Old Fashioned Beauty Secrets for Women

11 Jun

One of the top beauty concerns for women today is their appearance. This includes how large their breasts are, the condition and color of their hair and how their face and nails look.

Natural beauty products are all the rage and this is a trend that your own grandmother was known for. When she was growing up there was a limited supply of beauty products available. During the war the majority of woman turned to making their own beauty creams to save money.

Many of the techniques that they used then are applicable today. Using items like oatmeal, cucumber and coconut oil is a trend that makes headlines on many websites today.

Oatmeal face scrubs are popular today and you can make your own by mixing oatmeal with a little milk. You simply crush the oats and add to the milk and let them sit. The oats will start to absorb the milk and when this happens the mixture is good to use. Apply the mixture to your face and let it sit there for 10 minutes then rinse off.

Oatmeal is known to be a mild scrubbing agent, which is why it is used in many commercial face products. Plus it helps to reduce red patches and inflammation on your skin.

Rose petals have been used for a long time in beauty products and are perfect for making your own rose water. Just place some fresh rose petals in a small amount of water for a few days. The perfume from the rose petals will make the water fragrant and can be used as a body splash.

To make a facial treatment you need to use some rose petals which you then let sit in the sun for two days. Then crush the petals into a powder and mix with a little rose oil. You can then apply this mixture to your skin for 10 minutes and then rinse it off.

Of course there are the traditional methods of using cucumber and used tea bags to soothe your eyes. These treatments work and any budget conscious women can still use them today in her beauty routine.

Making yourself look beautiful and healthy doesn’t have to cost a fortune. By using some of these old fashioned beauty secrets you can have glowing skin at a fraction of the cost. While beauty is skin deep it doesn’t have to take an enormous amount of effort to attain it. Stay beautiful with natural products and be the envy of your friends.