Deeper Yoga for Breast and Energy Enhancement

In the past, we have discussed about Yoga exercises as a means of achieving Breast Enhancement. However, we were in truth only scratching the surface. Yoga goes deeper than just the physical exercises and poses.

The fact of the matter is, Yoga is a holistic practice that delves into the harmony of the body, the mind, and the spirit. If you are truly dedicated to accomplishing breast enlargement and health through yoga, then it is time to explore the deeper power that you can connect with.

The Power of Yoga

The physical body is a wonderful thing. It is not just a mass of cells and organs. And it is not just a series of sections that is composed of the muscular, nervous, digestive, excretory, and skeletal systems. In actuality, it is the physical vessel that carries your consciousness and the energy that you are truly composed of.

Like I mentioned at the start of this conversation, this goes deep.
One of the open secrets of creation is that everything is composed of energy. Einstein’s famous Theory of Relativity E=MC2 pretty much proves this. The atoms you are composed of is energy. The cells are powered by chemical reactions that produce energy. Even thought is energy in the form of electromagnetic wavelengths.

Thus, any action you take, voluntary and involuntary, is energy. Yoga, at its deeper levels, recognizes this. And because everything is energy, and your thought is energy that determines action, then accomplishing anything is simply your spirit, creating your thoughts, and then implementing that thought into reality.

What Yoga teaches us about this interesting and complex symbiosis is that, to achieve anything one desires, it is ideal to have all 3 aspects (mind, body, and spirit) to be in synch. This includes breast enhancement and health.

Breast Enhancement and Health through Yoga

In a previous post, I shared some suggestions for using yogic exercises and poses to achieve breast enlargement. But, you will be interested to note that these are just the basics.

Here, we are going to dive deeper into Yoga practices to improve your successes further. And the first thing you would need to know is that it all starts with thought. That is, even before you start with your first Yoga pose it all truly starts by visualizing in your mind. What is the shape and size that would be ideal to you? How healthy do you want to look and feel? Picture these and hold that image in your mind’s eye. Become comfortable with the image and imagine the feeling you would have if this was already a reality.

Once you have done this, then your journey of using Yoga for Breast Enlargement and Health has truly begun.

Balasana: Your First Yoga Breast Enlargement Practice

Now that you know it takes more than a physical pose and requires mental and spiritual synchronicity, we can begin with your first actual pose. This pose is called Balasana. Appropriately, it is otherwise known as the “child’s pose”. This is ideal for the beginner.

Yoga Balasana for Breast Enhancement

By performing Balasana, you draw energy from your surroundings into the liver, lungs, kidney, and the spleen as well as the mammary glands. This energy is called “prana”, which is the equivalent of “chi” or “qi” in other Eastern practices. It is the “breath of life” or “vitality”.

  • To perform Balasana, kneel on your Yoga Mat (or on the carpet if a mat is not available).
    From this kneeling position, bend your body forward, over your legs.
  • Draw your hips to your heels.
  • Drape your belly over the thighs.
  • Rest your forehead on the floor. You may also use a thin pillow or folded blankets to keep your head comfortable.
  • Breathe deeply for 3 seconds. Hold for 3 seconds. Exhale slowly for 3 seconds. Repeat this breathing process for about 30 seconds (or about 10 repetitions).

As you progress, you can increase the number of repetitions when you become more comfortable.

More Yoga in the Future

Your journey to breast enlargement and health using yoga has only started. And I am going to be joining this journey with you. There will be more poses and exercises and further learning on yogic practices to share. With patience and perseverance will achieve your beauty and health goals.

Common Yoga Breast Enhancement Questions

Which yoga is best for increasing breast size?

Balasana, also known as the child’s pose, is ideal for beginners aiming for breast enlargement. This pose facilitates energy flow to the mammary glands, aiding in breast enhancement.

Does yoga help lift breasts?

Yes, yoga can help lift breasts by strengthening the chest muscles and improving posture, giving a more uplifted appearance.

Can yoga increase energy levels?

Yes, yoga promotes the flow of prana (vital energy), enhancing overall energy levels and vitality.

Which yoga is best for breast tightening?

Various yoga poses contribute to breast tightening, including asanas like Bhujangasana (cobra pose) and Dhanurasana (bow pose), which engage the chest muscles and promote firmness.

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