until it becomes automatic. If you are mostly in a sitting position on a daily basis, either at home or at work, then there would be great opportunities to practice this posture.
  2. Neck posture — The neck area is another point where the power of posture can be applied. Many are used to having their neck extended forward as the default position. Keeping your chin closer to the neck has a similar effect to the chest out posture mentioned above. Combining these two postures has a cumulative effect on breast appearance.
  3. Posture Improvement — Here is an exercise that you can do to improve your posture and stance. Stand with your back against a wall. The shoulders and glutes should be touching the wall as well. Now, raise your forearms forward and upward, keeping the elbows in contact with the wall. Then, move your elbows to the sides, squeezing the scapula between your shoulder blades. You will feel the tension, and your chest muscles expand, which means you are doing it right. Do this slowly 5 times every day.

I would also recommend doing neck exercises that help stretch the muscles used frequently with proper posture. When you have the opportunity, try these exercises:

  • Roll your neck slowly to the left and then to the right, shifting your face to each side so that your nose is parallel to your shoulders. Do 5 reps of this exercise to each side once or twice a day.
  • The second exercise is done by keeping your torso straight and moving your head down slowly. Afterward, move your head to face upwards slowly as comfortably as you can. Do this 5 times, both up and down. Do a set or two each day.


Power of Posture Conclusion

A little effort in improving your posture through practice and exercise can greatly enhance your breasts’ attractiveness. More than that, this can improve your health and lifestyle. Who would have thought the power of posture could be so significant? Aside from improving your self-confidence, it improves your breasts’ appeal. Never underestimate the simple lifestyle changes!

For more tips like improving your posture to get better-looking breasts and a healthier you, keep tuned to!

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