Healthier, Firmer Breasts through Exercise

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If you’ve ever wondered how to lift your breasts without surgery using simple breast exercise techniques, this article will help you with information to do just that.For starters, chest exercises can help firm up your breasts. However, chest exercises have more than just aesthetical benefits. Looking after and keeping your breasts healthy can prevent a whole slew of diseases and may even save your life.

Chest Exercises Will Firm Up as Well as Protect Your Breasts

Exercising your chest cannot only make your breasts shapelier and enhance their appearance, it also helps with keeping the fatty-tissue-to-muscle ratio in balance.

Furthermore, drainage of lymphatic fluid from the breasts is improved – it drains through the lymph nodes from your underarm. In order to keep your breasts healthy, exercise is a necessary aspect. Focusing on chest exercises has absolutely no side effects apart from potential self injury, so stay safe and smart and you can’t go wrong.

On one hand, women with smaller chests who start doing regular breast exercises will enjoy adding to their cup size. Women with a large chest on the other hand, will most likely drop to a little smaller and comfortable cup size and will also notice that their breasts become perkier and stand up on their own.

Chest exercises are even for women who have had surgery – either breast augmentation or reduction. Wouldn’t you want to protect and care for this investment in yourself? Regular exercises will do just that.

So now you are asking what kind of chest exercise should I be doing?

Exercises to Help You Protect Your Breasts

Push Ups

Yes, good ol’ push ups. The popularity of this exercise is not without reason – because it works! In order to tone the upper curve of your chest, do regular push ups with a wide arm position.

Do diamond push ups if you really want to work out the thin, triangular muscle that is situated at the upper part of your chest (pectoralis minor muscle). For this exercise, put your forefingers and thumbs together, while keeping your elbows out as you press down.

Chest Press (Weights)

To balance yourself, you can use a stability ball if you have one. However, a bench, ottoman, or the floor will work, too. Do not allow your elbows to drop beyond the shoulders as you are lowering the weights. This way you work the muscle longer and also protect your rotator cuff (group of muscles that stabilize the shoulder). As you are pressing, you have to watch out that your weights are in line with your nipples and not above your neck or face.

Standing Chest Press (Weights)

These are tough! Defying gravity indeed, so you will probably not be able to do as many. Still, they definitely work! Make sure to keep your shoulders pulled back and work with your abdomen to prevent throwing out your back.

Elbow Squeeze (Weights)

Starting at the elbow, squeeze with your elbows aligned to your shoulders and your wrists aligned to your elbows. Now squeeze the elbows together and move back to the starting position. Repeat until you just can’t do anymore. Elbows squeezes work without weights as well but are not quite as effective then. 5-pound or 2.5 kg weights work great as a starting point. They will challenge you and tone up those key areas in the chest.

Band Pulls (Exercise Band)

You will need an exercise band for these. The band pulls will balance out your chest exercises as they realign your shoulders. Begin with your hands close together on the band and your arms straight out in front of you – aligned with your breasts. Now pull your arms out as far as you possibly can and bring them back slowly to the starting position. Ensure to maintain tension in the band throughout the entire exercise.

Common Questions

Is it possible to lift breasts with exercise?

Yes, exercises like push-ups and chest presses can help lift and firm breasts by targeting the chest muscles.

Will exercise firm up sagging breasts?

Regular chest exercises can improve the appearance of sagging breasts, promoting a firmer and shapelier look.

How can I firm my breasts naturally?

Natural methods include chest exercises, which help tone and lift the breasts, contributing to a firmer appearance.

Can saggy breasts be firm again?

Yes, consistent chest exercises can enhance breast firmness, providing a natural way to address sagging over time.

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