Female Body Builders And Enlarging Their Breasts

While most women are concerned about enlarging their breasts because they want to feel more feminine and attractive, have you ever thought about female body builders? Take a good look at some and you will see that they have huge breast muscles. Is this helpful for breast enhancement? The answer is a resounding yes.

The biggest fear of upper body exercises for a woman is that they will decrease the size of her breasts. If you look at some pro athletes in certain sports they have hardly any breast size at all. The reason these women have no breasts to speak of is due to their diet and not to exercising. Also, genetics play a factor as well. Nevertheless, the breasts are made of fatty tissues and cells, so when you restrict fat in your diet, your breasts will become smaller.

This normally happens with extremely restrictive diets. The levels that are reached in those types of extreme diets are considered way below the normal healthy range for any woman. Those are not recommended, as they can lead to mental health issues and a lack of vital nutrient intake. However, exercising can help increase your bust size, and this is what female body builders concentrate on. Even though they may look flat-chested on stage, they have solid breast muscles.

woman dumb bells looking in mirror

How Female Body Builders’ Lifestyle Can Help You

Female body builders increase their breast size by concentrating mainly on their pectoral muscles. They may not even know they are doing it, and yet, it is a natural occurence for the human body. These are the muscles directly below your breasts. As your pecs increase in size, they build up muscle underneath the fatty tissue of your lower breasts. In turn, this pushes and lifts your breasts up, making them perky and firm. Women who work their pectoral muscles report seeing a nice improvement as well as gaining cleavage.

There is a misconception that if you do a ton of pushups each day your breasts will enlarge. This is not true, and for best results you really want to use a combination of various exercises.

The recommended exercises to perform include:

  • Incline bench presses
  • Cable flies
  • Dumb bell flies
woman cable flies with personal trainer

Further Advice On Breast Enhancement Through Exercise

As with any exercise, you need to work your body to see all the benefits. When you do push-ups, you are tiring your body but you are not maximizing your strength and physique to the fullest extent to the degree needed to increase your breast size.

The best type of exercise for you is to add resistance to your training program. With push-ups you could do this by having your small child sit on your back. Funny, yes, but also effective!

A solid option would be to do a mixture of the exercises we suggested above and finish your routine with push-ups. Always try to increase the number of repetitions you complete with proper technique, and as your numbers increase, add additional weight for resistance.

If you want firmer breasts but don’t necessarily want to become a body builder, then increase your weight and repetitions until you see your desired results. Furthermore, there are other natural solutions, such as creams and pills to help enhance the firmness of your breasts.

Common Questions

Can exercise increase breast size?

Yes, certain exercises, especially those targeting pectoral muscles, can enhance the appearance of the breasts by building muscle underneath the fatty tissue.

Can exercise improve breast shape?

Absolutely. Exercises focusing on pectoral muscles can lift and firm the breasts, contributing to an improved shape and increased cleavage.

How can I increase my breast size?

Incorporating specific exercises like incline bench presses and cable flies can naturally enhance breast size by strengthening underlying muscles.

How can I enlarge my breasts without surgery?

Non-surgical methods include targeted exercises (pec workouts), along with natural solutions like creams and pills designed to enhance breast firmness.

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